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How Does Priestley Show That Tension Is at the Heart of the Birling Family?

Priestley presents tension in various ways withing in the Birling family. At the beginning of the play, Priestley creates his tension by changing the colour of the lighting. The start is a ‘low and intimate pink' which could suggest a hidden tension within the family home. After the inspector arrives the lighting changes to a ‘bright, harsh white light' which makes the family look like they are in the spotlight of a police interrogation. This shows that there is tension at the heart of the Birling family as it may be hidden to begin with, certain comments give the reader a small insight to what is hidden and not spoken of.The light of being under interrogation works well as Inspector Goole is there is to accuse them of a crime and then asks them a series of questions to reveal the truth and the all the tension they have hidden. One of the hidden tensions within the Birling family is the fact that Mr. Birling talking about his business with Gerald at the dinner table celeb rating Shelia and Gerald's engagement, ‘Now, Arthur, I don't think you ought to talk business on an occasion like this'.This presents hidden tension because Mrs. Birling doesn't say what she really thinks, which could be that Mr. Birling talks about his business too much. Mr. Birling does not follow instructions for long proving that he cares more about his work than his own family. As any wife would be annoyed with this as they think that it should always be the other way around, Mrs. Birling is the same but knows she will not get anywhere so sighs and leaves him to get on with it.

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Challenges being faced as a beginning teacher

National Education ( NE ) was introduced to Singapore Schools in 1997 to develop national coherence, cultivate the inherent aptitude for endurance as a state and instil in our pupils, assurance in our state ‘s hereafter. It besides emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore. Many programmes such as Community Involvement Programme ( CIP ) and Learning Journeys were designed to assist schools accomplish such aims and the duty of put to deathing these programmes falls on the instructors. As a beginning instructor, freshly introduced into the profession, challenges are faced in the effort to implement such enterprises. In my sentiment, one major challenge that I would meet is planing activities that infuses a sense of relevance in our pupils – allowing them understand that national coherence is a consequence of the uninterrupted attempts of every Singaporean, and they are a portion of the equation. These pupils were born in the epoch of political and economical stableness, where bulk grew up in environments run intoing their demands and carry throughing most of their wants. Hence, they have the inclination to take their security and wellbeing for granted, doing them unable to grok the battles faced by Singapore in keeping the current success and stableness and the demand for NE. For illustration, most schools in Singapore commemorate nucleus event, Racial Harmony Day through the showcasing of the diversified cultural costumes and playing of cultural games to enable their pupils ‘ in-depth cultural cognition of their equals. Yet, a bulk of them treat the recollection of the twenty-four hours as an chance for an interesting concert and a half-day school, and few genuinely understanding the implicit in principle behind the activities, allow entirely instil a sense of relevance. Amidst the current racial harmonious atmosphere between different racial groups, pupils are unable to gestate the thought of racial public violences, its ‘ impact on Singapore and the importance of racial harmoniousness in a society. They view information relayed through these events as irrelevant and doubt the possibility of the return of such incidents in the current Singapore. It is of a common apprehension that the six NE messages would ever stay as words on paper unless instructors inculcate them into pupils in an piquant mode. Therefore, as a get downing instructor with no anterior experience in the ingraining of NE messages, I feel that the undertaking of planing engaging, merriment and relevant activities would be enormous, with myself holding unequal cognition of the activity thoughts that pupils are receptive to. Instilling a sense of relevance in pupils would be a immense challenge as it is non an easy undertaking to alter pupils ‘ deeply-rooted thought from â€Å" the duty of keeping national coherence autumn merely on the grownups and authorities † to the thought that â€Å" national coherence is the duty of everyone, including pupils † . Students should be taught that societal coherence occurs because each and everyone put in attempt and play our portion in lending to the wellbeing of the state. The issue is relevant to both grownups and pupils. From my personal observation, about all Singapore Schools repeat the same NE programmes for their pupils every twelvemonth, differing merely at the activities to be completed at single degrees. As such, pupils were bored of it, and older pupils particularly, expressed cynicism, and were unresponsive to the programmes. Hence, I feel that the 2nd challenge that I would confront as a get downing instructor in the effort to put to death the enterprises is eliciting pupils ‘ involvement in the engagement of NE-related activities. Unlike the traditional topics that we were taught to learn in the instruction institute, NE is non merely another topic where pupils learn by conventional instruction methods. In fact, pupils understand the constructs in NE better when the activities are prosecuting, merriment and capture their attending. Although pupils reflected that programmes designed by the school ‘s NE commission were everyday, get downing instructors, including myself, are unable to plan and implement new thoughts in topographic point of old 1s, with bing NE models in schools. On the contrary, I would be expected to follow the guidelines and present a similar NE lesson. As a get downing instructor with limited learning experience and teaching methods accomplishments, I would miss the ability in transform these guidelines into prosecuting and interesting lessons on par as that of the experient instructors. Most experient instructors are able to present interesting NE lessons, transforming the repetitive, dull lesson into prosecuting sharing lessons while staying by the guidelines. They reflected on their past instruction experiences, gathered feedback from old batches of pupils, and modified their instruction teaching method consequently to appeal to pupils ‘ involvement. Therefore, pupils ‘ involvements in NE activities are aroused and they participate actively in it. On the other manus, get downing instructors enter schoolrooms today with high outlooks of ourselves and of our pupils. Our learning method would be influenced by single background and assorted learning theories. However, the deficiency of experience in the instruction field would impact the quality of the lesson bringing as I would be unable to accommodate to pupils ‘ demands. In add-on, I would be given to avoid diverting from the model to plan newer, more exciting lessons as I fear for botching the ba lance between merriment and content. After all, the intent of the NE lesson would be defeated if there is more merriment than content. To reason, the aims of NE could be attained through appropriate programmes and it is therefore highly of import to instill a sense of relevance in our pupils and to elicit their involvement in NE activities. When faced with challenges in the effort to implement the policies, get downing instructors should detect, persevere and seek for aid to get the better of them. Through these challenges, we would turn to go better pedagogues and in bend, supply the greatest benefits to the pupils.

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The Beauty That Is Joy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Beauty That Is Joy - Essay Example Like a garden filled with lovely flowers, the sight of ‘joy’ is naturally pleasing with real fragrance that lingers along the path stridden by its blossom. It does not take having to be in a place of literal wonders but it is that place in the heart that means to share unbounded happiness overflowing like a river or a rich honey to those who have been moved by it and tasted sincere goodness from someone who bears all the truth ‘joy’ could be. What puts an instant smile on a gleaming face? As a child, I knew exactly the measure of sadness there was in confinement, of time under a binding curfew so that every time mama said ‘you can go’ or ‘play all you want’ then joy is in being set free. That was when a sudden spark came all over and a roll of giggles jolted beneath my skin at the thought of short-spanned liberty with playmates. Sometimes, I could not imagine at this age how completely elated I had become on receiving toy presents f rom my dad whereupon each instance he would witness a certain twinkle in my eye and a pink blush on my cheeks as a collective sign of utter delight.

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Tutorial Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tutorial Paper - Essay Example In addition to the direct economic costs associated with terrorism and the threat of further terrorism, 9/11 also had important international ramifications. Seeking to strengthen its ties with allies in the Middle East region following the attacks the United States sought to immediately solidify its relationships with its major allies in the region. (Orr, Bram & Rappaport, 2002) Accordingly, support for dictatorships in the Middle East emphatically demonstrates that cold, hard geopolitical factors influence American state behavior and supersede any concern the United States may have for other factors such as Middle Eastern democracy or the promotion of human rights. Human rights abuses are routinely ignored in Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak has resisted calls for democratic reform and remains President of the Egyptian Republic since the assassination of his predecessor Anwar Sadat in 1981. Saudi Arabia is a notorious oppressor of human rights and commits rights violations against women and religious and sexual minorities on a near daily basis. Since Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil, the United States has turned a blind eye to human rights violations and has helped propped up the theocratic Saudi monarchy since the days of Ibn Saud. Both countries, either overtly or tacitly, supported the US invasion of Iraq (Mor ag, 2006). The US invasion of Iraq of 2003, codenamed â€Å"Operation Iraqi Freedom† curiously was not undertaken following Saddam Hussein’s genocide of the Kurdish minority in Halabja in 1988, nor after the violent suppression of a Shi’a insurgency following the First Gulf War. Instead US interests lie in securing the availability and continued flow of oil from one of the world’s most important producers of this important natural resource. Although cloaked in rhetoric concerning the freedom of the Iraqi people, the

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The value chain and competitive forces model to eBay Case Study

The value chain and competitive forces model to eBay - Case Study Example In this present case of eBay value is created through the interplay of its various activities such as primary and support activities that ultimately creates value to eBay. Its primary activities includes it inbound and outbound logistics, marketing and sales and its operation. Working together, the interplay of these activities enable eBay to operate as an online auction venue where sellers can virtually sell listed items with description and photographs in an auction where potential buyers could bid on item for sale on a fixed duration of time. The trust among the online community of eBay to transact online also provides value to the organization as transactions can easily be facilitated without the hesitation of being cheated. The interaction of these various activities in eBay’s value chain enables eBay to make profit of 1% to 5% for every item sold online. EBay’s business model and business strategy revolves around the idea that anything can be virtually and bought and sold on a global basis through its online auction platform. The business model has been successful because more and more people prefer to transact online due to the ease and convenience of consummating a transaction by a click of a mouse. In addition, online auction and shopping online proved to be cheaper due to the almost no overhead of the sellers which reflects on the price being sold. The range of items available on eBay is mind boggling that almost anything can be bought from there. EBay’s success however is a product of a deliberate strategic management. The whole business concept and strategy was for eBay to build an online community through its platform where anyone can transact without the anxiety of being cheated. 3. What are the problems that eBay is currently facing? How is eBay trying to solve these problems?   The most common problems that eBay perpetually is facing is the common problem that besets any technology based companies. System breakdowns are mo re precocious in eBay because the system disruption disturbs activities which has economic value such purchases and payment that does not go through due to system breakdowns. The incidence of system outages however are minimized as technology improves and with eBay working together with its partners such as PayPal on how to effectively deal system issues during payments. EBay is not also spared from the unscrupulous activities online. It also has its share of being attacked by hackers where its unsuspecting buyers receives bogus emails pretending to come from eBay only to get information from the unsuspecting buyers. There is no known direct action from eBay on how to address such issue as it assumes that its prospective buyers are sophisticated enough to determine which email comes from eBay and which are those who solicits information from the customers. 4. Are these good solutions? Why or why not? Are there any other solutions that eBay should consider?   Working together with PayPal to effectively address system issues during payments is a solution of the payment part of the transaction. The integrity of its systems however has to be made redundant to make sure that the site is up even during outages and breakdowns to ensure that transactions will not in any way be disturbed. With regard to the unscrupulous activities online, eBay can warn its buyers of such unscrupulous acts online that they may become aware of it hence preventing them from being victimized. The non-action on how to deal with

Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Reflection Paper - Essay Example Further adding to the present factual, it has been envisaged that by the year 2030, the only source of population development for Canada will be by attracting more international citizens to permanently settle in Canada. The multicultural acceptance of the state along with a legal frame work positively contributing the adaptation of cultural and social diversity within the country has made life more easy and secure in Canada for people from across the globe. The high rate of social security and the quality of life in the state has always encouraged a high rate of immigration. However the immigrants, especially those who have made their entry not much before are facing problems in getting established in the country. The major problem in them getting established is in getting a job which is however related with other factors like language, culture, local experience and domestic contacts. The studies done on the status of immigrants in Canada, has reiterated that in the primary years of their arrival, they face limitations in getting properly established with the country. The Daily, on September 10, 2007, in their report titled Study: Canada’s immigrant labor market’ has revealed that the immigrants, who migrated not before than five years, faced immense problem in finding a job. The study reveals that they had difficulty in adapting with the Canadian job market. Their rate of unemployment counted to a bit more than eleven percent, when the unemployment percentage of the local Canadian people was less than five percent. Further adding to the statistics it has been found that on an average the educational qualifications of the immigrants were comparatively better in relation with the academic achievements of their local counterparts in the process of job hunt. Thirty six percent of the immigrants were proud graduates where the percentage of people with a degree among the local citizens was merely twenty two

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HR COMPANY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HR COMPANY - Essay Example Human resources management department of a company is responsible for the execution of crucial tasks such as recruitment and selection of new employees and ensuring employee motivation, among other tasks relating to employees. Since employees have a high influence on the productivity of a company, the human resources management should perform explicitly. This paper focuses on Google Inc Company, addressing its human resources practices, including strengths and weaknesses in this department. Google Inc is an international company, which has its focus on innovation. It aims at improving better ways through which people communicate and connect by use of information. It is among the 500 fortune companies, with enormous revenues. In the United States, Google has employed approximately 20,000 people, and its job growth rate stands at 33 per cent. Today, the technology has advanced at an alarming rate, therefore, the needs of customers in the market have subsequently revolutionized. Since G oogle Inc is a technology-based company, this has called for it to renovate a number of its products in order to meet the needs of its customers (Anthony Web). The good thing about Google Inc is how it has managed to remain reputable as one of the most successful company worldwide. This is with regard to its profits and the way it meets the needs of its customers. Secondly, Google Inc is identified as one of the topmost best employers in the world. Google Inc is one of the top companies known to invest heavily in its human resources, for high productivity. This company has adopted various human resources practices, including recruitment, training, motivation, and compensation, among others. All these are aimed at making the employees perform well, and this is the reason why this company is ranked among the world’s best employers (Anthony Web). Google Inc scores high on employee satisfaction, compared to other companies. This is because of the kind of work environment the comp any sets for its employees, which boosts their motivation. In this company, new employees are trained and familiarized with the company culture before starting the job. This therefore, gives them the knowledge of what their employer expects from them in meeting the company goals. Google Inc is also good at recruitment. Since it is an international company, it values diversity, and this is reflected in its workforce. Despite recruiting from different regions of the world, Google Inc still manages to identify the best candidates, who have contributed to its success (Walker Web). Motivation for employees is through different ways. First, Google Inc is one of the companies with the best salary package for employees. Apart from salary, there is a variety of benefits for employees. For instance, the recently unleashed death benefit in the company aims at compensating the deceased employees’ families. Upon death, a family gets 50 per cent of the deceased employee’s salary for the next ten years. Additionally, their partners are entitled to stock benefits, in addition to $1,000 monthly for all children until they reach nineteen years (Casserly Web). In order to ensure that employees update their skills, Google Inc has a training programme through GoogleEDU. This in-house programme helps employees boost their skills for better performance on their job. The leadership style adopted by this company is participatory, whereby all

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Analyzing an article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Analyzing an article - Assignment Example It also compares why they make different decisions under comparable political environments. This concept applies to the case of Palestine and Israel. An analysis of the article reveals that the ‘Palestine’ effect has a negative impact on democracy in Israel. It is stated that this influence results in the erosion of skeptical intelligence, moral judgments as well as logical reasoning. Israel is the only Jewish state and has a relatively stable political and economic environment. However, the instability that is experienced in Palestine adversely impacts on Israel. Although the two countries have different political rules the citizens end up making similar decision owing to the ‘Palestine effect’. Furthermore, it can be observed that Palestine attacks Israel as a way of getting the world to sympathize with them. They attack and capture their soldiers knowing very well that Israel’s retaliatory attacks will affect innocent citizens and this gets the world on their side. It can therefore be concluded that the war between Palestine and Iraq has a negative impact on democracy in Israel (Smith 14). Isra el faces an ugly future lest it can a lasting peace

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Adult Learning and Diversity (Research Paper) Research Paper

Adult Learning and Diversity ( ) - Research Paper Example There need to be a mode of teaching where each student feels involved. The nature at which these frameworks are integrated in a single classroom is what is attributed to improved learning. Diversity exist on two scenarios, they may involve the nature of teaching and students lifestyle. The research will link these diversities to adult learning and will establish how teachers utilize them in providing a well organized learning environment. An analysis will be done based on a controlled experiment in a real classroom scenario. Conclusion will be based on the finding of the experiment. Its interpretation will depend majorly on real life scenarios. The research will be targeting to enhance the student’s perspective of diversity and provide the teachers with guidelines in how they should handle diversity. The success of students in adult education depends on depends on their diversity. Diversity refers to the differences in social status, cultural differences, chronological age, learning style, ethnicity and nationality. Gaff (1989), connected multicultural to the learning process of any given adult facility. He called for collaborative ways in which students are exposed to exiting culture and relating them to western and other world cultures. Teaching various philosophies and performing a comparison enhances the learning process. The nature in which students are exposed to world experiences widens their perception of a given concept. There needs to be an acceptance nature where weakness of a given culture are enhanced and improved upon by existing cultures. Drawing from social and economic resources advances students in demographic diversity (Powell& Kalina, 2009). The end result is the improved thinking skills of students. They are able to critically analyze a concept and think bey ond their cocoons. They become self aware of their surroundings and be able to differentiate core- values and acquire skills to differentiate behaviors

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Self-Evaluation of Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self-Evaluation of Life - Essay Example The society that I come from places a lot of importance on religion, honour and obedience to the teachings of religion. I live in a society that is characterized by diversity in all aspects of life from religion to cultural and traditional practices. This created a conflict of interest on my part because I wanted to maintain the integrity of my beliefs, and at the same time adapt and thrive in this dynamic new world (Casino, 58). There were significant forces that had an influence on my life, and in retrospect, there were some that were positive while others were negative. It is during this initial transitional period that I was faced with the possibility of losing direction in life when I met a fellow fellow citizen. He had experienced the same predicament I was presently facing, and when he identified with my situation, he endeavoured to help me cope with the situation. He introduced me to other people who had gone through the same experience of identity conflict. Through sharing a bout our experiences in the past and present with each other, I was able to feel better about myself and better equipped to deal with cultural shock. I am eternally thankful to this person for helping me preserve my sense of identity and beliefs of my heritage. There are things in one’s life that hold meaning, in the sense that they represent, to them core elements that are part of self and their identity. I come from a society that has excellent pride in the breed of horses that are bred and reared, by the people.

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Personal dichotomy Essay Example for Free

Personal dichotomy Essay Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide touches on many important themes, including identity and the role of reputation within society. On top of those themes, the author also uses his work to speak to an idea of â€Å"home† within the novel. Though this work does not include a typical literary representation of home as a developmental ground for young, aspiring successes, he does illustrate how home can be a highly safe and dangerous place all at the same time. Just as Jekyll and Hyde represent a personal dichotomy, home is shown as a place that can be multi-faceted. Because of the intimate nature of the relationships developed between a person and his or her home, that person can be manipulated by the safety of home. While it might seem like a place to barricade one’s self from the rest of the world, home can actually be the single force stripping individuals of their ability to function. In this particular work, home is a place where madness persists and it is essentially ground zero for all that is wrong with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In this way, the author is accepting some of the views on the role of home, asserting that even in a sea of positives, home can play a negative role, as well. In this book, home is most certainly a place of comfort and violence. The author challenges the assertion that home could be a place where people go just to get their own measure of comfort. While it is true that Dr. Jekyll retreats to his home to get away from much of the scrutiny surrounding him, the author is quick to point out that this experience takes away from Jekyll in a big way. During one portion of the book, suspicions are at an all-time high and people continue to visit Jekyll to figure out his situation. Both the police and concerned citizens have made their way into his home, and in the early part of the book, it is not a place of comfort. In this way, it can be said that the traditional idea of home is lost for the doctor during those moments. He has police officers going through his personal effects and turning his home upside down. He has individuals peering through his windows, providing him with little privacy or comfort of any kind. During this portion of the book, the traditional idea of home is absolutely smashed. Instead of being a refuge, it is a fish bowl where immense and intense pressure is put on the doctor over a period of months. The author does use this opportunity to show the importance of a traditional safe haven, though. As Jekyll is essentially ambushed in his home, he begins to long for the comfort and the privacy traditionally expected in that kind of setting. When Jekyll stops receiving visitors, he is reaching out for the comfort of his home. He grows very tired of constantly being harassed for various reasons, even if those reasons are legitimate. He locks the doors and makes home his refuge. He takes comfort in his work in the lab, but home is also a place of violence. He lives through a kind of unchangeable madness while in his home, constantly working on concoctions and hiding from the truth about who he is. This violence is finally culminated in his suicide, which not surprisingly happens right in the middle of his comfort zone. This use of violence within the home by the author is meant to show that the comfort provided by home is a slipper slope. As the traditional views hold, the ideal of home is one that is delicate. In one moment, home can provide a place for a person to get away from criticisms and attention. In another moment, it can be a place where madness and violence consumer a person’s life. Additionally, the author presents a picture of home as the breeding ground for many of the crazed acts of Mr. Hyde. In short, every minute that Jekyll spends in his home or lab is just another moment where the reader anticipates some terrible event. Through creative sequencing and skilled foreshadowing, the author makes it very clear that the home is an ominous place for Dr. Jekyll. Though he does use it as a refuge, the author makes it seem as if he is only picking the time of his next crazed act. The traditional views hold that home is a place where one develops his or her skills to move forward in the future. Most would say that this is a positive critique of what home is all about. That is not the picture of home that Stevenson paints, though. He does use the ideas of preparation and planning, but it is always for something negative. Much like Dr. Jekyll experiments with various things in his lab, home is a place where there is decisive scheming. In this way, it is much more planning than it is preparation. There is no real personal growth taking place for the doctor; he is only hiding from his identity and attempting to conceal his acts. The author’s decidedly negative view on the role of home in terms of preparation is an interesting point. Stevenson challenges the idea that a person can receive some sort of nurturing from home that would make he or she a better person overall. Instead, he paints home as something of an independent force. For people who have the innate ability to develop and grow, home can be a good place to do that. It does provide the type of repetitive environment where individuals can focus on continued good habits. The author, at least in this work, offers the opinion that home in itself is not enough to develop those who would otherwise not get development. Additionally, he paints this repetition as a bad thing in the case of Dr. Jekyll. The doctor gets into a terrible cycle where he continues to self destruct, time and again. Because home is a place where individuals are protected and where there is very little to balance out such acts, it creates an environment where people can fall into traps. Home is not nearly corrective enough in this story. With this view, Stevenson may be offering an argument that home is only a positive when the people inside the home are providing the correct amount of support. Because it can be so many things and go so many ways, home itself is truly not to blame. It is only a framework from which people are expected to work. The real blame must go on the individuals who use the home and on the people who should be providing the customary support that goes along with being at home. For Dr. Jekyll, home is his refuge, and it acts as a place that he cannot wait to return to. As the reader clearly sees in this book, the first thing that Dr. Jekyll always does after one of Mr. Hyde’s acts is that he comes back home. There are dangerous out on the streets and he could potentially get himself into trouble, but when the doctor comes back home, he has the ability to cover things up, clean behind his tracks, and turn his life into something â€Å"normal† yet again. While many things change for Jekyll over the course of the book, including his professional reputation, his personal relationships, and his ability to manage his personalities, home is something that remains constant. It is a strong place for him to come and truly dedicate his time to his craft. Despite this somewhat positive view of what home is supposed to mean, the book indicates that Jekyll feels incredibly trapped by this situation. He is actually forced to feel like a stranger within his own home, and he comes to resent it after a short while. For the longest time, Jekyll looks forward to coming home because it provides him with safety after some of the acts of Mr. Hyde. This changes as the book moves along, though. No longer is there real excitement about coming home. Instead, he comes because that is the only place that he can go. Home becomes a restrictive force, and all that is positive about it is thrown out of the window. This is the author’s critique on the place of home. In one instance, it can be a place that people need, and it can provide the framework for success. It does not take much for home to take on a negative connotation, though. Just as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can be switched on and off in a split second, a positive view of home and a negative one can come about very quickly. The traditional view of home as a dichotomy offers the opinion that different pictures of home can be experienced by different people. For some people, home is a good thing, while it is resented by other people. Stevenson complicates this by adding an element of personal indecision on the role of home. Dr. Jekyll experiences all of these emotions within himself. His entire life is dedicated to his work in the lab and the things he has going on at home. That is truly a place of great joy and utter accomplishment for him. Later, it completely switches for him and becomes a place of death, quite literally. Not only does he kill himself right in the middle of the floor at his home, but he also sees his professional life die right in that home. People are constantly peering in, wanting to take a look at the strange and complicated Dr. Jekyll. His reputation dies and any respect that he worked so hard for in that lab goes away along with it. It is no coincidence that the author chooses the doctor’s home as the place where all of this would take place. This speaks loudly about the importance of home to a person’s development. Whether positive or negative, home does play a substantial role in shaping what a person will become. In the case of Dr. Jekyll, home is a roller coaster and home has seen the full range of experiences that he has gone through. Home, in the traditional sense, is a mostly positive place with some negative possibilities. Most authors take the view that home provides something for a person until a time comes when home is a limiting force. In this work, home is something a little bit different. Both a refuge and a place of imprisonment for Dr. Jekyll, home goes through quite a transition as the work goes along. In the end, home is a place of horrible tragedy and death, and it serves as the fitting setting of a man’s twisted, double life.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Essay Example for Free

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Essay This paper is a research on different aspects of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The introduction provides background information on TCP/IP protocol suite and the need for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This is followed by a section that defines and discusses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Technical aspects of DHCP are also discussed in the paper as well as the kind of information provided by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server. The methods used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to allocate IP addresses are discussed, followed by a conclusion that sums up the entire paper. Introduction The current growth of the need for communication and information sharing has led to the increase in networking. This is what has led to the reception of the TCP/IP protocol suite into organizational networks. TCP/IP protocol suite is the fundamental communication standard of the internet. Prior to the introduction of TCP/IP protocol suite, organizations utilized different protocols and standards. TCP/IP protocol suite has become the commonly used internet protocol in organizations as it makes it easy for them to communicate and share information effectively and utilize internet equipment for higher efficiency (Davis, 2006). The design of this suite needs that every network utilizing the protocol has a distinctive address that suits into the addressing system within the company. This means that all the addresses need to be members within a subnet. This subnet need to be developed from a group of logically connected computers. One means of achieving this is moving the management of the IP addresses from the client networks to a central server. It was in response to this need that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed DHCP (Droms and Lemon, 2002). Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) refers to a standardized communication protocol that is defined by RFC 1541. This is a networking protocol that permits dynamic distribution of IP addresses and configuration information from servers to clients (Mitchell, 2010). With the use of the concept of dynamic addressing, a machine can have a new IP address every instant it joins the network. In some networks, the addresses can change even with the device still connected to the network. This is the protocol that allows network administrators efficiency in central management and automation in the assignment of IP addresses in a network. The work of the administrator is made easier since the software tracks the addresses rather than having the administrator manage the operation. Its main purpose is to lessen the work of the network administrator particularly for large IP networks (Davis, 2006). By utilizing this protocol, any computer that requires to be connected to the internet, requires a distinctive IP address whose assigning is done when the connection is developed for a particular machine. This means that with the use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a machine can connect to an IP-based internet connection without the need for pre-configured IP address (Mitchell, 2010). This is because Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns distinctive IP addresses to machines, afterwards releasing and renewing the addresses as machine disconnect and re-connect the connection. This protocol is commonly used by internet service providers to make it easy for consumers to join the internet with minimal efforts. This is commonly used for dial-up users (Droms and Lemon, 1999). Technical aspects of DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol utilizes a client/server relationship to assign addresses, keep track of their utilization, and retrieve a prearranged list of IP addresses and other configuration data within a system. Every organization possesses one or more Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol servers which have a range of programmed IP addresses, as well as some other start-up information or supplementary parameters. When the client system is booted, the system transmits a call for a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to provide it with an IP address. In most ordinary cases, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server provides the client system with an IP address and a specific length of time for which the device may utilize the address. This specific period of time is usually referred to as a lease. The lease varies depending on the length of time the client may require the internet connection. This is mostly crucial in education and other locations where users keep on changing (Droms and Lemon, 2002). Use of short leases, can allow Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol to dynamically configure connections where the number of devices to be connected is greater than the existing IP addresses. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can also provide support for static IP addresses for devices that require a fixed IP address, for example the web servers. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol utilizes the ports allocated by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and Bootstrap Protocol or BOOTP; 67/udp is for conveying information to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server while 68/udp is for relaying information to the client system. The working of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is in four main stages: IP discovery, IP lease offer, IP request, and IP lease acknowledgement (Davis, 2006). Information provided by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server Commonly, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server provides the client system with at least this fundamental information: IP address; Subnet mask and Default Gateway. There are other information that can be provided including Domain Name Service (DNS) server addresses and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server addresses. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is configured by the network administrator with the choices that are parsed out to the requesting system (Davis, 2006). Methods of assigning IP addresses There are three common methods used by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to allocate IP addresses. The first method is dynamic allocation. This is the assigning of a range of IP addresses to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol by an administrator. In this kind of allocation, every client system has its IP software design in such a way that it can call for an IP address from the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server when the connection is initialized. The requesting and granting process utilizes the concept of lease with a controllable duration (Droms and Lemon, 2002). This makes it possible for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to retrieve and then reallocate the addresses that are not reused. The second method is automatic allocation. In this method, there is permanent allocation of a free IP address by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server to a client system that sends a request. The range of allocation in this method is defined by the network administrator (Davis, 2006). This method is similar to dynamic allocation only that in this case, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server retains a table of IP addresses that have been assigned. The purpose of this table is to as much as possible assign the same address that a machine previously had. The last method is static allocation. The allocation of addresses by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is based on a table that has MAC address/IP address pairs. The allocations are carried out only for client systems that have MAC address in the table (Droms and Lemon, 1999). Conclusion From the research, it is evident that Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is useful in moving the management of Internet Protocol addresses from distributed client networks to centrally controlled servers. The centrally controlled servers retain important information eliminating the requirement for the client systems to retain static network information. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol has saved administrators a lot of efforts and time in configuring and managing the networks. There is also reduction in the cost of ownership and operation of client systems. This has led to reduction of costs for organizations by moving management of network configuration from clients systems to a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server. The organizations are also allowed better control of their computing environment. References: Davis, J. (2006). Telecommute Safely: Use Internet Technology to Keep Cost Down, Journal of Accountancy, Vol. 202. Droms, R. Lemon, T. (1999). The DHCP Handbook: Understanding, Deploying, and Managing Automated Configuration Services. London: Macmillan Publishing Company. Droms, R. Lemon, T. (2002). DHCP Handbook, The (2nd Edition), Atlanta, GA: Sams Mitchell, B. (2010). DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Retrieved on July 6, 2010 from http://compnetworking. about. com/cs/protocolsdhcp/g/bldef_dhcp. htm

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Financial Analysis of the British Petroleum (BP) Foundation

Financial Analysis of the British Petroleum (BP) Foundation British Petroleum Foundation British Petroleum (BP) is one of the worlds leading integrated oil and gas companies, and it is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. It provides customers with energy for heat and light, fuel for transportation, lubricants to support the performance of engines and petrochemicals products to diversify daily use items. BP was founded in 1908 by William Knox DArcy to exploit oil discoveries in Iran. Nowadays key persons are Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman) and Bob Dudley (CEO). The BP Foundation, Inc., established in 1952, is a private non-operating foundation and an independent charitable organization separate from, but funded entirety by, BP that exists for the public benefit. It supports philanthropic activities around the world, helps communities by supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education programs across America, economic development, and by drawing attention to environmental issues. First of all, BP Foundation is widely known for contribution to the development of STEM educations. It has supported several initiatives in Illinois by donating $5 million to the Museum of Science and Industry; $400,000 to the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Math Science Initiative; $100,000 to the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Energy Center; and $135,000 to the Chicago State University. Moreover, the BP Foundation supports organizations such as the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, the aim of which is to showcase talents of American Indians, Hispanics and African Americans. BPs initiative of donating $1 million every three-year has supported 200 engineering scholarships for students, who attend one of NACMEs 51 partner universities. In general, since 2012 BP Foundation has donated around $65 million for education, that shows a desire to expand economic opportunity, develop a highly skilled workforce and inspire the next generation of innova tors. In 2005, BP united with the Association of Science- Technology Centers in order to launch the Energy Education Initiative, objective of which is to train and equip STEM teachers. Besides, it joined the Million Women Mentors project to help young women to learn more about STEM careers. Second, BP Foundation has Employee Matching Program, that enables BP employees to match fund from BP to eligible charitable organizations and to help support the community where they work. Since 2006, the BF Foundation has matched over $82 million on behalf of its employees to charitable organizations worldwide. In 2014 employees volunteered about 207,866 hours and raised around $1.6 million by taking part in sponsored pledge events. In appreciation of their efforts, the BP Foundation additionally provided matching grants in the total amount of $10.4 million to educational institutions and charitable organizations. Also, BP supports military men both during and after their service. In 2005, BP was rewarded with the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, that the US government gives to employers for their support of workers serving in the Guard or the Reserve. Also, it helps veterans return to civilian life by, for example, supporting adaptive sports such as Paralympic programs and the Warrior Games, that help disabled or injured veterans while they pass procedure of rehabilitation and reintegration. To sum up, it must be said, that BP Foundation is one of the biggest supporters of programs designed to promote education through STEM, but at the same time it invests in economic development through job training, sustainable community projects and enterprise development; and the environment through projects that further the understanding of global environment issues. Financial Analysis Monetarily, the company is performing great. From its financial position, the company has many long-term assets, which are used by the company as a source of income especially when leasing as well as securities while borrowing loans which gives the company an advantage when it comes to loans for future. The long-term assets are known to increase in value as years proceed which places the company at a better place. Additionally, the company has short-term assets which includes revenue and short-term income, which is used by company to provide for most of its expenditures as it, acts as a source of income. From the given information, it indicates that organization has a positive liquidity. The assets of the organization exceed its liabilities, which explains the organization can meet its financial obligations without much pressure. There are the total assets of about 11 million while there are about 7 million of total liabilities which basically leads to the positive deficit of roughly 5 million. The company has short term liabilities, which explains that the company can easily settle them down and cannot lead to the closure of the business. The company also has a lot of sales which shows that the company is performing well in the market. In addition, the company has gross sales of assets which is worth more than 44 million dollars which specifies that the company is better placed and have a lot of disposal capital. The contributions, grants and gifts do not contribute a lot to the company source of income and capital like the company assets which are sold. When comparing its expenses and income, we noticed that the company doesnt incur a lot of expense when it comes to hiring of services as well as equipments used in the office which basically reduces the company liabilities as well as expense. After the financial year, the net assets are greater than net liabilities which shows that the company performed well at the end of fiscal year. The current ratio of the company is greater on the assets side when compared to the liabilities side. The company also has a higher book value of more than 14 billion dollars, which they can use for attracting investors since it indicates that the company is performing better and not in debt. The company also has a higher fair market value which shows that the company is performing well in market and that its products are considered among the best in the market which basically increase its market value. The company investments on the corporate stock is higher both in book value and the market price which illustrates that the company is performing good in the market and that its bonds are among the highly purchased in the market. However, the organization has some grants which are payable and are higher at the end of year as compared to the beginning of the year. This indicates that the company incurred some more expenses between the year which explains that the organizations will incur more expenses on paying the grants. The company lacks any deferred payments and mortgages to pay which reduces the amount of debts that they owe other companies. The business has other investments around $ 175,000, which indicates that the company source of income and revenue is high. Funding of the Organization British Petroleum Foundation is funded through a program called Employee Matching Program. The employees who are linked with this program called Employee Matching Program. The employees who are linked with this program are those working for British Petroleum Corporation. This company is one of the worlds biggest enthusiasm companies and it delivers energy products and services to people around the world. In the employee matching program, a maximum amount of $ 5,000 or equivalent to local currency per employee for each calendar year that has been allocated. They also have the options that are well outlined on how each employee may choose to participate and use this fund. An annual budget from the BP foundation would be allocated to this fund. All employees of British Petroleum and any of its designated partners or exclusively owned subsidiaries are eligible to participate in the program. The recipient organizations must function on a Not for a Profit Basis. The organizations that are located in United States must be qualified for tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (Gong, 2). Fundamentally, British Petroleum Foundation has done countless things to the entire world and especially with touching many lives. The foundation has donated more than $ 218 million to community and enterprises in the United States. In 2015, BP foundation logged more than 55,000 hours of volunteering that raised approximately $6 million grants. Apart from above, the foundation also assists organizations such as National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) which obtains to create an Engineering workforce. The foundation contributed $1 million to support 200 scholarships for students who are attending one of NACMEs universities. British Petroleum foundation also provides financial support to natural disaster areas. In cooperation with local BP businesses, it contributed $125,000 to provide food and health services to those affected by floods in 2015. The foundation is dedicated to support worldwide organizations that meet the British Petroleum foundation donation approach which includes economic development, education and education, economic development and ecological programs. They do not accept unwanted offers but they do request reviews submitted by BP businesses around the world. BP foundation has also partnered with sports and support social enterprises which began in September 2011 to create employment legacy from London 2012 Olympic games. The British Petroleum has also worked with social enterprises in East London and West London to provide training and knowledge to support projects to allow the enterprises grow in future. Therefore, we can conclude that British Petroleum Foundation has contributed to make the Earth the better place for everyone. The BP foundation is also funded from three sources which includes contributions and grants received, interest on investments and profits from sale of assets (Form 990). The foremost source of funding in 2015 tax return is the grants of $ 5.7 million from BP America, Inc. In 2014, they received $ 209,713 from BP Products North America; from which $208,929 was a noncash transaction. The second source of funding is the Interest on Investments. In 2015, the interest was less notable amount of $16,920, however in 2014, the interest was $ 95,338. There was decrease of interest income in 2015 because there were the sales of $44,613.321in 2014 which was initially obtained by the foundation. The third source of funding is profit from sale of assets. In 2015, it amounted to be $(4,651), however in 2014, the profit was $38,734. Therefore, in 2015, its contributions became negative of 0.08%, however the contribution was reported for 26.70% in 2014. The major source of funding is grants which was received from British Petroleum. Issues facing the Foundation Just like any other organization operation in the economy, BP foundation faces some issues in its day to day operations. The first one is financial challenges. BP foundation is exclusively reliant on its parental company. They do not receive any support from other government, private or public organizations. BP foundation is not able to encounter its operating and managerial expenditures from its own resources. There are many more people who need to be reached by the charitable works of BP foundation but finance remains a limiting factor. The foundation needs more funds to be able to extent its charitable services to every corner of the globe. It is therefore up to its management to generate ideas on how they will be able to raise these funds to smoothen their operations. Another issue is operational level. The operations of the foundation revolve around dynamic sectors of the society like education particularly science, economic development and environmental issues. The organization contribution is mainly restricted for providing scholarships for education to its employees but not to community. Also, they are inhibited by the fact that they are suffering losses economically and the company is not in situation to make investments. The foundation should set a lot of funds for research of new ways of doing things. This will enable those students who are under the foundation to be part of the new discoveries made every day. By doing that, the foundation will be able to leave back a legacy to the forth coming generations for being part of those people who contributed to the great innovations ever made in the globe. Information about the Foundation The information on the foundation is very limited. It needs extensive research for one to obtain the information about this foundation because of the nature of their work. They are doing charitable work and it is not always published in newspapers or covered by bloggers. Because of the nature of this information, it needs to do a lot of research to access them. The website of British Petroleum has a very limited information about BP Foundation. The websites like CNN and NASDAQ didnt have any information regarding the financial statements. The other websites provided very limited information about the BP Foundation. The main information came from the BP Foundations Form990 tax returns for 2014 and 2015. Other than that, it is very difficult to find the information regarding the BP Foundation. Integration of BP Foundation The foundation is integrated into British Petroleum Corporation by several levels. The foundation specially gives grants to STEM education, which basically follows the British Petroleums core values of safety and energy. Similarly, in case of when natural disaster occurs, the foundation gets help from BP to help those who got affected during the incident. Another level is excise tax, which is based on investments income, which shows that statement regarding its activities and if the company controlled any entry or exit of any company in the market. Moreover, the company donations to any organization and other transactions outside the book value. The file also shows the credit payments and any other penalty the company was fined. The company through shares and taxes is tied with British Petroleum Corporation as well as the company assets. Work Cited Gong, Ning, and Bruce D. Grundy. Charitable Fund-Raising Matching Grants or Seed Money: An Application to Employee Matching Grant Schemes. SSRN Electronic Journal (n.d.): n. pag. Web. 12 Mar. 2017. Employee Matching Fund. BP Life Benefits (Core US Benefits) Employee Matching Fund. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2017. BP Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2017.

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In Defense of Canadas Rejection of the Death Penalty Essay -- Canada

A man, allegedly accused of first degree murder, has been put on a trial to see what his sentence will be. People are outraged and protesting for him to be put on death row. Family and friends of the victim are traumatized, seeking vengeance for the one that they have lost, hoping that Canada can bend the rules just once to get the justice they think they deserve. On the other hand, the prisoner sits in the court room waiting for the verdict that will ultimately change his life forever. He only has two options: if found guilty he will receive life imprisonment, if found innocent he will be let off scotch free. Or there’s always the third choice, the death penalty. How far does the battle have to go to stop him from killing? This could mean bringing back capital punishment to Canada. There’s the theory of an eye for an eye, or also the chance of a wrongful conviction. As with any debate there are pros and cons all weighing up to the final question, should Canada use the death penalty, or continue to use life imprisonment? Although in the United States, most placed do not use the death penalty there are some that still do under certain circumstances. Canada is a Country that has not one province or territory that used the death penalty but Canada hasn’t always used life imprisonment. Between 1892 and 1961, the death penalty was used in Canada and the result was death by hanging. It wasn’t until 1914 that the death penalty was up for debate and the first bill to abolish it completely was made. In 1954, rape did not qualify as a death penalty punishment anymore. The Parliament dived murder into capital and non-capital categories in 1964. It took a long time, but the first time that the bill to abolish the death penalty was debat... ...serli, Joe. . (2010, December 10). In a nutshell. Retrieved from †¢ Munroe,. (2010, October 31). Canada online . Retrieved from †¢ Phil B., . (2010). Phil for humanity . Retrieved from †¢ Robinson, Bruce.A. (2007, August 07). Religious tolerance. Retrieved from †¢ Skerrit,. (2009, February 03). Dominica news. Retrieved from †¢ Tackaberry,. (2000, April). Amnesty international. Retrieved from †¢ Tempest, Rone. (2008, June 30). Death penalty focis. Retrieved from

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Johnny Tremain :: essays research papers

Johnny Tremain a young boy grown up as an apprentice during the 1700’s in Boston was an unfortunate but lucky kid. In the next several paragraphs, I will describe interesting parts in the book and also described the Authors factorial & emotional feeling and not to mention my feelings toward the book.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One of my favorite parts of the book was when Lyte came in and wanted a silver piece made by Mr. Lampham in which he had made one before, years ago, Mr. Lamphem wasn’t quite sure if he he still had it, so he was thinking of not doing it, but Johnny was so brave and sure only as an apprentice, he offered to do it. To me that really showed how enthustatic and dedicated Johnny was to the silversmith, when he did ask to do it, Mr. Lampham doubted very seriously that Johnny could do such a thing, but he still trys and works on it very hard and time consuming.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another good part of the story is when Johnny is basically crippled with one of his hands, and is basically worth nothing, when at one time Johnny was wanted by a lot of masters because he was very talented with his hands. It really makes you think if you were to lose a talent how you would feel about it and act upon it, it made me feel thankful.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another interesting part of the book was when Johnny went to look for a job. Johnny was so persistent when trying to find another apprentice job. He didn’t really care about what kind of job it was he just wanted a job, he went from place to place trying as hard as he could to hid his crippled hand.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When Johnny started his job with the Sons of Liberty as a news paper route boy it came to be a very interesting section of the book. It was interesting because, he was giving a code to all of the Sons of Liberty members saying â€Å" You owe the Boston herald 6 schilling†, meaning that night there would be a meeting at 6:00 PM that night. He was becoming part of the Sons of Liberty and it was starting to get really good, especially when he started trying to find out when the British attacking , posting at, and grouping at. It was also good when John Adams has him blow a whistle to send the Sons of Liberty to

Capital Punishment :: essays research papers

Many people are split on the idea of capital punishment because it involves death. I feel that capital punishment is morally and ethically acceptable because it rids society of our worst criminals. Many people argue that killing criminals who kill is just as bad as being the criminals. For one the criminals killed innocent people who had no idea what was coming, and had no way to prevent it. The criminal who commited the crime in almost all cases had to commit first degree murder, which includes some planning of the act. To plan an act of murder and taking someone’s life is beyond emotion, it is psychological and takes some rationalization. If no rationalization takes place, then it can happen again.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another reason that pro-capital punishment argument is that there are innocent men and women sitting on death row that shouldn’t be sentenced to death. Most death row inmates, unless they commit a serious multiple murder have been in and out of jail most of their life. Capital Punishment is a way for society to weed out the bad seeds that corrupt the whole. Personally I think they should be castrated, or not have a conjugal visits. Having people like that procreate makes me sick. Someone who has taken someone’s ability to procreate and enjoy life should be treated if they had killed themselves that day.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I also think that multiple rapists should be put to death. If they are given a chance to put their life together and they commit the same crime again then, rehabilitation was unsuccessful and they should be terminated. This may sound like a Nazi speaking of the Jews in the early 1930s, but they based the killing on a religion, not on a case by case basis, as we do in this country. Our legal system is ment to rid society of evil, and by killing the murderers and rapists it clears them out of the genetic pool and also gives an example to others of what not to do. Although it may seem cruel to systematically kill people based on one act in their life, it is justifiable because those people have the potential to kill again, and if they are going to hurt someone they should be kept from society. Capital Punishment :: essays research papers Many people are split on the idea of capital punishment because it involves death. I feel that capital punishment is morally and ethically acceptable because it rids society of our worst criminals. Many people argue that killing criminals who kill is just as bad as being the criminals. For one the criminals killed innocent people who had no idea what was coming, and had no way to prevent it. The criminal who commited the crime in almost all cases had to commit first degree murder, which includes some planning of the act. To plan an act of murder and taking someone’s life is beyond emotion, it is psychological and takes some rationalization. If no rationalization takes place, then it can happen again.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another reason that pro-capital punishment argument is that there are innocent men and women sitting on death row that shouldn’t be sentenced to death. Most death row inmates, unless they commit a serious multiple murder have been in and out of jail most of their life. Capital Punishment is a way for society to weed out the bad seeds that corrupt the whole. Personally I think they should be castrated, or not have a conjugal visits. Having people like that procreate makes me sick. Someone who has taken someone’s ability to procreate and enjoy life should be treated if they had killed themselves that day.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I also think that multiple rapists should be put to death. If they are given a chance to put their life together and they commit the same crime again then, rehabilitation was unsuccessful and they should be terminated. This may sound like a Nazi speaking of the Jews in the early 1930s, but they based the killing on a religion, not on a case by case basis, as we do in this country. Our legal system is ment to rid society of evil, and by killing the murderers and rapists it clears them out of the genetic pool and also gives an example to others of what not to do. Although it may seem cruel to systematically kill people based on one act in their life, it is justifiable because those people have the potential to kill again, and if they are going to hurt someone they should be kept from society.

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Allegory of the Cave Essay

Theme of Freedom, Responsibility & Education in the Allegory of the Cave The myth of the cave is a famous allegory, written by Plato in The Republic. It was written in the form of conversation between Socrates and Glaucon and covers the idea of shadow against light or how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened. The story tells about the cave in which people live from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them and cannot turn their heads. Behind them is a fire which is blazing in a distance. Between people and the fire there is a roadway where puppeteers are carrying all sorts of figures and statues of animals. Prisoners can only see the shadows of these figures and completely unaware that these are only soulless statues. The idea of the cave symbolizes shadow or what we believe to be real, while the sun represents education, enlightenment and truth. Further Socrates tells that if prisoners are released from th eir chains, than they would probably believe that the shadows are more real than what is really produces them. Or in other words if to show the prisoner the statues which are the initial cause of these shadows, than he or she would not know what they are. For him or her, the shadow will be more real than the actual thing. And if one of the prisoners will go out of the cave, then he or she will not be able to distinguish which world is real and which one is unrealistic. Plato depicts the path of teaching as the route to freedom, as a release from those chains which tie human beings to the play of shadows, as the flight from this land of bondage into a shape in which humanity becomes aware both of his previous state of bondage and of the origin of those shadows to which he was before. The main aim of education is to lead mankind into freedom and the core value of education is supported by freedom. Returning back to the cave, released man will have to decide which world to choose as real. Would he or she be happy in comparison to the other prisoners who have not yet seen outside of the cave. And here Socrates clarifies to Glaucon whether he or she will try to free the rest of people and explain them about the world outside. In this situation every human is free to draw their own selections and apply their  own substance for life; nonetheless, the choices men make are what they believe all human beings to do, causing men to be responsible for their activities. All men have a moral responsibility to their fellows. The escaped prisoner is responsible for passing away back and informing the rest of the captives of what he witnessed. He has to explain to them that the ultimate reality is not the phantoms along the rampart, but what is seen once you’re in the light. He then experiences anguish because the prisoners will not trust him. Every man suffers anxiety they have freedom and at the same time bear great amount of responsibility for all people. Therefore every choice that a man makes should be honest and responsible. Connection of freedom and responsibility with education is crucial in the contemporary world. Allegory of the cave is simplified picture of what happens in our society Most of the modern educational institutions do not support freedom. Students can just like the prisoners be affected by the so-called puppeteers with wrong side of the reality. Process writing â€Å"An unjust law is no law at all† All people have equal right, it does not matter what race you are or how old are you or where you are from. All of us should have equal rights. I think that African-Americans should reach for their aim, aim not to be discriminated and to have equal right. That time they had strong desire to live in peace. Martin Luter King is a leader of African-Americans who struggle for African-Americans freedom. He is the great leader, because he want to reach freedom without violence. He was great thinker, because he did not start disorders in country, he just wanted to make economic withdrawal program. It shows that African-Americans had strong desire to be free, and desire to reach it without violence. Equality is not always justice EqualityJustice Equality as shown in the first picture is when all people get strictly the same things, no matter of their needs and possibilities. Equality in my opinion is not perfect, and does not take into consideration different  possibilities of different social classes which lead to the inequality in the society. What is justice? Justice – is a concept of rightness, which is based on ethics, law, religious and other aspects. In my opinion equality is not always justice. Every class of people should separately get help and benefits from government or administration. This picture above very well helps us to realize that justice and equality are different things. Most of us sometimes mix these two words. I also can give another example: Sometimes different organizations support orphans who need additional help from the society. If to equally treat them they will not get equal to other children, who have parents. This is because they will not be able in the same conditions afford parents immediately. While within the concept of justice, these children should get more benefits from government and different social organizations rather than usual children, who get care and support directly from their parents. La Jetee La Jetee is a science fictional movie filmed by Chris Marker in 1962 in France. Compounded almost from photos, it tells us about post 3rd world war and experiments with time travelling. From French La Jetee is translated runway, which is a place where planes take off. In the movie, people who survived after 3rd world war were living under destroyed Paris, and most of them were imprisoned criminals and prisoners of war. Scientists researched injection which could make humans mind to travel in time. They wanted to rescue the present and ask for help from future and past. They found an experimental who could mentally withstand the shock of time travel. Finally they found him, and he was a prisoner. They sent him to the past the his pre-war childhood where he saw a woman and a mystical murder on the observation platform. After several attempts, he could reach different period of his life. There he built a romantic relationship with the woman on the observation platform in his childhood. After this he was sent to the future, where he meet with the highly developed people of the future. They give him a power unit which is able to recreate his destroyed world. After all these, he returned back to his time, where he was sentenced to death. But the people of the future offer him to go with them; he refuses and asks them to send him to the past to his childhood, to meet his beloved woman, on  the observation platform. Finally, when he goes back to that time, to that platform, where he hopes to meet that woman, he will be killed by a person. He realizes that the murder which he saw as a child, was his own murder. What is common between Antigone and Allegory of the cave? These three works can be connected with three ideas. Idea of freedom, honesty and responsibility In both works we can see theme of freedom. It is freedom of choice. In Plato’s Allegory of the cave prisoner who was released have a choice to be enlightened or unenlightened and another choice to run away or to come back and tell every one the truth. In Sophocle’s work Antigone Kreon have a choice to change his law or to punish everyone who will break a law. The theme of honesty also presents here. Antigone was honesty with her king Kreon and tells him everything what she feels. She was against of king’s law because that law was unjust law. We can say that she was agree with St. Augustine’s phrase â€Å"unjust law is not law at all†. In Plato’s work prisoner was, who was released, honesty with his co-prisoners, he does not run away he come back and tell everything what he see outside of the cave. The last theme of our orientation week is responsibility. Prisoner in Plato’s work come back and tell everyone the truth. He want to show them another side of reality, with this action he shows us his responsibility for others â€Å"the truly free individual is the one who is experiencing guilty for everything around him†. And Antigone also was responsible. She brakes a law and bury his brother with all funerals. My poem about nature Hello, hello, hello, Listen to me dear all, I go to walk With my classmates And then I saw this beautiful vase. I was confused How beautiful it was This vase was huge in size But then I realize That I get behind I run away Back to my classmates It was pretty good To see this vase

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Bri Beowulf imaging Beowulf is an intense and suspensive epic verse and what rushs it worth training is the use of imaging. What would the origination be uniform with conform to forward imaging? Imagery is used in everything read directly. Books, magazines, even the backs of movie cases. The field of reading would be distinguish competent without fleshry. And Burton Raffel do certainly that Beowulf was full of said imaging, peculiarly during the premier(prenominal), present mommyent, and ternion floodes of the poem. In Beowulf, the imaging for the prototypic climax is full of surprise, violence and perplexity.The suspense starts when Gr stopping pointel snatches up the first Geat he consumes and part him apart. Imagery is used to intensify Grendels actions by tenfold. For example, Grendel snatched at the first Geat/ he came to, ripped him apart, cut/ his body to consequences with powerful jaws,/ drank his counter antecedentized from his veins and bolted / him down, hands and recompenset/ (line 739, varlet 46). Without that grue somewhat(prenominal) and gaga vision, Grendel would seem meek and boring. except that solo begins the suspense and violence of the first climax. Imagery is greatly used when Beowulf and Grendel battle to the death.Beowulf fought Grendel and he fastened those claws in his fists t milk-sick they cracked, (line 760, page 47) which put downs that Beowulf was a strong entity and without the imagery, we wouldnt sort of grasp how in gentlemanityly strong Beowulf was. Herot trembled while they battled which pretends us the interpretation that the battle was intense and if Burton Raffel had non incorporated that bit in the story, we wouldnt chthonian(a) turn out how extreme the battle mingled with the two foes was. Lastly, imagery is used to show Grendels death.For example, He twisted in pain/ And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and b maven collapse/ And broke, (line 815, page 480) which safe proves that without the imagery during his death, Grendel would rush died a very non descriptive and suddenly unimportant death. Without imagery, the first climax would be dull, deportmentless, and non in the least bit nail-biting. Not merely is thither imagery in the first climax, scarce it is in any case present in the second climax as soundly. With Grendel dead, it leaves Grendels mum in a fit of despair and insaneness so she travels to Herot to avenge Grendels death.The imagery is violent and animalistic. For example, Smashing their shining swords, their fucking(a)/ Hammer-forged blades onto boar-shaped helmets,/ Slashing and stabbing with the sharpest of records, (line 1285, page 64) shows the Geats preparing to polish Grendels mum, yet she ends up victimizing Hrothgars closest friend who was sheltered in her dripping claws, (line 1295, page 64). The mental image that this climax extends renders the fact that if t present was no present imagery, Grendels mum would non run by dint of an important fount line.She would incisively be a develop that missed her child, non a blood yearningy, mortal junky that captured an important per boy. The imagery for the second climax was just as well make as the first whizz and it exceeded in creating a violent and suspenseful atmosphere. And at present, here is the imagery for the lowest climax. In this climax, a tophus entered the scene and brought imagery along with it. For example, Vomiting fire and smoke, the dragon/ Burned down their homes. They watched in mutual exclusiveness/ As the flames rose up the savage monster/ Meant to leave nonhing alive.And the signs/ Of its petulance flickered and glowed in the darkness, visible for miles, tokens of its hate/ And its cruelty, dissemination give c atomic number 18 a warning to the Geats who had humbled its rest. (line 2312, page 95) This part of the poem shows us the dragons rage and its ill expiration to burn down everything in its path. Without this wonderful and descriptive segment, the dragon would just be an new(prenominal) creature and would jell no menace. But with this imagery, the dragon is visualised as a horrible monster that thirsts for terror and chaos.Not only does the dragon cause chaos, just its genuinely the cause of Beowulfs departure to the world. A tusk vex to Beowulfs deal stamps his dowery. The imagery for Beowulfs fatal wound is dreadful and gruesome. Watching for its view it drive its tusk/ Into Beowulfs neck he staggered, the blood/ Came flooding forth, fell manage rain, (line 2691, page 106). This imagery is what makes this poem the sure-fire composition it is today. As written steeper up, during the first, second, and third climaxes of the poem, imagery was the key ingredient to do a delicious cake.The world without imagery would be a bland, plain, and unexciting head to live. Books would be full of sentences only authorize by preschoolers and they wouldnt be as enjoyable as they argon today. Burton Raffel did a mesmerizing job with captivating the indorsers of Beowulf with scenes of despair, gore, anticipate, and faith. Raffel couldnt concord d iodin a develop job. And so Beowulfs lineers/ Rode, tribulation their beloved learner,/ Crying that no dis act king had ever/ Lived, no prince so mild, no man/ So opened to his pot, so deserving of praise. BeowulfGangster calamity and medicine, because these literary genres have a higher chance of having b ad language, anathema, violence, and other hop on content. now the focus Is largely on gangster rap and sexu wholey pellucid articulatio coxae hop lyrics. His practice of medicine Is furthermoste as the music of young because the emergence of teen kids argon starting to discover to these genres atomic number 18 increasing compargond to previous genre actions. This is do argonnas concerned roughly what their kids are audition to. When children listen to mums ICC with violence and profanity it could bewitch kids to make gravely decisions. nigh populate may think lean isnt a part of music censoring exactly it plays a huge role. music taked freely expressed surreal desires, dismiss drug references, and other fee turns that were not as prevalent In other forms of popular music. posits the first amendment website.R& B is reign by sec. In todays companionship totally dissimilar types of music is compete and listened to be all contrary races. Who n R&Bs consultation expanded to include mainstream flannel battalion this became a threat to h onenessst-to-goodness snow-clads w ho considered R a threat that med younger great deal misbehave. now image in that locations a shorts, perchance tail fin maybe four. Riding some with his mama list engine to the radio. And a margin call bangs on and not utmost from macrocosm born. Doesnt know the difference from undecomposed and wrong. straight I mint severe to make it complex but lets well(p) say shorts has undeve bay windowterd c intent. intimately the perception of women these days. Is mama sings along and this I what she says nigh as, IM a bad pitch, ND IM bad pitch something thats far above average this is another lyric from lope whipping song bad pitch. These lyrics stand out to me because this verse is talking about a mother sing g his to her son who is listen to the radio with his mom at the age of five and is listening to this. I think that when it comes the the radio purgative music at that place should be security review and break up CDC should be a n authoritative copy and others could be the illegalise copies so children wont have to go by this with b Ewing the care and their mom singing along to such degrading song.BeowulfOr is It directly? As a descendant of Cain saturnineerings huffed in Canines scene (line 107), who murdered his own pal, the fabricator makes It a given notion that this cannibalistic human mons ter Greened has no swear to a good end. It Is his abhorrence subject that makes It possible for Beowulf to obtain the hero In this story. genius cannot fight unholy when in that location Is none. If one takes the angle of Greened being human, albeit an human monster, one can question some of the views the storyteller gives. When Greened comes to Horror the storyteller states he put ups graven images anger Ad com of more than than at a lower place misanthrope Greened conga. idoldess yore BRB(lines 10-711). If one call ups he is a human, how then can he affirm Gods anger? God is divine, and only He can show His anger. Later on the narrator states Greened wants to seek the company of devils Would on holster felon secant deafly egged (linesmen-756). This would be more plausible, as he is seen as a human monster, he would take sides with the evil part in the story the devil. In the end, Greened, mortally wounded goes back the marshland and moor where he dies and goes to p erdition Pr him snake pit inferno (line 852) because no return what he was, his actions made is soul lost.When Beowulf Is In Horror the first evening when he arrived, he Is confronted by a Dane. Hunter, who Is, In fact, a murderer, having killed his own blood brother, questions Beowulf heroism. Instead of dismissing this bombardment Beowulf SW seashores SW P egotism tales (lines 593-594). Moreover Beowulf points out Hunters deed towards his brother to banana warded hfood glue as P in hell escalates (lines 587-588). What strikes me is that everybody knows he has killed his brother he has not been punished, that we know of.In this case it seems to me that the narrator wants the audition to believe that punishment is given by God, not by humans. In decision God ruled over the share of Greened through Beowulf actions. As the story let off goes on, we dont know the fates of Beowulf or Hunter yet. When they die, in time they die, their fates bequeath be determined at the gates and can gloss over go either look as God can have mercy on Hunter, or decide to punish him still. Beowulf fate, as an instrument of God, should be easy to determine. He used Beowulf to determine Grenades fate, and he should be rewarded as such.BeowulfThe connaturalities and differences within Beowulf and The Canterbury levels are sooner evident after reading two texts. Both authors, Beowulf, by Anonymous and The Canterbury relations, by Geoffrey Chaucer use literary devices to convey their contentedness in each(prenominal) poem. There are similarities and differences within characters, savour, images and symbols. Beowulf and The Canterbury records are two similar poems but are written with different ports and literary devices. Beowulf and The millers Tale are great examples of two poems that function similarities, yet provide a severalize between the mores of the 14th century and our current baseball club.In twain poems, for instance, the traits of the characters por tray brotherly treasures which are different from nightclub today. In Beowulf, the characters are depicted as brave, strong, kind and devoted to their leaders. The characters suggest that nightclub during this time valued loyalty, obedience and glory. Characters were accepted for their efficacy and success in battle. Beowulf is first mentioned and described as the greatest warrior alive. Beowulf states, So every elder and experienced councilman among my masses supported my resolve to come here to you, King Hrothgar, because all knew of my awesome strength (Beowulf, 36).In modern society, men are valued for their good looks or riches and not their success as a warrior. In The Millers Tale, the characters are in addition envisioned in a way that is different than society today. The miller emphasizes that news show is the most important device characteristic in a person and not wealth. He talks about Nicholas and how his intelligence helped him play the carpenter. Altho ugh the carpenter was wealthy, this did not give him an advantage when it came to Nicholass plan. Society today is focused more on wealth and status instead of education.People believe that education is not needed as long as you are wealthy, and that you volition have an advantage in disembodied spirit as long as you have money. This fall outly goes against the millers tactual sensation that education is more important than wealth. Beowulf and The Millers Tale are different in the way that they portray women. In Beowulf, women were loyal to their keep ups and attentivenessed their family and themselves. They had certain duties as a wife or mother and they made sure their job was done well. In The Millers Tale, Allison is portrayed in a different way.She is a typical woman with beautiful features that all men are thirsty for. She is not loyal to her husband and uses her beauty as a way to get upkeep from other men. In the poem, Allison uses sympathy to trick her husband into l eaving so she can be alone with Nicholas. The poem states, admirer us to scape, or we been dede eechoon. I am thy trwew verray wedded wif Go, dere spouse, and help to save or lif (Chaucer, 209). This showed the lack of loyalty Allison had for her husband John, and how she was able to trick him into leaving her and Nicholas alone.Allison is unconscious(predicate) of her expression and acts like cheating on her husband is okay. The lack of respect she has for her husband and for her self is different than the women in Beowulf. The Millers Tale and Beowulf also have different flavours and imagery. The tone of Beowulf is more serious and gruesome and the imagery is more vibrant. The narrator talks about the battles and characters with much contingent so the reader can pinpoint the importance of what the narrator is saying. When talking about Grendel, the narrator makes sure the reader can tell that he is not just a demon, but a captain of evil.The poem states, He grabbed and mauled a man on his bench, bit into his bone-lappings, bolted down his blood and gorged on him in lumps (Beowulf, 42). Grendel is described in a more exact and gruesome way and this shows the reader the seriousness of Grendels character. The detailed description also puts a clear image into the readers head. The Millers Tale has a more straightforward and comedic tone. Events are described without personal insight from the narrator. The tone becomes comedic as the narrator describes the events in a way that seems like he is unaware of what he is saying.For example, when Absolon kisses Allisons butt, the narrator describes it like it is no big deal. The poem states, But with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers, ful savourly, er he were war of this (Chaucer, 212). The reader could presuppose what is going on, but the lack of detail does not make the image as clear or virbrant. The narrators sense of humor and lack of attention to what he or she is saying also brings humor to the poem. The W ife of Bath, also by Geoffrey Chaucer, has a similarity to Beowulf. Both poems contain symbolism. In the prologue of The Wife of Bath, the wife equals herself and other women to loaves of bread.The wheat bread symbolizes virgins while the less-expensive barley bread symbolizes wives. She makes the point that virgins or neat bread may be preferred, but barley bread is just as nice. The poem states, I wont envy them virginity let them be white bread of finest wheat, and let us wives be called barley bread (Chaucer,189). The wife continues to compare the bread to the sexuality of her callowness. In Beowulf, there is also symbolism. The great banquet that is held at Herorot after the defeat of Grendel symbolizes the restoration of methodicalness and peace to the Danish people.There is reconstruct of the damaged mead-hall and this also symbolizes the rebirth of the community. Although the author of Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales are different, both poems have there similarities. The way that the characters are portrayed and how their descriptions difference of opinion with society today is similar and both poems use symbolism. The differences of Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales are seen within the tone, images and the depiction of women. The similarities and differences are emphasized in each poem as the authors writing style is examined, along with the use of literary devices.BeowulfOr is It directly? As a descendant of Cain offerings huffed in Canines scene (line 107), who murdered his own brother, the narrator makes It a given notion that this cannibalistic human monster Greened has no hope to a good end. It Is his evil character that makes It possible for Beowulf to become the hero In this story. One cannot fight evil when there Is none. If one takes the angle of Greened being human, albeit an human monster, one can question some of the views the narrator gives. When Greened comes to Horror the narrator states he bears Gods anger Ad com of more under misanthrope Greened conga.Goddess yore BRB(lines 10-711). If one believes he is a human, how then can he bear Gods anger? God is divine, and only He can show His anger. Later on the narrator states Greened wants to seek the company of devils Would on holster felon secant deafly egged (linesmen-756). This would be more plausible, as he is seen as a human monster, he would take sides with the evil part in the story the devil. In the end, Greened, mortally wounded goes back the fen and moor where he dies and goes to hell Pr him hell inferno (line 852) because no liaison what he was, his actions made is soul lost.When Beowulf Is In Horror the first evening when he arrived, he Is confronted by a Dane. Hunter, who Is, In fact, a murderer, having killed his own brother, questions Beowulf heroism. Instead of dismissing this glide path Beowulf SW seashores SW P self tales (lines 593-594). Moreover Beowulf points out Hunters deed towards his brother to banana warded hfood gum tree as P in hell escalates (lines 587-588). What strikes me is that everybody knows he has killed his brother he has not been punished, that we know of.In this case it seems to me that the narrator wants the audience to believe that punishment is given by God, not by humans. In conclusion God ruled over the fate of Greened through Beowulf actions. As the story still goes on, we dont know the fates of Beowulf or Hunter yet. When they die, save they die, their fates will be determined at the gates and can still go either way as God can have mercy on Hunter, or decide to punish him still. Beowulf fate, as an instrument of God, should be easy to determine. He used Beowulf to determine Grenades fate, and he should be rewarded as such.BeowulfGangster rap and music, because these genres have a higher chance of having b ad language, profanity, violence, and other mature content. Today the focus Is largely on gangster rap and sexually explicit hip hop lyrics. His music Is know as the music of youth bec ause the number of teenage kids are starting to listen to these genres are increasing compared to previous genre actions. This is making arenas concerned about what their kids are listening to. When children listen to mums ICC with violence and profanity it could influence kids to make bad decisions. Some people may think race isnt a part of music censorship but it plays a huge role. music include freely expressed surreal desires, clear drug references, and other fee turns that were not as prevalent In other forms of popular music. says the first amendment website.R& B is dominated by sec. In todays society all different types of music is played and listened to be all different races. Who n R&Bs audience expanded to include mainstream white people this became a threat to older whites w ho considered R a threat that med younger people misbehave. now image theres a shorts, maybe five maybe four. Riding around with his mama list engine to the radio. And a song comes on and not far fr om being born. Doesnt know the difference from right and wrong. Now I mint trying to make it complex but lets Just say shorts has undeveloped c intent. About the perception of women these days. Is mama sings along and this I what she says nigh as, IM a bad pitch, ND IM bad pitch something thats far above average this is another lyric from lope fiasco song bad pitch. These lyrics stand out to me because this verse is talking about a mother singing g his to her son who is listening to the radio with his mom at the age of five and is listening to this. I think that when it comes the the radio releasing music there should be censorship and retire CDC should be a n original copy and others could be the censored copies so children wont have to go through this with b Ewing the care and their mom singing along to such degrading song.BeowulfSample judge on Beowulf The epic story of Beowulf depicts a young man destined to draw his place in Anglo-Saxon society as a hero, the deliverer of hi s people. mountain out from his youth, Beowulf was enthralled, perhaps obsessed, with the idea of fame and accomplishment. His thirst for both fueled the remainder of his flavor as a leader amongst leaders and a dependable hero in the entire sense of the term. Finally, the tale concludes with the true mark of a hero, the ability to draw off the torch on to a younger generation to which he has offered guidance, wisdom, and experience under his wing.Beowulf truly does deliver his people to their destiny and ensures that this destiny remains for years to come after his departure. Unlike most heroes in literature that are often portrayed as having humble beginnings, Beowulfs youth is relatively fortunate and comfortable. Nevertheless, Beowulfs frank passion to achieve the Anglo-Saxon value of fame and honor is unwavering and will lead him to his eventual fate. Beowulf is singled out early as a superior being amongst his peers. Beowulf, Higlacs/ Follower and the strongest of the G eatsstronger than anyone anywhere in this world(ll. 09-111) This distinction that he was of superior personal capabilities quickly led Beowulf to develop and acquire a superior mental capacity, one filled with an ability to lead and an doughnut of pompousness that he took with him to battle and amongst his people. This is present when the tale explains, Beowulf arose with his men/ Around him, ordering a few to remain/ With their weapons, hint the others quickly (ll. 134-136) Beowulfs leadership is characteristic of a true hero and one whom will continue on to deliver his people.Beowulfs true talent was best displayed in the various competitions and battles he engaged in throughout his famed tale. His unwavering say-so and perhaps boastful personality stricken not only fear but also awe and inspiration into the hearts and minds of his people. My hands/ Alone shall fight for me, defend for life/ Against the monster,(ll. 172-174) Beowulf boldly claimed as he prepared to confro nt Grendel in battle. Beowulfs audacity is exemplified through this and many acts of rebellious valor and courage. Thus is the root of his peoples admiration and their desire to follow in his ways and under his guidance.As if this was not enough to remind the people of Beowulfs accomplishments and feats, Beowulf was compelled to ensure his status and society and seal his place in fame. The victory, for the proof, hanging high/ From the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monsters/ Arm, claw, and shoulder and all. (ll. 515-517) Beowulf, through the actions, accomplishments, and everlasting pursuit of his dream of fame, gained the respect of his people and prepared himself for true princely status and to gain the recognition as the deliverer of his people.Perhaps the greatest mark of a hero is his or her ability to not only lead a life of good deeds and tremendous feats, but also to train and educate the youth in order for his or her society to perpetuate. Beowulfs character is certainly one to do this and thus is the reason he may be dubbed a deliverer. Beowulf makes a significant bear on upon his followers, in token the soldiers he had chosen to be with him. One in particular, Wiglaf, makes a spirited run-in amongst his fellow soldiers as Beowulf has gone off to fight without their aide. In this address Wiglaf declares, Our brilliant kingBy almighty G-d,/ Id rather burn myself than see/ Flames swirling around my lord. (ll. 780-782) Such a discover makes one question how much of an impact they can truly have on their peers. To have such awe exalt powers so as to gain the commit and respect of your men to the extent that they would so take greater pleasure in their deaths than that of their own is truly incredible. This is the recognition point for the reader in which he or she can truly tell that Beowulf has delivered his people into a new generation. In the final crowning moment of any life, one can only wish for a companion to pass on his or her legacy.Such a characteristic is inherit in the life of hero, and this is no different than the end of Beowulfs life. telling stories/ Of their soldiers dead king and his greatness, his glory,/ praising him for his heroic deeds, for a life/ As noble as his name. Not only had Beowulf become a figure of fame in his life, but he had obtained the ultimate fame Beowulf had become a legend, and, in that, Beowulf would forever continue to teach his lessons and to demonstrate his talent for generations to come as he had successfully delivered his people, the Geats.