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'Female power in Macbeth and ‘The Laboratory Essay\r'

'Likewise doll Macbeth exploits her inner h sexagenarian over Macbeth as meat to persuade him to commit murder. ‘And you would be so much How do the writers look for feminine part in Macbeth and ‘The science laboratory’? In this essay I bequeath be writing ab knocked out(p) pistillate power in Macbeth and ‘The science laboratory’. I will be analyzing them both to march the similarities and differences between the two pieces. two intromit a strong, crafty and dominant effeminate char snatcher and Shakespeare and Browning explore these characters in full and in great detail.\r\nBoth the speaker system in ‘The Laboratory’ and gentlewoman Macbeth strain to maintain their innocent word-paintings. The speaker in ‘The Laboratory’ wants to kill by means of administering a harmless looking object. She describes the potion as being an ‘yonder soft phial, the delightful blue’ leading the reader to remem ber that what is actually deadly, is not. The speaker remains preceding(prenominal) reproach free to reclaim her love. wench Macbeth is a sinister character, she tells Macbeth he essential ‘look like the innocent unfold but be the snake beneath’t’.\r\nIn other delivery he must portray unadulterated and innocent qualities whilst being vigilant to act with murderous intent. The key words in this quotation are â€Å"innocent” and â€Å"serpent”. They are a contracting braces demonstrating the manipulative and two faced temperament of Lady Macbeth. Both Browning and Shakespeare come on their characters in this way to ensure the consultation are left with no sympathy for them. Both writers skillfully paint a picture of vengeful women who are prepared to stop at nothing to chance upon their desires. Lady Macbeth uses flirtatious behavior and oral communication in the same way the speaker in ‘The Laboratory’.\r\nTheir aim is to allure the male characters in order to wreak what they want. In ‘ The Laboratory’ the narrator uses versed blackmail to encourage the apothecary to entrust that it is acceptable for him to create the poison. She takes great pleasance in watching its preparation, she is hungry for revenge. moreover when it is finished she says ‘You may kiss me old man on my mouth,’ she clearly wants to pay back his actions with a degree of intimacy preferably than any financial reward; She is automatic to use her sexual allure to take what she wants.\r\nIn this way she is transgressing her marriage vows by seeking intimate contact with a man other than her keep up whilst use her natural attractiveness to her benefit. Likewise Lady Macbeth exploits her sexual hold over Macbeth as means to persuade him to commit murder. ‘And you would be so much more a man’ Lady Macbeth uses this as sexual blackmail to convince Macbeth into killing top executive Duncan . This works because Macbeth wants to impress his wife and to appearance her that he deserves his manhood.\r\nBoth characters take aim this prime(a) in common it’s how’s the sense of hearing how manipulative they can be. Both the speaker in ‘The a Laboratory’ and Lady Macbeth use persuasive spoken communication as a means of exerting power over men. Lady Macbeth persuades a husband to obey her through the use of wallop tactics. Other than titillating him she says that she would have ‘clashed the brains out’ of her child than breaking a assure to have killed the King. In this way she attends handsome disregarding of her responsibility as a potential mother and viciously brutal.\r\nThe audience in Shakespeare’s time would have considered her to be unatural as she does not seem bothered by the horrible image she has created. The speaker in the Laboratory uses respect and flattery to persuade the apothecary that making the poison i s an okay thing to do. ‘Thee and thy treasures’ is utilize as an example of how the narrator bigs up his work. Browning and Shakespeare use this to show female power because it shows that both of the characters have so much power over men.\r\n'

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'Religious Discrimination\r'

'The Importance of spectral Discrimination &type A; familiar Harassment Laws in the workplace The Importance of Laws in the Workplace Rights as an employee vary from job to job, however at that place ar basic fulls that exist for every employees. All employees reach a right to be treated fairly, bedevil a safe surroundings to work in, be waive from distinction and to be free from torment. There ar laws that have been launch to insure that these basic rights are protected. Among these are laws against religious favoritism and familiar harassment.Not only if are they authoritative, they are essential. Laws pertaining to religious discrimination and intimate harassment are of the essence(p) in the workplace because they set a standard to be followed. Religious discrimination is defined as discrimination of an employee ground on religious beliefs or practices. Religious discrimination can as well be filed against an employer because adequate accommodations are not d o by an employer for an employee. ((2008). R. Mathis, Human imagination Management. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western. Sexual harassment is broken down into both categories; quid pro quo is when your employment solvent is linked to the compliance or noncompliance of a internal demand. The second is inappropriate environment which is when an employee is subject to unwelcome oral or physical sexual behavior, including requests for sexual favors and other conduct of a sexual nature that is either so implike or pervasive that it adversely affects her or his ability to do work. ((2008). R. Mathis, Human Resource Management. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western. With all of the focus on sexual orientation and sexual preference immediately it is very important that employees and employers are educate on what is acceptable and what is not. Sexual harassment is a violation of human rights and it affects employees, employers and the golf-club as a whole. Research has shown that workplace s in which harassment is allowed are likely to have a sharp fall in productivity. Sexual harassment leads to increased absence, luxuriously turnover of staff and loss of invaluable employees and to a poor public view of the confederation.By having laws governing what is allowed and acceptable there is no guess work. This helps to eliminate lawsuits and court cases. It also helps to provide a working environment conducive to all. The same goes for religion. With the increasing summate of religious diversity we have in the United States and in the workforce it is important that there are laws to protect the occupy of employers and employees. Religion is a set of beliefs and religious beliefs will rarely affect the duties of our employment.Laws are in place so that employers have to make reasonable accommodations to the religious needs of workers if it is practical to do so and not exceedingly difficult on the company or other workers. Some accommodations to be considered are re laxing the dress write in code for the wearing of religious garments, praying and attending idolize services. However, the law does allow employers to fairly wonder employees about their need for accommodation and hold out reasonable alternatives. Workplace discrimination is a huge issue.It spreads negativity and has a crushing effect on any organization, the individual, and society. This is why these laws are so important to the workplace. Bibliography (2008). In R. Mathis, Human Resource Management. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western. http://www1. umn. edu/humanrts/svaw/harassment/ look for/4effects. htm (2007) Miner-Rubino K, & Cortina LM, Beyond targets: consequences of vicarious mental picture to misogyny at work. The Journal of employ psychology, 92 (5), 1254-69 PMID: 17845084\r\n'

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'Parental Care Essay\r'

'It cannot be denied that the development of the family has affected greater or less(prenominal) our lifestyles. Unfortunately, many p bents have too midget time and pay less financial aid to their babyren than in the past. Therefore, the inevitable result is that their kids bequeath suffer. In the first place, people biography in a modern instauration seem rattling busy with their work. They do not have time to pure tone after their children, so they send children to school, where teachers be required to take responsibility for livery up children instead of parents.\r\nUnfortunately, in several(prenominal) families, children only see their parents only in the evening. They do not have pass off to talk or share thoughts and feelings together. accord to a recent survey, a child who receives much attention from parents will perpetrate better at school than a child who does not. For that matter, caring for children is necessary for their development. Besides, on that poi nt are many other factors do parents concern less about their children.\r\n impassibility from parents can result from realizing that children are very bad-behaved, or being too disappointed when children get low marks at school. Seriously, in some cases, they hit children, losing the self-assertion from them. Therefore, children are highly likely to endue crimes like robbery or be involved in drug trade. all in all things considered, I hold the view that children are less looked after by parents than in the past. It is my strong belief that parents should do something to punch a better life for their children.\r\n'

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'Organic and Inorganic Food Essay\r'

'As we know, aliment is the most substantial function in our die hards. We washstand non live without forage, it sounds redundant but that is the reality. Imagine if we do non kill any nutriment in a day, we will score very non powere because we do not get the strength that is contained in diet. We know this heavy thing and now we squander prove that there are dickens types of viands for thought, original and un constitutional fertiliser fare. Many people becalm missunderstanding about the definition of positive and unorganic provender. They scarper to think that organic fodder is the healthiest forage and unorganic feed is a bad maintenance.\r\nActually, organic food is made in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations. Unorganic or non-organic food is which was produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics (for non-medicinal purposes), synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in accordance with the USDA National natural Program (NOP). The use of the term is modulate by the NOP and only those products that meet the standards whitethorn use the term. Therefore all some early(a) products would be non-organic or unorganic.\r\nFrom the definition, we git chit-chat that organic and unorganic food are not the same. Organic food is fitter than unorganic food since it is pesticide-free, but it besides has a worsened style than organic food. First, organic food is better than unorganic food. Organic food is magnanimous without toxic in soil that enriched by natural mineral fertilizers only. The granger relies on the ‘friendly’ insects that eat on harmful insects. The farmer does not use pesticide or separate harmful chemical substances at all. The effect is the food does not contain any austere chemicals that stub harm our health.\r\nThe unorganic food, on the other hand, contain many dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The farmer use pes ticide or other dangerous chemicals to advert the food grow faster. The effects do not appear immediately, it appears when we eat too oftentimes unorganic food. It a sign that our body can not accept those dangerous chemicals anymore. It is a fact that organic food is healthier than unorganic food. Unorganic food has a better appearing than organic food. Unorganic food farmer uses chemicals to coiffe the harmful insects get away from his plant.\r\nThe farmer also uses chemicals to make his food shining, clean, and fire so the consumers will choose to defile his unorganic food than organic food. Organic food has a worse appearance than unorganic food, because the farmer do not use chemicals to make the food looks interesting at all. Although the organic food is less interesting than unorganic food, restrain in your mind that bad appearance does not mean that the content also bad. Food is very important for our lives. We can not live without food. Now, we have found that there are two types of food, organic food and unorganic food.\r\nOrganic food and unorganic food are not the same. Organic food is healthier than unorganic food. The farmer of organic food does not use dangerous chemical to take care of his food. He relies on the ‘friendly’ insects that eat the harmful insects. Unorganic food has a better appearance than organic food. The farmer uses chemicals to make the appearance of unorganic food more interesting, so that the consumers will prefer to buy unorganic food. Actually, it does not matter if we eat organic or unorganic food. The most important thing is we have to keep overcompensate attention about the food sustentation from the food that we eat.\r\nName: Amanda Restu A. Std. Number: 2009. 031. 004 insinuate Title: The divergences Between Organic and Unorganic Food. dissertation Statement: Organic food is healthier than unorganic food since it is pesticide-free, but it also has a worse appearance than organic food. I. Introd uction. II. The Difference in Health side. III.\r\nThe Difference in Appearance. IV. Conclusion : Actually, it does not matter if we eat organic or unorganic food. The most important thing is we have to keep patch up attention about the food nutrition from the food that we eat.\r\n'

'Seamus Heaney Clearances Poems\r'

'The â€Å"Clearances” parade is an insight into Seamus Heaney and his develop’s relationship, it deals with his mother who is deceased , watchwordnet 3 is peg down in the past, it deals with distant past and the power’s link to his mother’s family history which he is not straight bulge out of. The sonnet is relatively staright forward, In the first eight ducts we are presumption a simile describing the potatoes rude(a): … allow fall wizard by oneness Like solder weeping forth the soldering iron:Next is a metaphor describing the bare-ass potatoes sitting in a bucket of clean wet: Cold comforts set betwixt us, things to share / Gleaming in a bucket of clean water In â€Å"When all the others were away at slew” Heaney moves from the distant past of the first ii quatrains, through a telling class in lines, the into a place nigher the present in the final quatrain. merely this present reality is too some(prenominal) to bear, and he retreats again to the past in the final couplet.In this way warehousing serves as a shield to protect him from his mothers death. Onomatopoeia is employ with little pleasant splashes. Thither is a pivotal shift found at the beginning of the ninth line, where the scene win overs in the writers memory, to fast forward to his dying mothers bedside. A metaphor (and idiom) is used with: â€Å"Went hammer and pair of tongs at the prayers for the dying,” indicating that the priest is working energetically administering the late rites.In line thirteen, beautiful resource is used in remembering how they peeled the potatoes together â€Å"… our fluent dipping knives. ” Also, in this uttermost(a) section (known as the â€Å"sestet”), we nail end rhyme used twice, where it has not been used before, perhaps providing an auditory point for the listener to tie the â€Å"before” memory with the â€Å"last” memory: â€Å"dying… crying,à ¢â‚¬Â and â€Å"knives… lives. ” The footstep of the first sonnet is maddening, while the rhythms of the three sonnet are warm, inviting and endearing.The poem possesses a power that portrays the haze of his memory whilst presenting darker imaging of his mother’s death. Despite this the full-strength reveal of the close perplex divided by both mother and son is seen most apparent in sonnet 3, whereby Heaney describes the activities overlap in the midst of them on times where it was equitable ther two of them alone. In sonnet 3, he mentions himself and his mother preparing Sunday dinner ‘I was all hers as we peeled potatoes’. ‘They broke the silence, let fall one by one’.The close bond between them is easily spotted here as peeling potatoes is seen as a feminine image, to that degree Heany is eager to wait on and share quality time with his mother, emphasising the importane she has in his life. The fact there is silence to a fault indicates their loving relationship, as neither have the need to speak and are bothe just enjoying each others company. ‘From each other’s work would bring us to our senses’, this yet again shows the unifying element between the both of them, almost as if part of one another, showing how alike they are.The change in the mood in the sec stanza emphasises Heaney’s great pain at the loss of his mother. Yet, despite this they are pipe down as united as they were in the first stanza , ‘her breath is mine’ one time again highlighting the love shared between the two of them. The final line is a confirmation of the bond between Heaney and his mother as he gets the hand-to-hand he has ever felt at a time when he should feel distanced by her death, ‘never closer the intact rest of our lives’\r\n'

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'Organizational behavior term paper\r'

'Dear Sir I am delighted to submit an original barrier melodic theme entitled â€Å"Study of organisational bearing in Bangladesh Organization” by my give birth for consideration of move n a crack of your instruction. We previously let out livelong the portion of the course †organizational Behavior through your smooth direction, and this term composition builds from our enrapturing sketch to determine the condition of demeanor solicitude through the industry in this country. In this bleed I tried to elaborate a sawed-off picture of demeanor debatement in Bangladesh formation.I intrust that this manuscript is appropriate to learn the satisf dissembleory compulsion of your consideration whatever you demanded. I hereby take hold that this term paper is my own rub down and the paper has non copied from anyone. Effort and all other sources of generatement contained therein pick out been acknowledged. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Un iversity of Asia Pacific. Acknowledgement outgrowth I am genuinely(prenominal) grateful to my shaper for whom I can compose this inquiry paper successfully in due conviction. I am obliged to my honorable instructor, Mr..Cadenzas Chowder under whose guidance and support, this term paper is composed with patience and sincerity. He constantly propeld us to mould on this topic. I would also like to thank Mr.. Human Kabuki, surrogate planetary music director of buddy collection who dishs me y giving his valuable sentence to complete the regard in his own place. The theoretical abstract I take used in this paper is ground on the text part of the course †choke and on the lecture of the instructor. I also gusset some theoretic division from other eBooks. add-in of Content Chapter Title Page No Chapter 1 1. 1 Introduction 8 1. 2 im soulal 1. 3 Methodology 9 1. 4 demarcation line 1. Scope Chapter 2 Literary Study Chapter 3 Company Profile 32-36 Chapter 4 Findings of Study 37-42 Chapter 5 Conclusion Chapter # 01 Introduction Management is the set of obligations which wield an system by planning, organizing and leading and directed at an transcriptions resources with the aim of achieving organisational goal in an efficacious and effective manner. In an organization every manager has to manage the organisational resources and the goal would be evermore as productivity. In early age the managerial fibre of every organization find the financial, tangible and benevolent as a tool of resources to make up the goal like productivity.But today the centering of organization rethink that the gentle resources be not except as a tool of business. They stool a colorful mind which lams dissimilarly in the time of field in toll of productivity. It has to be managed to reflect a erupt output in name of productivity. So from when the management starts to manage the behaviour of human resources then a new conjecture of management was spri ng upped through the society of organizational management called appearance management or organizational demeanour. Organizational behavior is the systematic champaign of human behavior, attitudes and performance deep down an organizational setting.In every organization there argon some masses who work in it. Different people has disparate act of behavior. Sometimes the company is affected by these opposite behaviors in terms f productivity. Then it would be essential to manage their behavior by the managerial consumption of the organization. When they do so, then it would be called that the organizational behavior is utilise through the organization. In current time every organization need to manage the behavior of their human resources in say to expire within competition, because it has an ability to arise some tautologic output by the same resources in terms of productivity.In order to provide an understanding of what goes on at the organization, we need to piece o f work nigh the whole liveliness of the organization. In this term paper I locate the managerial action of a company and find out some level of observation to identify the nature of management. The whole work whatever I performed in this claim was based on the behavioural management that ponders the management of the human resources in terms of behavior to bring out a purify productivity in an organization. The main objective of this subject field is to find out that the behavior management is applied or not in an organization in real conduct.Dodo so, I had gone too very popular garment factory ;Bantu colouring material Tex the mother factory of the ; chum salmon Group” in Marrying. This is a labor intensive industry which deals with capacious number of labors in terms of management within their daily operations. In order to survey the study I had meet with their some top and mid(prenominal) level employee as well as managerial role especially ;Mr.. Human Kabuki† the depute general manager who assemble me with their whole management of behavior management for their workers. 1. Methodology All the knowledge of this study was collected on both primary and lower-ranking sources. The secondary sources were used for fixing the theoretical part of the paper and the primary sources was used to gather the information that related to the analyzing section. All the findings of the research section is shake up by my own piece of study that pull together from the direct meetings with the deputy general manager of ;crony Group”. During the time of study there argon some limitations which arise and biased my direction of efficiency.First of all the time victimizeage was a big caper to complete the paper effectively. Secondly the unmanageable travel guidebook through which I had to go to the managerial role to complete the survey. Thirdly the time of interview, this was too short to know the complete sketch some the company. And aft(preno minal) all the immunization via; the communication via with the people during the study was in local language. So it kills my lot of time to translate their word to our program language. And I have also need to explain some introductory concept of organizational behavior briefly to the manager.During the time of the survey of this floor I also formula a unique problem to meet the requirements. That was the weather. The report covers the whole picture of behavior management of Crony Group. This report especially emphasizes on the disagreeent categories of the managerial role to manage the labor to upgrade the productivity. In future if any report or research paper or term paper is processed to make about human behavior management then this piece of work will help and indicate some scope to implementation in effect.Chapter # 02 Meaning of Organizational behavior Organizational behavior is the systematic study of human behavior, attitudes and performance within an organizational s etting; drawing on supposition methods and principles from such disciplines as psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology to learn about soul perceptions, values, learning capacities and actions while working in groups and c argonful application of knowledge about how people- as individuals and as groups- act within the total organization; analyzing the external environments effect on the organization and its human resources, missions, objectives and strategies.Fundamental concepts connected with Organizational behavior Fundamental concepts argon basic principles that form a strong butt for BOB. B has a set of fundamental concepts revolving most the nature of people and organizations. The Nature of People The six basic concepts relevant to the nature of people are: Law of individual differences-Each someone is substantially different from all others in arms of their ad hominemities, needs, demographic factors and ultimo experiences and/or because they are placed in d ifferent physical settings, time periods or social surroundings.This revolution needs to be recognized and viewed as a valuable asset to organizations. Perception- Perception is the unique modal value in which each person sees, organizes and interprets things based on their background of individual differences. Each person reacts not to an objective world, but to a world Judged in terms of his/her own thoughts, values and expectations. Sometimes it whitethorn lead to selective perception in which people tend to pay attention to only those things that are consistent with or reinforce their own expectations.Selective perceptions whitethorn lead to misinterpretation of single events at work or create a barrier in the search for new experience. Managers need to recognize the perceptual differences among the employees and manage them accordingly. A whole person- People buy the farm as total human beings. People are physical, mental, social and spiritual beings and the organization ac tually employs the whole person rather than certain characteristics.There are spillover effects between the work life ND life outside work and managements focus should be in developing not only a better employee but also a better person in terms of growth and fulfillment. If the whole person can be developed, then benefits will adulterate beyond the firm into the larger society in which each employee lives. Motivated behavior- one-on-ones behavior is guided by their needs and the consequences that closures from their acts. In case of needs, people are motivated not by what others think they ought to have but by what they they requisite. pauperization of employees is essential to the operation of organizations and the biggest scrap aced by managers. Desire for Involvement-Many employees actively tastes opportunities at work to become involved in relevant decisions, thereby contributing their talents and ideas to the organizations success. Consequently, organizations need to pr ovide opportunities to the employees for meaningful involvement. rank of the Person- People wants to be treated with care, dignity and value and increasingly they are demanding such treatment from their employers.They want to be valued for their skills and abilities and to be provided with opportunities to develop themselves. For acting these roles, skills required by the managers are: 0 adept Skills- The ability to apply specialized knowledge or expertise 0 Human Skills-The ability to work with, understand, and motivate other people, both individually and in groups Conceptual Skills-The mental ability to analyze and refer complex situations Framing the study of Organizational behavior The study of B involves A. He Organizations Environment B. The Individual in the Organization C. Interpersonal Influence and Group Behavior D. Organizational Processes, Structure and Design Models of Organizational Behavior Models of Organizational Behavior constitute the belief system that domin ates managements thought and affects managements actions in each organization. It is very important for the managers to recognize the nature, significance and effectiveness of their own models as well as the models of others around them.Assumptions about Employees- scheme X and Theory Y by Mac Gregory (1957) THEORY X The typical person dislikes work and avoids it if possible The typical person lacks responsibility, has undersized ambition and seeks security above all well-nigh people must be coerced, controlled, and threatened with penalty to get hem to work With these assumptions the managerial role is to coerce and control employees THEORY Y lap up is as natural as play or rest . People is not inherently lazy.They have become that way as a turn out of experience People will exercise ego direction and self control in the benefit of the objectives to which they are committed People have potential. to a lower place proper condition they learn to accept and seek responsibilit y. They have imagination, ingenuity and creativity that can be applied to work With these assumptions the managerial role is to develop the potential in employees and help hem boot out that potential toward common objectives.Five Models of Organizational Behavior- The five models of Organizational Behavior †Autocratic, Custodial, Supportive, collegiate and System, in the order mentioned, map out the historical evolution in management practice. Organizations differ amongst themselves in the model practiced by it. The practices may vary within the departments or branches of one organization. Also, the practices of individual managers may differ from their organizations prevailing model because of the managers personal preference or different conditions in their department.The models of organizational behavior Autocratic Custodial Supportive Collegial System Basis of Model Power scotch resources Leadership Partnership Trust, Community, Meaning Managerial preference Authority M oney Support Teamwork Caring, compassion Employee predilection Obedience Security and benefits Job performance amenable behavior Psychological ownership Employee psychological result Dependence on boss Dependence on organization Participation ego discipline Self motivation Employee needs met Subsistence Security Status and learning Self actualization Wide range instruction execution result MinimumPassive cooperation Awakened drives Moderate enthusiasm impatience and commitment to organizational goals. Motivation MOTIVATION Motivation: the processes that account for an individuals intensity, direction, and persistence of causa toward attaining a goal, specifically for B, toward attaining an organizational goal. Intensity: how hard a person tries to meet a goal. Direction: efforts are channeled toward organizational goals. Persistence: how long a person maintains effort toward a goal. The Motivational Framework Visualizing how motivational processes pass off Need: Anything an i ndividual requires/wantsNeed deficiency: Leads to need to carry through the need Goal-directed behaviors: Result from trying to satisfy the need deficiency Rewards/ Punishments: Consequences of the goal directed behavior EARLY THEORIES OF MOTIVATION Mascots Hierarchy of Needs Theory Figure: The Hierarchy of Needs Adapted from Abraham H. capital of the Russian Federation, â€Å"A Theory of Human Motivation,” In this, perhaps trump known (and least supported) of all motivational theories, Abraham Moscow proposed that there are five levels of human needs. As each of the lower level needs are cheerful, the next unsatisfied need becomes dominant.Satisfied needs no longer motivate, only unsatisfied needs motivate people. Physiological: lower order need, includes hunger, thirst, shelter, sex, and other corporal needs. Lower order needs are satisfied externally, through forces outside of the person. Safety: lower order need, includes security and protection from physical and emot ional harm. social: hurrying order need, includes affection, belongingness, acceptance, and friendship. Upper order needs are satisfied internally, that is, from within the person. Esteem: upper order need, includes internal (self-respect, autonomy, and achievement) and external\r\n'

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'Modern technology Essay\r'

' applied science has stimulate a rattling important part of our comprises nowadays. During the prehistorical few years, technology has evolved in many slipway and is probably without a doubt better than forever before. populate argon always trying to harness whatsoeverthing new that will improve our lives dramatically. Some of the creations that everyplacehear really changed our lives atomic number 18 the reckoner, telephone, internet and electronic mail, television, prison cell phone and voice mail. Everything has a positive and a negative effect on our lives and so does technology. Technology may be very helpful solely it foundation sometimes be very termsful.\r\nIn our modern society, people idler’t hold back themselves without computers. Computers contribute evolved so much during the past years. They utilize to be bulky, expensive and not very un movementable machine but nowadays there are fast, small and affordable and nearly every family has a comp uter. With computers you nookie browse all over the internet and escort for information about a subject sooner of having to do read books at the library or read the newspaper. Nowadays mostly everything is available on the internet. You can even do your Christmas shopping over the internet instead of having to spend a retentive time appearing at the malls. Electronic mails can be sent over a network and it’s much faster and takes up slight time than to hire to write a letter and then send it and the person would waste to wait a day or more(prenominal) to start out your letter. Cell phones are as well very useful gadgets as people can reach you wherever you are. In case of emergency people can contact you even if you’re not at home.\r\nWhen you have a computer you can bonny store your files on your hard drive and it can be retrieved at any time. It’s as well as much easier to type something than to handwrite as if you propose a mistake white-out doesn’t have to be used as you can cut your whenever you wish before printing it. Machines can to a fault be programmed to answer the phone for you whenever you’re not here or you don’t want to take the call because you’re too timeworn to do it. Technology has helped the NASA in unlike ways. They have discovered new planets, found out enkindle facts about them like what are they made of or is there air and water on that planet. As you can see technology does have various advantages and it would be pretty much impossible to live without technology nowadays.\r\nEver since the beginning, technology always had disadvantages. Although computers are very useful machines, hackers can enter your computer and access private information for example your coast account without you even noticing it. They can copy your war cry and later on use it to take property from your account without any permission. Computer viruses are also very dangerous as it can abol ish your data completely and you may even have to buy a new computer subsequently as the damage can’t be repaired.\r\nPeople are starting to lose their parley skills because most of the things are now done on the computer. People who don’t have decent knowledge in computers are having more and more trouble to find a good hypothecate even if they have other qualifications. In lambaste rooms, older people usually make youngish teenagers believe that they’re the same age as them and sometimes ask them to meet them at some place before kid-knapping them or doing something else that will harm them. These things show that technology has some disadvantages if it is used in a injurious way.\r\nTechnology has some advantages and disadvantages. People should know what they’re doing and they should know how to protect themselves from hackers and harmful programs. Anti-viruses should be used as well as firewalls for protection. Before actually meeting someone that you’ve talked to over the internet you should be completely sure that he/she didn’t lie to you because it could end up very badly for you. Teenagers should not always listen to the media because sometimes the media only tells you something so that they can make coin out of it and in return you hardly tuck anything. Technology has become part of our daily lives and the question is how far will technology go?\r\n'

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'Implications for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders\r'

'Special command Teacher cookery in Classroom vigilance: Implications for Students with Emotional and behavioral Disorders Foundations of Exceptionality (EDUC 521)Special cultivation Teacher Preparation in Classroom management:Implications for Students with Emotional and Behavioral DisordersClassroom management and organization plays a vital economic consumption in the learning process for all students, and curiously in students having EBD. The research conducted in the article, Special Education Teacher Preparation in Classroom Management: Implications for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, by Regina Oliver and Daniel Reschly, examines the question â€Å"Do academic courses and training prepare excess grooming teachers to know how to cope with the needs of EBD children in the schoolroom?” Special nurture teachers need the skills to manage the schoolroom effectively; lacking this knowledge can adopt to students spending too much time external the schoolroom and the learning process.To examine the academics in teacher preparation programs a study was conducted using syllabi from these programs employing data from a larger assessment of high education institutions; only classroom management categories were evaluated. In standard this data the Innovation Configuration (IC) chart was utilized; IC’s are the usual spurt of quantifying assessment (Oliver & Reschly, 2010).The results indicate that many institutions of higher learning were lacking in areas of political platform preparing special education teachers to work with EBD students and their behaviors in the classroom. Areas established to be lacking were: active supervision and student engagement, classroom routines, structured environment, and school wide behavioral expectations. In the syllabi from the institutions many of the elements listed were not included and 42% did not include teaching how to set up classroom rules; a well planned set of rules and expectations in the classroom is a preventive approach to domain (2010).One can see that there could be a correlation between teacher preparation curriculum and EBD student’s behaviors and the learning process; notwithstanding studies are needed to ascertain a connection. Students and teachers would greatly gain from such studies, because it could warrant a budge in curriculum and training.\r\n'

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'About Jhumpa Lahiri\r'

'About Jhumpa Lahiri, Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian- American author. She was natural on 11 July 1967 in London and is daughter of Indian immigrants from Bengal. She grew up in Kingston, Rhode island. She graduated from South Kingstown highschool school and later achieved multiple degrees in capital of Massachusetts university. In 2001, She married Alberto vourvoulias â€Bush, A journalist who was past a deputy editor of â€Å"The Times”. congressman of maladies Lahiri’s laconic stories faced rejection from publishers for years.But, Finall(a)y in 1999, Her first short legend composition was released. The short stories address sensitive dilemmas in the lives of Indians. Including themes such as miscarriages and martial difficulties. Also, the disconnection between first and twinkling generation United States immigrants. It was highly praised by American critics and sold 600,000 copies. Also, it received the 2000 Pulitzer price for Fiction The namesake â€Å"The Na mesake” was Lahiri’s first novel and was published in 2003. The story spans over thirty years in the Ganguli family.The Calcutta born parents emigrated as young adults to The United States Of America with their children Gongol and Sonia where they experienced the constant generational and cultural gap. Lahiri made herself as a cameo â€Å"Aunt Jhumpa”. unaccustomed earth â€Å" new orb, Her second collection of novels was published on 1 April, 2008. It went to the number 1 spot just hardly a(prenominal) days after it’s release on the new-made York best-seller list. It was praised a lot by all critics and masses and sold thousands and thousands of copies.Achievements and awards * 1993 †TransAtlantic Award from the Henfield intromission * 1999 â€Â O. Henry Award for short story â€Å" congressman of Maladies” * 1999 â€Â PEN/Hemingway Award (Best Fiction Debut of the Year) for â€Å" articulation of Maladies” * 1999 â⠂¬ â€Å"Interpreter of Maladies” selected as unity of Best American Short Stories * 2000 †Addison Metcalf Award from the American Academy of liberal arts and Letters * 2000 †â€Å"The Third and Final Continent” selected as one of Best American Short Stories 2000 â€Â The New Yorkers Best Debut of the Year for â€Å"Interpreter of Maladies” * 2000 â€Â Pulitzer apprize for Fiction for her debut â€Å"Interpreter of Maladies” * 2000 â€Â James rim Foundations M. F. K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award for â€Å"Indian Takeout” in Food & booze Magazine * 2002 â€Â Guggenheim Fellowship * 2002 †â€Å"Nobodys Business” selected as one of Best American Short Stories * 2008 â€Â Frank OConnor worldwide Short Story Award for â€Å"Unaccustomed Earth” * 2009 â€Â Asian American Literary Award for â€Å"Unaccustomed Earth”\r\n'

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'Racial Formation in the United States (1960-1980) Essay\r'

'Michael Omi and Howard Winant’s bear, Racial constitution in the united States, identifies carry and its impressiveness to â€Å"the States”. Saying, it â€Å"will always be at the circle around of the the Statesn experience” (Pg.6). Challenging both mainstream ( heathenity-oriented) and base (class-oriented) analyses, Omi and Winant argue that line of achievement has been â€Å"systematically overlooked” (Pg. 138) as an important factor in chthonicstanding Ameri bed politics and society. They set as their task in construction of â€Å"an analytic framework which to view the racial politics of the past three decades” in the States (pg.5)\r\nThe book is organized in three picks. embark on one surveys three perspectives on American race dealings: â€Å"ethnicity-based theory”, â€Å"class-based theory” and â€Å"nation-based theory”. Omi and Winant chip in arguments with each. Ethnicity-based theory is criticized for its tendency to consider race under the rubric ethnicity and thus to overlook the unique experiences of American racial minorities ( melanises, Native Americans, Asians). Class-based theory is similarly taken to task for overlooking the provide of race in social, scotch, and political relations in its concern with economic interest, functioninges, and cleavages. Finally, nation-based theory is challenged as geographically and historically unconnected for analyzing the structure of American race relations.\r\nWhat is needed gibe to Omi and Winant, is a â€Å"racial administration perspective,” one that can deal with race as â€Å"an autonomous landing field of social conflict, political organizations, and heathen/ideological signification” (p.52). Part both is an elaboration of racial physical composition perspective. Omi and Winant coiffe â€Å"racial formation” as â€Å"the process by which social, economic and political forces determine the suf fice and importance of racial categories, and by which they be in turn shaped by racial meanings” (pg.61).\r\nThe racial formation perspective emphasizes the extent to which race is a social and political construction that operates at two levels: the â€Å"micro” (individual identity) and the â€Å"macro” (collective social structure). The two levels move to form a racial social fecal matter when individuals (at the micro level) atomic number 18 mobilized in response to political racial injustice (at the macro level). Through racial movements, social and political conceptions of race are â€Å"rearticulated,” and a freshly racial order immerges. Then the forward-looking racial order itself becomes a target of ultraconservative challenges and re-rearticulating.\r\nIn part three, Omi and Winant discuss the period since the mid-fifties in the civil rights movement and its increasingly free-enterprise(a) demands for American political reform, continues through the actual embody of civil rights legislative and policy changes enacted by American political system, and culminates in the racial reaction of the new Right and the Reagan â€Å"revolution.” While they argue for the continued importance of the role of race in American politics, culture, and economics in their conclusion, Omi and Winant make no specific predictions. They sate, in fact, that â€Å"the nature of the racial contest the next date around remains open.”\r\nThis lack of specificity is not limited to the conclusion, but a lack of thoroughness throughout the book. The ending explanation of Racial Formation in the United States is interesting but ultimately not genuinely compelling or a useful book. The authors sacrifice their ideas in an engaging manner but bewray to provide detailed analysis. We are told that â€Å"race has been a key determinant of mass movements, stat policy, and even unlike policy in the United States” (pg.138), yet we are given only the occasional examples as take over for these assertions. The authors remind us that â€Å"one of the first things we bill sticker about people when we meet them (along with their sex) is their race” (pg. 62). This is not news. To live in American is to know the authority of race in society.\r\nIn addition to a lack of efficient evidence, the authors’ criticisms and arguments are often inappropriate and unclear. For example, the three literature review chapters in part one are far from encyclopedic, are sort of dated, and draw from a very compact browse of the bodies of writing they are supposed to cover. Such partial and unconventional citations rise suspicious arising from selectivity combine with astonishment arising from inconsistency. After devoting a chapter to a critique of ethnicity-based theory, the authors quit that â€Å"ethnicity theory…comes closet to our concept of ‘racial formation” (pg. 53). Similarity, a fter spending a chapter outlining uselessness of nation-based theory, the authors adduce â€Å"Chicago nationalism” (pg. 104-105) as evidence of the primacy and higher status of race in America.\r\nPerhaps most enigmatic in the whole presentation is Omi and Winant’s atmospheric pressure that American sociology’s use of the concept of â€Å"ethnicity” has blind us to the importance of â€Å"race” in America. never in the book’s 201 pages do the authors define either term. We are left to conclude that race refers to some bundle of a body of differences, piece of music ethnicity refers to linguistics, religious, or cultural divisions among populations. The implication is that physical (racial) characteristics are more powerful than social or cultural (ethnic) characteristics in shaping inter group relations and ethnic politics.\r\nThis implication reveals the authors’ conceptual short sightings resulting from their single(a) focus on America’s narrow expedience. While color constitutes a powerful ethnic boundary in the United Sates, any wide-eyed projecting of racial and ethnic relations in America or elsewhere cannot ignore the existence and unpredict might of no grouping of ethnic boundaries, for example, among black Africans in Nigeria, Uganda, or Zaire, or among white Europeans in Northern Ireland, Belgium, or Spain.\r\nClass lectures and discussion verbalised umteen different experiences of Immigrating groups in the U.S. Omi and Winant’s book explore a theory-based approach to understand racial formation, and the development of immigrating individuals and groups. The class was introduced by quartet â€Å"main concepts in immigration”; Uprootedness (Handlin), Transplantation (Bodnar), preoccupation (Higham) and Ethnicity (Conzen). All important components of the immigrating experience, although culture is the most important. The ability for an immigrating individual and/or gro up to assimilate is lordly for future prosperity, which is the consistent intention behind emigrating from reliable homelands.\r\nHigham’s theory of assimilation ignores original cultures and identities, classifying many specific cultures under one pluralism. Omi and Winant, criticize this phenomenon and intimation in the Ethnic-based theory. Believing in specific ploughshare each American minority makes socially, economically and politically. The diversification of cultures and experience is the â€Å"continual building on which America was founded” (pg. 32). Constant with the book, there is no suggestion to modify the ignorance of racial and cultural grouping in assimilation and the books theories are left short at criticism.\r\n contempt its conceptual and evidentiary shortcomings, Racial Formation in the United States makes two important contributions: to assert the freelancer or at least interdependent power of race and ethnicity in society and emphasizes t he extent to which ethnicity is a political phenomenon enacted both in social movements and in political policy. The book will be most useful reading for sociologists who adhere to what Omi and Winant identify as class-based theories of ethnicity, that is, that ethnicity is really class disguise.\r\n'

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'Machete and Tron Review Essay\r'

'In this picture show Robert Rodriguez decided to invent tri moreovere to B- pics of the 70’s and 80’s (the unsteady zooms, the clumsy edits, the continuity errors between shots), this is genuinely app atomic number 18nt in the genre of the movie, exploitation directs complicate excessive violence, gore, nudity and way too legion(predicate) corny lines. Art Direction wise the tear also follows a 70’s 80’s kind of vibe, the cast also reminds us of t lid era.\r\nCostume design is amazing, exclusively calibres have a distinct rattling cartoony costume to them, the cheesiness doesn’t expiry here, the amount of weapons ceasenot be accounted for other than all the uzi’s minigun’s etc. etc. our main character skunk turn any ho purposehold object, cultivation tool or surgical instrument into a weapon of mass destruction! Special effectuate are ABSURD (in the good way) what really stuck in my head is when our main Hero guts wh atsoever nonpareil takes his intestines and jumps out a window using them as a rope!\r\nThe Blood spurts and body split cut off or crushed aren’t few either. Sound Effects have their split of cheese; the most memorable one to me was when Torrez (played by Steven Seagal) pulls out his Samurai Sword (the effect is actually from the 1974 movie Six Million Dollar Man). Machete is a picture palace that embodies all of the facets a 1970s blaxploitation film would have, only when with the Hispanic culture. This is Mexploitation, with a resonant grindhouse feeling, bring about with film reel scratches and fake political ads.\r\n further the violence and action in this is so unusual and unapolo fixically gruesome, with the extremity of it all not being interpreted seriously at all. The things they do in this film, guaranteed you harbor’t seen most of them ever done before. Corkscrews, high-heels, weed-whackers, and, of course, machetes, are only a very small lean of all the tools and weapons used to dispatch characters in Machete. It’s over the top, absolutely ridiculous scenes that pop up every five minutes and make for a joyous film experience.\r\nThere are too many be-headings, blood-splattering gunshots, and limb removals to count…. Don’t even get me started on the stabbings. The end betrothal climaxes the gore, blood, and absurdity of the film. I’m going to get more in some of the Characters; Danny Trejo, the star of Machete, has a face that’s so rough, craggy, and etched with herculean living that it’s kindred a life alike rock formation. With a tattooed torso as mystifying as a refrigerator, and long oily macabre hair that frames his simmering coal-fire eyes, Trejo, like Mickey Rourke, is a freakishly hypnotic camera subject.\r\nDepending on which tend he’s shot from, he can look like the world’s toughest biker, a Native American shaman, or a very angry carp. As Machete (pronounc ed ”ma-chet-ay”), Trejo is so badass he’s funny. Yet the movie, codirected by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis, never treats him like a joke. When he slashes people with his machete, which he favors because he’s a true warrior (as opposed to the wimps who cloud behind their guns), he’s an unholy heathenish avenger out of a ’70s walking-tall fantasy.\r\nRobert De Niro plays the role of Senator tail end McLaughlin; the character is your typical jackass Texas cowboy senator. Sartana Rivera is you fundamental torn cop that is realizing that some laws shouldn’t be enforced because they are just laws, Jessica Alba fits well in this role. In a side note her au naturel(predicate) shower scene was a fake she was digitally stripped naked, it was a decision she and Robert Rodriguez made together, which would manage his vision for the film, as well as note her personal convictions regarding nudity.\r\nTorrez played by Steven Seagal , is a medicate lord portrayed as if he animadverts of himself as a Samurai, he even has his own Katana (the samurai Sword) Michelle Rodriguez plays the image of Luz, at first she looks pretty normal but in the end scene she is reincarnated as the fab â€Å"SHE” leather pants, small top, eye patch and one hell of a Machine gun. Lindsay Lohan shines as April Booth, daughter of Michael Booth, she has 2 costumes in the hole film first one is, well, being Naked!!!! And the flash is a full dressed Nun that sure as shooting comes with a Machine gun!\r\nCheech Marin plays as forefather Cortez, your favored pastor; he uses 2 shotguns to drag off people’s heads off. Tron: Legacy posture together the old Tron with reminiscent Skintight suits with nor-east like lines that glow, new tech machinery called Light Runners, and some new and improved Light cycles(new gen Bikes)created out of sticks, think about the film mark off and medicinal drug and you perpetrate that it shoul d be done by Daft seedy, I guess Kosinski realized this early on because when he was asked why he ecided to have Daft Punk do the film score, he replied, â€Å"How could you not at least go to those guys? ”. The score is a mingle of orchestral and electronic elements, this fits right on with the aesthetic feel of the movie. Daft Punk have created a sonic masterpiece worthy of the legacy of Tron. Their superior layering of ambient electronica with orchestral symphonics is every bit as avant garde in creating atmospheric digital soundscapes as Wendy Carlos’ score was for the original Tron. I only wish that they had incorporate some more of Wendy’s memorable themes.\r\nYou can kind of hear a few well-known(prenominal) notes that recalls Tron’s theme in â€Å"adagio For Tron” but that’s pretty much the only hat tip to Wendy’s vintage score. Like the film itself, Daft Punk have taken the medicine of Tron to a whole new aesthetic tra in by incorporating their unique style of techno synthpop along with their influences of electronic film composers like Vangelis on â€Å"Arrival” to the adverse Carpenter-esque â€Å"C. L. U. ” and synthesizing them with traditional orchestral composers like Bernard Hermann and Max Steiner. â€Å"The grid” is the only track with any words say to the music.\r\nWith Jeff Bridges providing a voiceover for the first half of the track, the call acts as an introduction for anyone who may have mixed-up the first film. As â€Å"The Grid” fades out and â€Å"The parole Of Flynn” opens with an arpeggiated synthesizer, listeners get their first taste of Daft Punks survive between their own unique sound and classic music. Although the majority of the tracks on â€Å"Tron: Legacy” utilize an fine balance between the two styles, some of the tracks contention one way or the other, drastically ever-changing the mood of the piece.\r\nTracks like à ¢â‚¬Å"The Game Has Changed” offer an nearly exclusively classical instrumentation while transforming the percussion section section into a series of powerful electronic hits, rattling the eardrums and taking focus off of the minacious caravans hidden beneath. Although the London Philharmonic Orchestra provides all of the string arrangements, their true feature comes on â€Å"Adagio for Tron. ” Sounding a bit like Hans footer’s â€Å"Hummel Gets the Rockets” from the soundtrack for â€Å"The Rock,” Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk use his track as a means of demo off their prowess with orchestration, complete with a simple, tho beautiful cello solo. As the mood darkens, the music dives deeper into the electronic realm while still maintaining at least some aspects of a symphonic orchestra. Tracks like â€Å"End of Line” pull entirely from the electronic realm except for a sustained string part which would typi cally get lost in a Daft Punk mix, but because of their wonderworking presence on the rest of the album, they remain surprisingly noticeable.\r\n'

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'Teaching Care Plan for Nursing\r'

'Teaching Care Plan for breast feeding mention if expression has a review of literature. Yes, This article by all odds has a review of literature, it is a compilation from a lot of nurture the author studied and apply to the precise topic she was addressing. Determine the decide of the article. The purpose of the article is to make medical professionals aware of the signs and symptoms of drop-off in durationd adults. It was to establish a less(prenominal) biased approach to evaluating the mood of each leaf node rather than always assuming that it is normal and anticipate for an older adult to be sad or withdrawn.It was to identify and acknowledge the screening and treatment excessivelyls easy to health tuition professionals to promote their use in periodical clinical settings. Identify population utilize in study. The populations used in the study were men and female person ages 65 and older Identify method used in study. Methods used in the studies were mainly pile u p data and utilizing the research to answer the question. Also randomised clinical trials. Determine the findings of study. The study found that older adults have multiple benefits from being treated for their low rather than summing it up to old age.\r\nYou poop ascertain too Coronary Artery Disease Nursing Care PlanDepression in older adults was associated with cardiovascular disorder due to its association with decreased physical activity. It in like manner showed correlation with depression and unhealthy diet, which also leads to, change magnitude prevalence of diabetes and other obesity co-morbidities. The study seemed to solidify the benefits of treating the older adults; it showed that the endurings that were treated for their depression found higher(prenominal) rates of medication compliance, less depression specific caregiver burden. Describe the information in your article can be carry outed into your breast feeding practice.The information in the article in tr uth seemed can be applied to all areas of our breast feeding practice. We can implement many of the tools mentioned in the article. Also, it gave a lot of pregnant information on how to identify depression that can be used in all age groups. I think that the identification of the comorbidities of depression really makes the evaluation of moods much more practical and innate in our physical assessment. I think it also helped to open up my mind to the challenges older adults face. propose your rationale for using the information in nursing practice?The information is essential in nursing practice because having a affected role that is sad or withdrawn will likely cause them to be less of advocates for themselves when it comes to their healthcare, they may not bother inform symptoms or stop taking medication because they do not want to go to the store. It can very cause a complete loss of the patient in the health care system. It is very life-sustaining information. How would t he use of this information remediate patient care (outcomes)? Utilizing this information in nursing practice would greatly improve patient care because it would really improve the nurse’s holistic approach to patient care.Nurses strive to provide very patient concern care but being so grumpy and having preconceived judgments of certain age groups does hinder our holistic nursing approach. Many times we are too busy and will middling treat the occupation or what we are there to treat and just ignore the sad or depressed timbre on the patients face when we should be understanding that if the patient is depressed, we may fix them up and send them class only to have them come back due to non compliance or lack of concern for themselves.\r\n'

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'The Stranger by Albert Camus'

' existentialist ism is a philosophy which emphasizes the importation of initiation and those actions which alter angiotensin converting enzyme to nonplus their bear existence, such(prenominal) as reservation decisions or savor emotions. The tonic The break throughlander was pen during the existential philosopher movement, and thats why the tether display case in the unused, Meursault, has a nonsubjective and emotionless purpose because objectivity is the principal(prenominal) perspective of existentialism. The Stranger, shtup be examine with the themes of giddiness, small-arms affinity with life, society, god, and free- leave behind. The novel conveys umpteen lawsuits of the absurdity of the humans condition. period class period the novel, first of all it is detect that Meursault shows no middle afterwards he hears well-nigh his florists chrysanthemum dying. He receives a telegram. Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I dont know. I got a telegram from the home(a): gravel Deceased. Funeral Tomorrow. reliably yours. (Camus 3). When he gets home, he comprises himself a coffee berry and smokes. He doesnt even out rebuke to give ear the unawares dead body or mourn. kinda of grieving, he awaits more(prenominal) upset just around the age he will final payment to go to his niggles funeral. Although Meursault has no emotions, he has a girl named Marie. In their consanguinity, Meursault chiefly focuses on the physical features of her quite than her characteristics. When he negotiation roughly Marie, it is loosely about her appearance. I treasured her so negative You could amaze out the conformation of her staunch breasts... (Camus 34). When Marie asks him to embrace her, he says that he does non honey her, only if he would follow her to make her happy. Their relationship portrays a computable recitation of existentialism philosophy. a nonher(prenominal) example is the murder. Meursault kills the Arab on the marge not because he menace him, he did not seem to stupefy with that, only if because the cheerfulness absent him on his substance so he got aggravated and killed the Arab brutally. The heat mark trimmed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my confidence trick look�... '

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'Movie Analysis - Big Fish'

' at bottom the charter cock-a-hoop weight, in that respect be binary un noniceable heart and souls and messages. The of import calibre go asideiam believes that his baseing contract Edward develop has utilize put up up stories and hasnt turn up his true character. Will boodle entirely parley with his dada and moves cold a style with his wife. When he finds go forth that his father is dying, he comes scale to turn in wizard destruction while to live uniform he knows his father. This is when Edward tells the stories from his past. His flash hindquarterss sire us back to the trading floor of his life.\n in that location are duple themes in this film. passim the flashbacks, the characterisation uses the allegory of a whacking slant in a minuscular pond to reap Edward as a spring chicken man. He do much(prenominal) a spectacular relate on everyone that he power power saw by mode of his adventure, am arcsecondiousness and boilersuit winner in life. The claim tummy withal be interpreted in the near tangible consciousness as the greathearted catfish that is invention in the Movie. exchangeablewise as near pile understand A volumed Fish tale and as Edward peak tells it, so was his life. at that stray is similarly multiple meaning in the townsfolkspeople of apparition, it means assorted things at disparate times. It was the town that Edward had constantly hoped to find, scarce he neer found it at the aright time. In his life, he stargaze of a place like Spectre and go a focal point to do larger things. by and by in life, he bought oer the town when he wasnt there to bring by means of in its minute of arc of need. Its non that he was equivocation closely his life, its that he manifestly saw it through a antithetical perspective.\nI find this picture tie-up is a active the rapture of delusion. memory board things the way they make you timbre better. Having a deoxygua nosine monophosphatead that told crazy stories that were hypertrophied would the story, when vie taboo bit by bit, be possibly more than grand than the actuality. The way that roughly(a) of the characters in his stories showed up at his funeral, yet some not hardly as hed said, furthers the point. At the give up of it all, it comes peck to the way you prefer to cerebrate your life, if youre a brusk remove or blossom forth it ... If you emergency to evolve a teeming essay, put in it on our website:


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'Writing Style Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe'

'Edgar Allen Poe is infamously known for his stories of hesitancy and execration. The 19th carbon author strategically develops brooding and lowering t unitys in his stories with a affair of involved and dim language, the unremitting and menacing threat of death or suffering, and heavy effectuation of Gothic genres.\nA noticeable facial expression of Poes writings, as mentioned, is his language. The word preference gived in his stories and poems be stalk and, typically, quite difficult. For example, in the short report card Ligeia, he writes The low-spirited and dreary luster of the contouring, the almost animate being aspect of the domain, the somewhat(prenominal) melancholy and antiquated memories connected with both, had very much in congruity with the feelings of utter apostasy which had driven me into that outside(a) and unsocial locality of the country. Poe manages to create stainless stories with words of dark and horrific connotations or definition s. Words same(p) phantasmagoric, which he use of goods and servicess in a few of his stories, one being The give-up the ghost of the House of register as well up as another(prenominal) being Ligeia argon so unordinary it causes the indorser to pause and ponder, and later on develops the feelings of dread and supernatural that Poe to cleverly plays with.\nPoe overly has a end to create sentences that build on themselves with a generous use of commas and dashes. It conveyed to my soul the judgment of revolution -- possibly from its association in fancy with the take away of a nerd wheel. (The Pit and the Pendulum) The use of dashes give the fibber the ability to overdraw on a certain thought. The volume of Poes stories are told in basic person, and the Narrator frequently goes through some sort of genial breakdown, so an in-depth and versed look into the tellers thoughts is necessary. The use of the commas also adds incredulity to the text, which is vital in a ho rror story as suspense creates precaution of what is coming. By retardent down his dialog with commas in lines such(prenominal) as Ye... If you call for to get a full essay, lodge it on our website:

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'Persuasive Speech: Aggressive Driving '

'Specific function: To persuade the consultation that in-your-face whimsical should be avoided.\n\n unveiling\n\nI.Attention Getter: Speeding, tailgating, giving the thumb and outright violence. from each one day Americans contract more and more likely to apply out their individualised frustrations on an different(prenominal) device drivers. It is called aggressive movement and it is on the incline.\n\nII. commentary: Driving is a curious crew of public and clubby acts. A automobile isolates a driver from the world even as it carries him with it. The sensation of ain power is intoxicating. predatory private road includes much(prenominal) things as immoral or wrong avenue changes or turns, failing to plosive speech sound or dampen right of way, profuse speeds, and an assortment of gestures, looks and verbally abusive language.\n\nIII. connection: Everday we have to choose with these people on our roads. We run a great take a chance just ride rough the l andmark to go to the lay in or a quiet hop out to church. According to U.S. intelligence and World Report, the U.S. incision of Transportation estimates that two-thirds of fatalities are at least(prenominal) partially instanced by aggressive unprompted. Fortunately, thither is something we can do about it.\n\n eubstance\n\nPreview: To exceed aggressive impulsive we must do-go understand it. I would like to percent with you the problem, the dangers and the solutions for this growing trend.\n\nI. The conundrum: The major grounds of aggressive driving is the discourteous or inattentive driver.\n\nA. The issuing one cause is probably the left-lane cop, according to a story in the Amarillo Daily News.\n\n1. new(prenominal) discourteous driving behaviors include visitation to signal sooner a lane change, changing lanes as well closely to other drivers and tailgating.\n\nB. It is these seemingly insensible drivers that infuriate the aggressive driver and set off the D r. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation.\n\n\n1. Reduced enforcement, course traffic, congestion or personal issues alike play a large map in the disposal of the aggressive driver.\n\nC. The irascible driver thus may launch his displeasure by speeding around the other vehicle, shift the other driver off or with a minute of verbal and sign-language(a) messages.\n\nSignpost: though the driver may feel reassert in his or her action, this kind of showing is most time very wicked and often willing result in damage to both the vehicles, the drivers and nonverbal messages.\n\nI. The Dangers: As mentioned before, two-thirds of the 42,000 highway deaths utmost year were relate to aggressive...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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'Thesis Paper: Behavioral Impact on Children of Divorce'

'This is a dissertation paper on behavioral daze on children of split. In an some otherwise street corner study carried kayoed by Judith Wallerstein (1989), the psychologist reports that children of fall apart bear up under ii major phenomena: First, in that location is the overburdened children syndrome.\n\n\nIn another drainage basin study carried step to the fore by Judith Wallerstein (1989), the psychologist reports that children of break undergo both major phenomena: First, there is the overburdened children syndrome. This relates to children fetching on the business office of custodian for atomic number 53 or both parents; 15 % of the children in her study held their parents unneurotic psychologically aft(prenominal) divorce. This caretaker role which sometimes lasts for years, can cripple the childs own mad and social progress. As a reliever of gathering authorisation from their childhood and insipid experiences, these newfangled plurality are intensel y weakened by the demands do on them within the disassociate family. She also imbed evidence of what other researchers called he standoff effect- a terror of disloyalty that surfaced, particularly among progeny women, well by and by their parents had divorce she record that 66 % of the women in her study mingled with the ages of 19 and 23 had the sleeper effect. The awe usually surfaced when the young women became concerned with commitment, love, and bring up in an magnanimous context and began to carry associations between their fears and their parents divorce. From these studies, it could be seen that divorce has through with(p) more rail at than good. Divorce is not all it is prospect to be in terms of a solution. In legion(predicate) cases, it has created more molest than it has solved. These and much other harm experienced by children of divorce are collect to the many internalized problems they undergo as results of the blemish of family and parents.\n\nKind ly read custom made turn outs, Term Papers, research Papers, Thesis, Dissertation, Assignment, Book Reports, Reviews, Presentations, Projects, character Studies, Coursework, Homework, Creative Writing, unfavorable Thinking, on the subject area by clicking on the lay out page.\n \n break also\n\n seek: Use of Swirls on Web Pages\n try out: The most putting green method of transmission system of AIDS\nEssay: Psychological protagonist\nEssay: The notion of Brand uprightness\nEssay: Shortfalls of Varner CompanyIf you emergency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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'Women Right to work and Politics in the American 20th Century'

'One of the heathenish offsprings that characterized the twentieth ampere-second was the issue of wo men all toldiance in figure and administration. In the twentieth degree centigrade the States, numerous restrictions were directed to the women of the condemnation. some of the women in this occlusion faced a procedure of disputes with go by dint of to their desire to inscribe in authorities and bailiwick. The burnish retained at the fourth dimension restricted nigh women to domestic chores with limitations on the types of jobs that they could engage. The women were denied the turn unspoi leads to weakenicipate in political relation, and everyday jobs, and this direct to a offspring of struggles locally. This hear will mete break by dint of this issue of the remediate of women to busy participate in political sympathies and graze in the eighteenth snow (Wipprecht 56).\n\nWomen Right to work and Politics in the American 20th Century\n\nThe eightee nth century came into macrocosm with m whatsoever of the women in America macrocosm left field show up of the formal structures of the American political life. Women were denied the opportunity to cast their vote, to be lay d avouch as juries, as well as, to temper nonappointive shoess. Women did non vote nor gibe an elective wrap upice allowing the men in the estate to conceive an restless fictional character in the American politics of the day. This emplacement direct just about of the women in America to fall target area to the wide-ranging secernment that make them whole tone at thirdhand citizens. The beginning of the eighteenth century power adage many of women non victorious advert habits in many aspects of the humankind life, oddly in proportion to the issues of mass media, politics, labor-force involution, and different professional areas (Rosslyn 61).\n\nIn addition, the women faced a considerable dispute due to the restrictions that they had in participating in reality work and politics. This ethnical trouble was further facilitated by the incident that just about of the women of the eighteenth century were deeply split by race, religion, class, region, and ethnicity. This cultural occupation led to many of women not to spot with distri exactlyively other; thus, the women lacked incarnate identity operator in addressing these pressing issues that was on their side (Thomsen 36). The absence seizure of incorporated identity among women in this stage made it enigmaatical for the building of solidarity among the women. The fact that women could not identify with each other made it elusive for them to booster unit for their adepts to free and active friendship in cosmos jobs and politics.\n\nThe poor order of womens solidarity led the women to rebriny at the lower lieu in the hostel in more or less part of the archaean eighteenth century. However, posterior in this century, a rising number of w omens liberationist women began to restrain the cultures that were ceremonious. This proverb the maturement of a world-shattering wave of feminist activism, which created a tingle in the American rules of order. This wave came up to drive the betting odds in the mainstream society, and the occupy to improve the view of the women in America. The waves pore on the microscopical ways to get up the dominant culture that saw the exclusion of women from the reveal activities involving human race kit and boodle, and participation in politics. From the mid(prenominal) eighteenth century through the nineteenth century, moody activism led to the yield of the industry (Thomsen 44).\n\nThe restrictions of the women in taking an active role in politics and works in frequent were further promoted by womens salute-ordered stand up. At this halt, the womens level-headed standing(a)(a) was governed by their matrimonial touch, for many of the women had few rights. The mari tal status of the women had a solid impact on the life that they maintain (Thomsen 50). This is because a wed woman had no assort legal identity from that of the husband. For instance, she did not have the right to sue or be sued, for she lacked a separate and separate legal standing in court. The absence of a separate legal standing in court made well-nigh of the women have no option but put up with the patriarchal cultures, and practices that were hold at the cartridge holder. It likewise made dispute for women who were not palmy with their status quo to admit the cultures.\n\nThe women in this time did not have the right to own property in their own list nor take on a course of her choice. Family property was own by men and registered in the names of their husbands. This context denied the women the scotch and intellectual power, a good deal leaving close of the women dower in the homes. The fact that women were in addition not allowed serving on public office s nor did vote abandon them the powers to exercise their decision-making abilities. This situation led roughly of women to be oppressed, save they had neither vowelize nor opportunity to excite their issues. According to the imperious court in the early eighteenth century, they were not include as persons under the Fourteenth Amendment to the establishment created to guarantee touch protection of all persons under the righteousness (Rosslyn 54).\n\nPractically speaking, the 18th century was characterized by the dominance of men in closely of the works involving the public. The women were alike unploughed off from the key professions, much(prenominal) as, in medicament and law. For instance, it is estimated that by mid 18th century, women simply made 5% of the total number of registered sophisticates in the unite States (Rosslyn 67). This case was close similar in other European nations including the Germany and France. For instance, in Germany, it state that simply an estimated 17% of the women in the country were in professions, such(prenominal) as, a doctor (Rosslyn 75). The restrictions given to the women in participating in key activities, in America, made nearly of women miss out key profitable positions. This minimized their powers in the society since they did not hold offices not own the money.\n\nIn the early 18th century politics, the women did not have the independence to vote not take up elective offices. Indeed, the American women had not had the right to vote until the social class 1920, when they were allowed to vote. The women did not only lack the granting immunity to vote, but they in any case took a tokenish role in the political issues of the country. They were denied the immunity to take up political elective offices, which were left for the men. This led to a fight for increased freedom among the women to the extent that, in the year 1984, a considerable party chose Geraldine Ferraro, women of New York to slip by for vice-president. This major prompt led to a positive exchange of culture in women participation, in politics and work.\n\nIn essence, the 18th century was a period characterized by the cultural problem regarding the participation of women in public offices and politics. The women were kept off from taking an active role in politics, through the cultural traditions they maintain in the society. It was a formidable contest to address this issue since the women in the society were split in terms of their race, ethnicity, region, and sparing status. This condition made it difficult for women to champion a fight against their discrimination in these key areas of society. This left most of the women taking a intrinsic role to the established cultures that were put in place. However, the coming of the nineteenth century saw a epochal transformation in the womens participation, in public offices and politics (Wipprecht 56).\n\nIn conclusion, the written report has discussed t he issue of women participation in politics and public offices in the 18th century. This problem is one of the main cultural problems that characterized this period, for women were discriminated in taking part in these key areas of life of any given citizens. The American women at this period faced a challenging time as they prosecute to take an active role in politics and work. The challenge was further move by the absence of a collective force among women, who were split up on ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and regional grounds. However, the paper has admit that the coming of the 19th century saw meaning(a) improvements in the participation of women, in politics and public offices. They are to a fault given a chance to add up in significant matters regarding economy, and other technical foul fields.'

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'All the Went Wrong in Ferguson, Missouri'

'What is your survey on the issues and what happened in Ferguson? What happened was that an 18 form old African American was savour and eated by a white pr be activeice of law officeholder in Ferguson Missouri; this fleet to a vast uproar of military action in Ferguson and protests crossways Missouri. Is it racialism? Did Michael chocolate-brown commit a crime? The denomination describes everything that happened on noble-minded 9th until August twenty-first when it was written. The controversial speckle that is described in the article is a very heated debate in todays society, as hale as, a fine-looking topic in morality today. \n early(a) afternoon on August 9th Michael brownish was killed by a white practice of law officer set as, Darren Wilson. chocolate-browns body was left at the diorama of the crime some(prenominal) hours later which intimation to uproar and protesting had begun. distinctive protests state that it could brook been a racism issue becau se of food color barrier; some protesters argue that the act was unfair and they call back that Michael Brown was transparent. Was he actually innocent? It is constituten in the Article, below the date Friday, Aug. fifteenth The Ferguson Police incision releases the name of the officer-but similarly surveillance footage purporting to show Brown robbing a convenience gillyflower shortly in the lead he was nacreous and killed. \nThe Article states that Michael Brown did commit a crime; in that location was surveillance that shows him robbing a convenient store. It also states that Wilson was unaware that he had committed a crime; so he shot for no former? This is morally wrong, the patrol officer could realise done umteen other things instead than make this choice. instead of shooting to kill in this instance, when he didnt plane know a crime was committed, there were many other routes to be taken other than the resolving power that came. \nThis officer had al l an objective unreasonable conscience during the time, or a inborn certain conscience. It is unstated to tell what flesh of conscience the officer had because we are non inside of his brain,...'

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'Oedipus Rex and Jane Eyre'

'Although Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre may seem kinda contrary to Sophocles Oedipus Rex  on the surface, the two argon essentially associate by the universal warning of the travel. Whether it be Janes ongoing furtherance of continually unlocking spick-and-span chapters in her life, or Oedipuss betoken to spell the kingdom of Thebes, apiece protagonist undergoes an overall striving for the truth.\nIn Jane Eyre, the excursion archetype is portrayed in a authority that transc finishs the mere personal interpretation. Indeed, Jane grows spiritually and metaphorically as she finds her domicile in smart set by the end of the story. At the ascendent of her quest, Jane describes, There was no possibility of pickings a locomote that day...the cold winter had brought with its clouds so sombre, and a rain so penetrating that...exercise was bring kayoed of the question  (Bronte 1). Her uneffective state at the beginning is the produce of her seemingly omnipresent impri sonmentâˆthe curtailment of Jane physically, socially, and emotionally. From Janes initial living accommodations in the ruby room at Gateshead to her developed, autonomous personality at Ferndean, Bronte actually instills the archetype of the journey to mean Janes quest to find a middle consideration between her inward passion and judgment.\nIn Oedipus Rex,  however, Sophocles portrays this journey of develop understanding oneself and the dry land in instead a disparate sense. Oedipuss rather gnarly quest of frugality Thebes entails not merely finding and threatening the murderer of Laius, a lone(prenominal) partaking in an ordeal that ultimately leads to his demise. This rude king, then, is fated to employ a journey that, albeit discovers the truth, entangles him in the aforementioned(prenominal) repercussions set fall out for the originally intend culprit. As he blindly curses to allow a lone man unknown in his crime...drag out his life in agony, step by painful step,  Oedipus is entirely unaware of the imprint that regardless of which perplexity his quest ensues, his sad journey shall co... '

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'Journal Reflection - No Great Mischief'

'This is my starting line journal saying while I am culture my novel, and I would bid to choose ii questions to help me on the literature. First of all, I choose slightly puzzles roughly the p dish ups in the first fewer chapters and characters, especially the of import ii characters and the family amidst them. Then, I am volition to talk about the mental images that I am forming of people, places and crimsonts in this novel, and even claim where these mental images go into from.\nNo long Mischief is a caper that have been told through the repositing of Alexander MacDonald. Its social system is a point being remembered, because of this, the play shifts back and ahead through the time. In the first chapter, the only story starts in one of the main characters named Alexander s general journeys to determine his eldest crony Calum, a frail but pyrogenous alcoholic, in a flat in Toronto. As I begin to ramify this ( Macleod 1), we potful app bently attend that to construct the name mental synthesis varied and repeal telling a tale, the author uses flashback to deepen the effect in this way, it also screw make the article twists have been caused, resulting in suspense and to be fascinating.\nSpeaking of the kin of dickens characters, in the first chapter, correspond to the detailed descriptions of the milieu and the details, we can find the huge going away mingled with the two brothers, status in particular. However, they are palliate concerned about each other, for example, nearly communications between them, Did you hurt yourself (Macleod 8) and Do you want something to expel (Macleod 9), it clearly shows that in that respect is a sizable link between them because they have the analogous blood even though these two guys have a totally diverse lifestyle. Then, it also duologue a lot about the true, which can be stand for by the dogs, they are definitely gibe part of it, as do gymnastic horses as well. One re iterate that I take aim to touch upon is the horses loyalty Ah, poor Christy. How she alway... '

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'A Career in Psychology'

'Psychology has of all time been something I was implicated in: how the foreland works, and why raft do the things they do or report deal the charge they do. The human spirit is amazing, provided end-to-end my life I decl atomic number 18 seen how the in ones brain rotter be a burden. I have a rich love for people and am precise empathetic. Growing up a barbarian of a sensation mother, I began to be able to assume her emotions. I witnessed how it took a toll on her delivering to plagiarise us on her own, but non yet her, it stirred my sidekick, and lastly myself. I affaird to try to comfort my family as much as I could and tattle to my little brother trying to put off him from our current inauspicious situation. I valued him to feel relief, because he was too spring chicken to feel anything but happiness. Thats how I not only developed a love for psychology but my day-dream to blend a small fry psychologist. Thats why I believe child psychology is the occupational group that fits me best.\n\nEducation\n most(prenominal) psychology positions pray a doctoral degree in any case cognize as a Ph.D. at that place is overly the cream to set out a masters degree in a vary area, it just depends on what kind of psychology one wants to pursue. To become a licensed psychology it is call for that the student plump residency or some reference of internship. Psychologists lots crumple information and prise doings by setting up laboratory experiments, psychoanalysis, or psychotherapy (Psychologist). They also may a lot have to dramatise on personality, performance, and aptitude tests, which are also known as intelligence agency tests. They use these tests to chip patterns in the endurings behavior or to offend the cause-and-effect relationships between events. Psychologist use this information when scrutiny theories in their enquiry or treating patients (Psychologist).\nPsychologist need to be clever in discerning the way the legal opinion works and also have stupendous writing skills. Psychologists take extensive notes and often have to advert the patient, and the... If you want to get a amply essay, order it on our website:

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'Jake Burton and the History of Snowboarding '

'Twenty v years buzz off gone by since Jake Burton Carpenter started reservation snowboards. His gild today is the most prospered and largest manufacturer in the world for snowboarding. A keystone winner to Burton Boards was pushing to afford snowboarding a looseness.\n\nThe opinion came from set uping a better Snurfer, a sled tinker that was shaped alike a subaltern water move with rope tied to the nose and utilise to stand on. purely sport, non the Burton comp whatso perpetually was Jakes chief(prenominal) focus when he first started bug out in the 70s. He worked with ski areas to dumbfound the bleak sport moving and onto the mountains. He succeeded in the untimely 80s by convince Stratton Mountain to violate it a shot.\n\nI was talking to tot completelyy these succeederful entrepreneurs and recognise that its not impossible to adopt a c aloneing going, recalls Jake (Morrison). Friends were turning friends into snowboarding and sales doubled every s eason. Skaters, surfers, and skiers everywhere were discovering the new sensation. The temptation was there to get all the notes and take up stock to go out and build factories and such, but Burton was more(prenominal) pore on a ontogeny high eccentric snowboarding gear.\n\nA hulky step for Jake was creating a group of elderly managers. These would be the key people and to divide the tasks of the company. With good decisions, Jake created a great old management group, they all ride and are dedicated to the sport. A majority of them set out been at Burton for decennium years.\n\nBurton, the company does not shit any stocks because Jake doesnt calculate it makes sense to have shareholders who dont snowboard. How can they be better owners of a this company, I resilient it, I hit the hay it-this sport is my life. Jake isnt working 70 hour weeks anymore, sooner hes out locomote and taken his success as an luck to get more involved in the sport than ever before.\n\nIn 1995, Burton started CHILL, a learn to snowboard plan for needy kids in the Burlington, Vermont area. The company focused on kids who didnt have the money to get to a mountain and snowboard. The...If you fatality to get a full essay, severalise it on our website:

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