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Thinking critically Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Thinking critically - Essay ExampleBeing ethical does non mean that an individual has to come from a specific family or attend a certain initiate. Others heart that they are educated and thus establish more ethics. This is due to attending a given school or coming from a certain family. However, this perception is aggrieve since one may contract attend any school and still embrace the sense of being ethical. Possessing the knowledge of what ethics are and conform to the principles of being ethical goes un noniced.The society focalizees on teaching the young people on right and wrong but do not focus on the essence ethics in once life. However, in schools, there are efforts made to teach students about ethics and ways to be an ethical person but it does not seem to have a lot of effect on our lives. This teaching does not seem to influence our lives since they are not well articulated in our minds. Therefore, this brings into spotlight numerous things that the societies have to put into consideration on focusing. This is due to the conviction that it is not necessarily that a person who have been taught the ethics be ethical, some of them know what it is but turn a deaf ear.The colleges are charged with moral obligation of assist students in the pursuit of being ethical people. Colleges are believed to be the last(a) stage of learning the essence of ethics and being ethical. Therefore, there is the need of having a keen focus on the colleges to ensure that learners have acquired ample knowledge about ethics. Professors are charged with the responsibility of fetching their students through acquiring knowledge about ethics. This is most importantly showing them where the knowledge is applied in real life situation.Ethics knowledge is integrated in various disciplines i.e. business, engineering and others. This ensures that the students are acquiring significant information that is going to be helpful in their carrier. Instructors for given courses

Organisation behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Organisation behavior - Essay ExampleThey, consequently, should perform as well as possible in order for the company to succeed in the market. Therefore, an idea that employee performance is better if those employees ar stimulatedly intelligent is becoming more and more popular among businesses that will to be more accommodative to the ever changing market conditions and more competitive marketplace (Cherniss and Goleman 2001, 159). Since ablaze apprehension has become much(prenominal) a popular concept among HR specialists, it is worth finding out whether this term is really cogitate to employee performance. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to critically analyze some of the most recent works on the carnal knowledge between aroused intelligence and employee performance with the purpose of determining whether there exists a strong dependence. The tending(p) work will try to determine whether it is really important for modern businesses to invest their resources in emotio nal intelligence and whether such investments will bring any profit. For this purpose, of course, the term it egotism should be defined in the basic place. Definition A scientific study of emotional intelligence began, according to Ciarrochi, Forgas and Mayer (2001, 4), in 1900s. However, up until 1970, when intelligence and emotion were integrated in the field of cognition and affect, the studies of intelligence and emotions were separate. Finally, only in mid-nineties emotional intelligence became a subject of more profound research. The concept got popularized between 1994 and 1997 (Ciarrochi, Forgas and Mayer 2001, 4). However, several definitions of emotional intelligence have emerged in the process of the studies. Goleman (1998, 317), for instance, defines emotional intelligence as a capacity for recognizing our ingest feelings and those in others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. As such, emotional intelligence, ac cording to this author, involves a someone to have the following competencies self- awareness, self- regulation, self-motivation, social awareness, and social skills. Self- awareness, self- regulation, self-motivation are, in this case, persons competency to understand and sell own feelings and emotions. Social awareness and social skills, consequently, refer to the individuals ability to understand emotions of the other and respond correctly. Another definition is given by Mayer and Solloway (1997, 3), who state that emotional intelligence is an ability to embrace emotions in the self and in others, use emotions to facilitate performance, understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and regulate emotions in the self and in others. So, it can be said that emotional intelligence refers to a persons ability to understand the feelings of oneself and the others, as well as react and respond to those emotions in the most proper for a particular situation way. The next issue to find out is whether this ability really has a authoritative impact on affair performance. Literature Review The opinion that emotional intelligence is related to job performance is supported by Nikolaou and Tsaousis (2002). These scientists conducted a research with the purpose of determining the relation between emotional intelligence, occupational stress and organizational commitment. The results showed that the higher emotional intelligence of an individual is, the lower is one

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Learning disabilities are fatal in organization Essay

Learning disabilities are fatal in organization - Essay ExampleIn these days, there are lots of methods and modes that are be catered to fail and solve certain issues and problems. We can see this through theories and other set of explanations which sought to analyze and separate predicaments within our society and similarly to other field of leaning like in the fields of natural sciences and health sciences. Because of these, they are now a wide scope of critical thinking which is uncorrupted because it tends to shape our world to a competent and creative society - able to offer an effective solution thru competent analysis and creative thinking. In this paper, we forget be dealing on one of the most(prenominal) brilliant persuasions on how to attain and obtain as well, a productive and fruitful organization. It is brilliant because of its living approach which tends to directly oppose hindrances that could make an organization or union in its growth. As Senge (1990) wou ld suggest, we should also focus on disabilities rather than always on the brighter or good side because this could also answer us to find ways to prevent such crisis or other negative phenomenon in occurrence. Because if we could identify these co-called disabilities, we could find ways to stop it and deal with it ahead of time whilst avoiding it to obstruct our companys or organizations progress. ... ive in our own way having a unique elucidation to overcome the predicaments that will threaten our organization or companys advancement as well as its existence. Therefore, we shall be explicitly see those solutions suggested by Senge (1990) through looking at disabilities to convey a keen idea of which would be to focus to attain maximum development and to have a fine sense to where would be the weak points and areas that could be the source of conflict or malfunctions. Because if we could identify this weakness or disabilities, it could be a source of strength in the future by imp roving this and diverting it to an asset making our company transform and transcend to a better and more proficient to solutions. The Learning Disabilities In the article make by Douglas Cathon (2000), he mentioned there the seven disabilities introduced by Senge (1990). We shall be tackling those ones in this spokesperson and identify them to have a broader knowledge on the efficacy that it will brought to the progression of the companies and/or organizations. First disability would be the I am my position (p. 5), that states that one of the impediment to attain development is because of the too much in depth to the mentality of ones person to their job that it already become as part of their personality or their personal identity in their everyday living. In this sense, what would be the problem is the exclusive minded thinking. This obstructs the chance for individual to attain more ideas as well as positive alteration by being stagnant of the status quo where we are into. We do not embrace new muckle that would contribute to our own wellness and success. Also, it would limit individual to see their accountability and responsibility. They only focus on what they do and feel

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Negative views on a collges reputation Research Paper - 1

Negative views on a collges reputation - Research Paper ExampleThe image that p atomic number 18nts like of a college is that of well groomed, happy students who atomic number 18 academically focused and facing challenges that are no more difficult than the next exam. However, the exploration of ego during the time period of college stop lead to some risk behaviors that puts students in situations that threaten their safety. Most of the time, these situations are navigated and the parents have the illusion of a safe and secure child that is away at college. However, beverage statistics purpose that there is a better than 50% chance that their child is participating in heavy drinking once a week. The more terrifying survey result shows that college students dont learn from the noxious experiences they have while under the influence of alcohol and routinely underestimate that amount of alcohol they can drink before consequences are likely to occur (Knox and Schacht 475).When thes e behaviors lead to a situation that is beyond wake up with regret, an incident can occur that puts the university and the students at the center of the public stage, its reputation on the flexure and the safety of the students under its care in question. This happened to Duke University when members of the Lacrosse team held a party on March 13, 2006 which refer drinking and resulted in the decision to call an escort service to provide two Caucasian strippers. whizz African American arrived and one partial Asian woman arrived at the party, which caused some difficulties as they were non as ordered and in the end, the African American woman ended up accusing cardinal of the members of the team, including the two captains of the team, with rape (Taylor and Johnson).The occasion of hiring strippers for athletic team parties was not uncommon on the campus and Taylor and Johnson report that as many as twenty parties that year had already occurred in which strippers had been

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Science and Technology - Laboratory Course (SCI103-1404A-04) Lab Report

Science and Technology - Laboratory Course (SCI103-1404A-04) - Lab Report Exampled 3 appear to be more acidic due to the fact that they are located on the downwind direction from the lake described as 1 which is surrounded by an industrial and settlement area. blow (iv) oxide and sulphur (iv) oxide are emissions associated with industrialization and are carried downwind by the wind and fall end up falling as acid rain. Lake 2 is found to suffer most from acidity as it is tell to have a higher elevation as compared to Lake 3. Acidity falls in the form of both snow, rain or fog.The pH scale usually has a range running from 0-14. A pH value that is equal to 7 is utter to be neutral. A pH value that is less than 7 is said to be acidic in nature and a pH that is greater than 7 is said to be basic. The PH scale is normally used to measure the concentration of atomic number 1 ions that is present in a solution. A low pH usually represents solutions that have a high concentration of hyd rogen ion while high PH usually represents solutions with low concentration of hydrogen ions. Acids on a PH scale are substances that when added to water increases the concentration of hydrogen ions thus lowering the PH. A base on the former(a) hand usually lowers the concentration of hydrogen ions thus raising the PH. There are other substances called buffers that enable solutions to resist changes in

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Economics of Organisations TAKE HOME EXAM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Economics of Organisations TAKE HOME testing - Essay ExampleIt is vital in todays world that every researcher possesses models with imperfect information. The aforementi sensationd possible action freighter be applied everywhere from underdeveloped countries to developed economies. Founding this theory were George Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Joseph Stiglitz. They won sort of a prestigious award for their work in asymmetrical markets in 2001.These questions exemplify familiar - alone seemingly different - phenomena, each of which has posed a challenge to economic theory. This years Laureates proposed a common business relationship and extended the theory when they augmented the theory with the realistic assumption of asymmetric information agents on one side of the market have much better information than those on the other side. Borrowers know much than the lender round their repayment prospects the seller knows more than buyers about the prime(a) of his car the CEO and the mount know more than the shareh elderlyers about the profitability of the firm policyholders know more than the insurance company about their accident risk and tenants know more than the landowner about their work effort and harvesting conditions.More specifically, Akerlof showed that informational asymmetries flock give rise to uncomely selection on markets. Due to imperfect information on the element of lenders or prospective car buyers, borrowers with weak repayment prospects or sellers of low-quality cars crowd out everyone else from the market.Some demand that Aker... Due to imperfect information on the part of lenders or prospective car buyers, borrowers with weak repayment prospects or sellers of low-quality cars crowd out everyone else from the market.(Nobel Prize.org 2009, p. 1)Some claim that Akerlofs essay, The Market for Lemons is the ultimate representation of study in economics of information literature. It has both seminal features in that it describes something simple but profound, has a significant telephone number of implications and applications that are widespread in nature. Akerlof starts out by describing a formal analysis-the first of its kind-of markets that suffer from indecent seslection. He analyses a market for a good where the seller has more information than the buyer regarding the quality of the product. This is exemplified by the market for used cars a lemon - a colloquialism for a defective old car - is now a well-known metaphor in economists theoretical vocabulary. Akerlof shows that hypothetically, the information problem can either cause an entire market to collapse or contract it into an adverse selection of low-quality products. (Nobel Prize.org 2009, p. 1).Akerlof excessively points out other information asymmetries. Most of these appear to him in developing countries. For causa, in India, in the 1960s, urban lenders chose to charge twice as much interest as those who operated in the larger cities. Another examp le occurs when Akerlof describes health insurance for the elderly. Yet another is discrimination of certain groups of people in the labour market. A key insight in his lemons paper is that economic agents may have strong incentives to offset the adverse effects of

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EU Law Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

EU Law - Coursework ExampleIt was held in Marshall v S step forwardhampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority that an anti-discrimination directing that had not been applyed by the UK despite the expiration of time for doing so, could not be used against hugger-mugger parties. The ECJs decision was based on the rationale that Article 249 of the EC Treaty specifically say that Directives were binding on the states to which they were addressed.3 The only real possibility for pursuing claims against private parties in cases where damages ar sustained and claim would have arisen under an unimplemented directive is in cases where the private individual is under the oblige of the state, subject to some form of statutory control or provides a public service.4 Fattenem appears to be a private corporate body offering private services and thus cannot be characterized as an gene of the state. There are other possibilities for the residents and the gardener to pursue claims against Fattenem with respect to the unimplemented Directive. The principle of indirect effect as enunciated in Francovitch v Italian Republic 1992 IRLR 84. In the Francovitch case, the Italian governments failure to implement a Directive seeking to ensure that employees receive fair compensation when their employers became insolvent resulted in employees losing out on compensation. The court ruled that Italys failure to implement the Directive was a breach of its agreement to ensure that the result think to be achieved was ensured. Thus Italy was liable to compensate the employees.5 base on the doctrine of indirect effect as enunciated in Francovitch, the residents and gardeners can thus pursue Fattenem for damages relative to the unimplemented Directive. Based on the ruling in Francovitch, the right to take action indirectly is substantiated if it can be ceremonious that the damages complained of is exactly the result that the Directive intended to prevent. The Direction was clearly intended to prevent pee defilement and the governments failure to implement the Directive resulted in significant water pollution and damages. Essentially, the Francovitch decision established that individuals may pursue claims against the state in respect of damages sustained as a result of the governments failure to implement a Directive if three conditions were satisfied.6 First, it moldiness be established that the Directive must transfer some right to the individual complainants. Arguably, the Directive conferred upon the individuals a right to clean and unpolluted water. Secondly, the rights must be discernible from the wording of the Directive. The Directive clearly intended to prevent contamination of water in the areas of waste disposal by those who manufactured fertilisers. Thirdly, there must be a link between the governments failure to implement the Directive and the agree damages complained of. The evidence suggest that the governments failure to implement the Direc tive resulted in Fattenems progressive and unrestrained use of chemicals. The residents had not complained of pollution and contamination before. Thus had the Directive been implemented Fattenem would not have continued to increase its use of the chemical to dangerous levels. Essentially, the

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John Locke Second Treatise on Government vs. Voltaire Candide Term Paper

John Locke Second Treatise on Government vs. Voltaire Candide - Term composition ExampleLocke attempted to explain the reasons King James II was overthrown justifiably and why he was ascended by William III. He as well wanted to define the legal role of the civil political relation. He delineate the role of the civil government as the political power and a right of law devising which includes penalties of death and fewer penalties for regulating property as well as preserving them and employing forces of executing these laws, in defensive structure of special K wealth against foreign injury. This is all for the good of the public . On the new(prenominal) hand, Voltaire Candide is about Candide who grows in the province of Westphalia in Germany. He is made to believe that he lives in a world that is of the outflank quality . This belief starts to change when he started experiencing horrors of poverty, war, the hypocrisy that the church had and maliciousness of man. According to Locke, the government was in existence, among many other things, in order to promote the good of the public as well as to protect the property, liberty and life of its people. This is what is considered to being the main point of having a government and these are the purposes for its existence (Locke 12). For the above reasons, the people who run or govern are supposed to be voted in by the entire society. It is the right of the society to hold powers of instating another government when it is necessary. Locke believes that people are free by nature. This is the belief that founded his philosophy about the government. This is also supported by Voltaire Candide. He says that the government is supposed to be in existence in order to support the society and provide them with all they need. But concord to Candide, this does not happen since the people having authority were corrupt and usually ab utilise their powers. The societys rights and freedom were not granted and they faced a lot of hardships. There are certain literary artifacts that were engrossd in making the different points they had. Locke argues that in case the society is dissolved, it is also likely that the government pass on as well dissolve. He said that it is very impossible to have the frame of any planetary house subsist and the materials that begin it are jumbled into heaps that are confused by an earthquake4. The agreement of individuals to discipline as a single body is what makes up a society. If the agreement brakes and the different individuals make the decision to separate, then the community impart end up breaking. When the government does not have its society, the government will as well dissolve. But in case a government dissolves and the society body as one, the people shall still have the power to reform the government as they would like. On the other hand, Voltaire Candide uses wealth in explaining his points of view. Wealth leads to greed and causes war. The need to pos sess wealth encouraged robbery and villainy of power. In his work, wealth is depicted as transient. Even though it may be beneficial, it is not at last fulfilling5. There are different practices of their time that these writers mock or criticize. Locke criticizes the act of slavery. He says that men has a natural liberty of being free and not have any power that is superior on earth. Man is not supposed to be under any legislative authority or will of man but is supposed to have the law of nature to rule him. He also says that no man should control the right to own property. This is because God gave life to all men in common and gave them reason to use it to their advantage and convenience. Every person has the right of owning property wherever they would like to. average like Locke, Voltaire Candide criticizes slavery in a great way. The abuse of power leads to slavery since the leaders use their power

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One page reflection essay based on experience Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

adept page reflection based on experience - Essay Exampleompetition instilled in us an construction of self-confidence in all we did thus winning every match besides developing supernumerary skills due to practising harder. This is because we aimed at ensuring retaining our position as the leading team during all games we played. Sometimes we lost, but instead of being discouraged, losing to our competitors made us go back to the drawing board to examine and analyse our exhausted points. By understanding where we went wrong, it became much easier to find the way forward.Competition built teamwork, which uninterruptedly lead to the victor of the team. Basketball involves passing of the ball from one player to another whereby without teamwork this will not be useful because there will be aspects of unselfishness. The healthy competition in basketball instilled a winning place in us besides discouraging us to be out of our comfort zones. Determination and assiduity enabled us t o achieve the victory we badly needed. However, initially it was not that easy on my part to assemble an already strong team. I had to prove my worth but with persistence not only I made it but turned to be a reliable player.Extending this aggressiveness in life, competition has incessantly encouraged me to set higher goals than that of my competitors. Through the early sport, I learnt to admire my competitors and strive harder to beat them. not by copying them, but by being more creative and innovative to outdo them. We should because embrace competition for the good values it creates in

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Genre analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Genre go forthline - Essay ExampleAt the same quantify it has made my reflexes so much better, I potentiometer feel the difference for myself. Earlier, I was really ho-hum and my reflexes were extremely slow but thanks to the plot of ground, I have become much faster now. My hand-eye coordination has also improved tremendously.In addition to this playing online has helped me a lot, I have made so many friends and I ever play against them to see how good I really am. We also meet outside and spend clock time together. I became excessively involved and that was when I asked myself some really important questions?Questions like what is the future on gaming and how can I benefit from it? I am investing so much time into it what will I get out of it? These were some extremely important questions that I asked myself and it was very important for me to ask myself these questions and I am delighted I asked these questions just at the right time.To narrow my analysis I stumbled upon the Virgin Gaming website. (Virgin Gaming) The Virgin Gaming website has been developed by the Virgin group and it provides an rarefied platform for gamers to grow and develop.I also came across twitch TV website. The sting TV website allows gamers to flow rate gaming videos and attract auditory sense. That was when I started believing that one can make a career out of gaming and I started working towards it.There are so many gamers who have made a career out of gaming and this is certainly possible. So many of them have already been immensely successful. Twitch TV is similar to Youtube and they pay content producers for involving more and more people, this is very similar to Youtube partner program.The audience can contribute greatly, they can chip in with their comments and the types of series they would want to see and the content producers can produce exactly what is required and demanded by the audience.Virgin Gaming is a different ball game altogether. It involves competit ive game

Contract law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Contract law - strive ExampleThe Law reform Commission, in its Consultation Paper titled Privity of Contract Third society Rights launched on 14 November 2006, has recommended that the rules of privity be amended such that where the parties to a signalise clearly intend a third party to benefit, then that party be allowed to sue if terms are not carried out.2 Moreover, the existing exceptions to the Rule of Privity are also to be preserved. However, in view of the numerous exceptions and exclusions that exist to the Doctrine of Privity of Contract, the interrogation that arises is whether these reforms are really necessary? As stated by Trietel, the many exceptions to the Doctrine of Privity make it passable in practice but they have provoked the question whether it would not be better however to modify the doctrine or to abolish it altogether.3For example, ane of the exceptions that exist is the provision for collateral contracts, where one of the parties to the original co ntract may have a collateral contract with a third party that relates to the same subject matter of the original contract. In the case of Shanklin Pier v Detel Products4 the Plaintiffs had a contract with some contractors. However these contractors recommended that the plaintiffs purchase paint from the defendants, which was guaranteed to last seven years. When it lasted for only three months, the plaintiffs sued and the Court held that contempt the existing contract with the Contractors, plaintiffs could sue defendants under the collateral contract arrangement which existed, thereby allowing for action against a third party.Collateral contracts also provided the means for a third party to circumvent the doctrine of Privity in the case of Andrews v Hopkinson.5In this case the Plaintiff bought a car from a defendant who assured him that it was in good condition. The Plaintiff bought the car on a hire purchase arrangement and had it financed through a finance Company and

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Community Development & Social Work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Community Development & Social Work - appointment ExampleThis essay highlights that one of the principles of social escape is treating people with respect and dignity. Intimidation must non form part of social work and cultural differences should be duly recognised. Protection from harm and reasonably share in resources must be promoted. Any form of discrimination must not be practised options must be made available and obstacles must be lessened. In social work, the ask of others must be prioritised and social workers must make use of their skills and abilities in resolving conflicts among the members of the conjunction. Trust and say-so in the exercise of duties must be practised and people should be accustomed the highest quality of service.As the paper declares biotic community development is centered on the ranges of social justice, self determination, working and breeding together, sustainable communities, participation and reflective practise. Some underlying princip les that strengthen social justice are covering respect for individuals civic and human rights being sensitive to cultural diversities, differences in beliefs and ideologies promoting equal career opportunities and reject discrimination. Self-determination merchantman be shown by identifying first and foremost, the root of the problem currently experienced by the community. Developing a sustainable community is one of the goals of a community development worker. The right of the community must be fully respected by community workers in deciding what is beneficial for them. ... devising people aware of the alternatives available and conferring with them about the repercussions and other concerns related to the wide variety of possible choices given upholding the right perspective that other communities should not be regarded as inferior and properly addressing clashes within the community are also some ways of exhibiting self-determination (Ontario profound Communities Coalition 2011). Another principle requirement for the development of a community is the value of working and learning together. This principle can be promoted by establishing that collaborative working is better and more efficient than doing tasks individually. This entails a shorter period of time and less causa for the task to be done, encouraging people to contribute for the welfare of the whole community and urging them to work as one. Moreover, this assures people that all views or suggestions are considered and making them feel that they are essential members of the community, and ultimately by trying to build up a culture of knowledgeable and responsible decision makers (Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition 2011). Developing a sustainable community is one of the goals of a community development worker. This can be made by encouraging self-sufficiency among the members of the community, developing the abilities of the people to be productive citizens upholding the value of indepen dency learning from past mistakes and by using few resources from the environment while generating less bobble and pollution (Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition 2011). The right of the community must be fully respected by community workers in deciding what is beneficial for them. The needs of the community, the

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Sociology unit4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociology unit4 - Essay ExampleThese processes atomic number 18 largely intertwined and result in specific ch tout ensembleenges to societies in general and to family life in particular, in both direct and indirect ways. (Editors note & Introduction, 2008) and it could be suggested that this list is accurate but incomplete as changing gender roles and division of perseverance both within and outside the family have also evolved. The wealth gap has increased in the coupled States over the last fifty years. The wealthy have gotten wealthier and the poor have gotten poorer. This increases the affluence of the wealthy and increases the penury of the least affluent. Most importantly, however, it increases the differences between the lives of the very wealthy and those of the very poor. This significant wealth gap increases preeminence within American society and between classes leading to resentment and the loss of a sense of share destiny and cooperation. Second, as a result of th e demographic transition families are getting smaller. It was not unusual at the start of the twentieth century ffor a family to have six or eight children and perhaps also have grandparents living with them. Households were much larger one hundred years ago than they are today. In 2000 the average household coat was 2.59 and the average family size was 3.14. Household size refers to persons living under the same roof but not necessarily related. (US Census, 2000, Fact Sheet) That the family size is larger than the household size is evidence of a weakening of the family in terms of families living together. It also speaks to the massive increase in marital breakdown that has become a common feature of modern family life. According to divorcerate.org, 50% part of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the woodland Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. (Divorce Rate) John R. Lott Jr., argue s that the wider availability of abortion as a birth control option increased casual and pre-marital sex and single-motherhood. He argues that this was the cause of the burgeoining evil rate during the 1980s and 1990s. He arguess that, more out-of-wedlock births, fewer adoptions than expected, and less pressure on men to do the right thing--led to a sharp increase in single-parent families. (Lott, 2007) Further he asserts that this led to more children being raised in single-parent families and had no impact on the declining crime rate. Legalizing abortion increased crime. Those natural in the four years after Roe were much more likely to commit impinge on than those born in the four years prior. (Lott, 2007) The increasing divorce rate and the increase in single-parent families all point to a weakening of the traditional family. References Divorce Rate. Www.divorcerate.org. Editors note & Introduction. Journal of Comparative Family Studies 39.3 (2008) 1+. Hanisch, Carol. (2006) . New Intro to The Personal is Political. Web. http//web.archive.org/web/20080515014413/http//scholar.alexanderstreet.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=2259. Lott, John R., Jr. (August 13, 2007). Abortion and crime one has an subject on the other, but it may not be the effect you think. National Review18. US Census, 2000, F

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Initial writing assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Initial writing assessment - Essay Examplequipped for the increasingly unite contemporary world, compared to their counterparts who solely learn in their respective countries institutions. Despite the numerous opportunities, international school-age childs encounter characteristic challenges, which would potentially impede their level of fulfillment and satisfaction. This paper explores opportunities availed by international scholarship, potential challenges encountered by supporter students, and how the scholars can overcome the problems, in order to reap maximum benefits.One of the principal opportunities for international students is the find oneself to broaden their cosmopolitan experience and to reinforce their cultural sensitivity. This bechance stems from the fact that, within an international context, students interact with others from diverse social, national and cultural backgrounds in settings to which they are not accustomed (Ruiz, 2010, p.45). The other vital tant rum of international education is that it allows students to explore a wide range of career options that apply to the global calling market. International scholars often get prior consideration for exclusive job vacancies, since they are usually associated with attributes worry adaptability and global experience. Language proficiency acquired in the global education context cannot be overlooked, as a unique opportunity for involved students. Such linguistic expertise is ascribable to learning globally admit languages such as English and French, which enhance ones communication ability and increases chances of a student working in equally diverse work environs. Most importantly, international students get a chance to broaden their social and professional networks while growing at a personal level (Ruiz, 2010, p. 45). blush though international education affords students numerous growth opportunities at a personal and professional level, it is not devoid of challenges. A significant challenge faced by scholars that pursue this form of

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Ecotourism in Zanzibar and Kenya Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ecotourism in Zanzibar and Kenya - Essay ExampleEcotourism has been argued to play vital roles in salvaging some of the worlds endangered ecosystem. Proponents of the concept as well believe that it provides a platform through which state or baseball club can develop or adopt sustainable economic strategies so as to safeguard biological resources. It is worrying to point out the fact that most communities that own biological resources have been pursuing environmentally-damaging strategies. Ideally, ecotourism is assistive in finding a compromise between preserving the natural environment and pursuing development. Even though some countries have successful employ this concept, others still face a great deal of challenges. Zanzibar and Kenya be some of the few African countries that have successfully implemented ecotourism concept. This essay compares and contrasts some of the ecotourism practices that have been implemented in Zanzibar and Kenya (Honey, 1999). Similarities Creatio n of the Independent Ecotourism Society (TIES) In both Zanzibar and Kenya, The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) was formed designedly to get a tourism that is friendly to the natural environment and culture of a commonwealth. In both countries, the body has employed people who travel from one natural area to another to ascertain the temper of tourism that would conserve the environment and improves well-being of the people (Honey, 1999). The body has been working hard to change the perceptions of the tourists, earn environmental awareness and explore natural environments. The independent body is constantly working a immense number of collaborators and supporters. In both countries, the body has attracted members from diverse cultural backgrounds. They draw knowledge from these members and utilize them as channels for spreading information about ecotourism. Ecotourisms conservation efforts and strategies (Visitors attitudes and feedback) In Zanzibar and Kenya, visitors att itudes and feedback on ecotourism in the country is taken seriously as it is incorporated into ecotourism management tourism. The information provided by visitors helps in predicting the consequences of actions on the ecotourism experience. It is life-and-death for any country to take into account satisfaction of tourists and ecological-well being (Honey, 1999). The two countries have been monitoring and assessing the conditions and berths of the sites commonly visited by tourists, and this has helped in the creation and protection of volunteer(a) resources for visitors. In addition, this has aid the provision of appropriate recreational experiences. Ideally, the two countries have been using visitor perceptions of the potential effects of tourists to ascertain indicators of monitoring environmental conditions. For example, Kenyan government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources, has been utilizing data on visitors experience about the environmental impacts in M aasaai mara and Amboseli (Honey, 1999). Mainstreaming sustainable tourism principles in states policies and programs In the 1980s, tourism sector in Kenya and Zanzibar was completely unplanned. Both governments were vague in their tourist planning and regulation. In addition, they were not even able to implement some of its ecotourism projects. However, this situation changed rapidly in towards the end of 20th century. In Zanzibar, the International Workshop on Ecotourism and Environmental preservation of 1994 was a turning point of the Zanzibars tourism industry. Since then, Zanzibar has mainstreamed its tourist policies and programs to integrate the policy makers to ecotourism programs. This is also happening in Kenya. This practice is implemented using ecotourism workshops and study trips (Honey, 1999). Role of NGOS and

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(Must be aviation related) Drones in the public sector Research Paper

(Must be aviation related) Drones in the public welkin - Research Paper Examplere are various safety issues that the regulatory body of the FAA should stupefy into account while integrating the UAVs to the National Airspace System (NAS). In addition, it was ascertained that the introduction of these enervate aircrafts for the commercial mathematical function should be implemented after few years when the people get habituated to the UAVs.An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is generally known as drone is an automated aircraft which does not entreat any human pilot on the plane. The UAV is controlled either automatically by the inbuilt computer arranging in the aircraft or is controlled by a pilot through a remote. In the present daylight context, drones are being used for the fareors line of packages to the civilians in the United States. Correspondingly, Amazon has been one of the prime initiators of introducing UAVs in the United States for the commercial purpose. The m ain objective of Amazon behind its UAV adoption is to carry package bring throughy through its use. In the year 2013, Amazon declared that it would use small UAVs in order to deliver various commodities to its customers. Amazon proclaimed that these UAVs can deliver products within 30 minutes. However, it can be notice that the UAV delivery system capability face certain major obstacles. It can be ascertained that tolerate would be a major obstacle while grounding the aircraft. Moreover, there might be a possibility that the product that has been dropped in the door step of the customer gets stolen. In addition, people might notice uncomfortable with several UAVs flying above their heads every day. Besides, the people using this delivery system might have the requirement of purchasing UAV insurance that provides security from system malfunctions and uncertain crashes. The prospective users of the UAVs for commercial purpose and the UAV manufacturers can be termed as the audienc e for this report. The purpose of the report is to determine the impact of various factors that act as an obstacle for the delivery

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Apply Dsm-Iv to William Styron Essay Example for Free

Apply Dsm-Iv to William Styron EssayHe chronicles the leaden and poisonous mood (Styron, 1990) that occupies most of his days. He reflects his diminished interest and pleasure towards exceptionally islands pleasure, his beloved home, writing and other(a) activities that he used to enjoy. He wonders how his friendly place seemed so hostile and forbidding. As a writer it felt helpless and painful to him when he found out the writing becomes more difficult and exhausting, at last ceased because first has made him unable to concentrate.Styrons statement of two or three hours of sleep I was able to get at night indicated that he suffered from insomnia and the everyday sleepless was a r ar aberration to him. It was clean that his insomnia evolved from middle insomnia to severe insomnia just right before his hospitalization (Andreasen Black, 2011). Styron also stated his slowed psychomotor functions that manifested in slowed-down responses, near paralysis, psychic energy throttle d back close to zero.Styron further describes his mental sickness severity as reached the phase of the disorder where all sense of hope had vanished, along with the idea of a futurity. While these particular descriptions depict Styrons hopelessness and despair, he also proposed a examination Why wasnt I in a hospital which implies his later voluntary hospitalization and utility in his affection. In addition, Styron constantly thinks about expiry and suicide evidenced by Death, was now a daily presence. His house has also become a place that was filled with possibilities of committing suicide.These core symptoms in Styrons case defined study effect and has presented for more than two weeks (Ameri tolerate Psychiatric Association, 2000). Styron stated by himself that there was no manic episode occurs. And there were no evidence for a Mixed Episode. Although it was clear that clients alcoholic drink abuse history and his overuse of sleep medication toy roles in his depression c lients depression are not due(p) to the direct physiological effects of the substances or any general medical condition (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).It is interesting to address that clients symptoms are not better accounted for by Bereavement but the unresolved affliction Styron had toward his mother can be consider a major part that contributed to his depression. The sisterhood trauma and the unresolved grief forget be discussed later in this essay. In Styrons case his depression began gradually during the six to eighter from Decatur month time frame. Styron is on point in his astute description of milder dysthymic states that evolve into physiologically pursue forms of sever, endogenous depressions (England, Ganzer, Foster, Tos nonpareil, 2006).Based on clients current situation it is reasonable to give Styron tame with current GAF score of 65. Styron stayed in hospital for nearly seven weeks and discharged with an improvement in his illness and his functions . All of his statements of I began to get well, gradually but steadily the fantasies of self destruction disappeared suicidal notions dwindled and so disappeared had first dream in many months indicated that he was in the process of Partial recovery. Not altogether he started to feel peace in his mind but also he was able to allude hospital group activities.Styron has high adaptive level of defensive functions at current state. The understanding of the causes of depression has evolved over centuries. While Styron was detecting his forgotten or buried events that underlay his depression it will be important to look into his case through the biopsychosocial lens. From biopsychosocial model perspective the three major factors which all play a role in causing depression are biological, psychological and social factors. There are three aspects that contribute to Styrons biological factor genetic, alcohol use and medication.Based on Styrons memory, his father, a shipyard engineer, suff ered from clinical depression. When Styron was a young boy he have witnessed his fathers depression and hospitalization. Recent genetic research fight downs earlier studies reporting family links in depression (Pittenger Duman, 2008). If one or both of childs parents have a vulnerability to depression, then it can be hereditary to the child. Therefore Styrons fathers depression can be viewed as a assay factor to Styrons later depression.In the narrative of Styron, he stated his dependence on alcohol and the overuse of Halcion for his sleeping problem. Excessive alcohol consumption authoritatively increases the risk of developing major depression (Gottlieb). Similar to alcohol, the increased risk for developing depression in benzodiazepines might be due in part to effects of drugs on neurochemistry, like decreased levels of serotonin and norepinephrine (Pittenger Duman, 2008). Styron himself acclaims that more significant factor (Styron, 1990) to his depression was the death of his mother when he was thirteen.In order to view psychological factor in Styrons case Styrons early mother lost has strong affect on his depression. Attachment theory predicts a relationship between depressive disorder and the early bond between the child and parents. Particularly the experiences of early loss, separation whitethorn all lead to insecure internal working models (Ma, 2006). To Styron, the death of his mother has created nearly irreparable emotional havoc (Styron, 1990) for him. This huge hole in his life may lead to his insecure and self-worthlessness.This insecure internal working models manifest through depressed individuals often blaming themselves for cast out events and may not taking credit for positive outcomes. Styron reaction towards can be interpreted as he subconsciously felt he was not worthy of the honor (Marowitz, 2009). Regarding Styrons own insight of incomplete mourning (Styron, 1990) he is right about the unsolved grief can keep bear the insuffer able burden of rage, guilt and sorrow. The Styrons were a dignified Southern WASP fanily and open displays of grief were tacitly discouraged (England, Ganzer, Foster, Tosone, 2006).Since Styron was stuck in the phase of unresolved grief and using rage, guilt, and sorrow as the arouse for his work he never really learned a correct way to release his contradict repeating emotions. Social factor in Styrons case may be his social isolation during his early life from childhood to adolescent. As an only child in the family Styrons social support can only come from his depressed father and mother with terminal illness. There was no one to share the burden and loneliness with him. As a pre mature and gifted child Styron went to schools grade that did not match his developmental stage.

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Comment on the various sorts of love shown in Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

Comment on the various sorts of admire shown in Romeo and Juliet EssayShakespeares Romeo and Juliet is a quixotic tragedy based around a pair of young extolrs. The play is set in twelfth century Verona where a pair of families, the Capulets and the Montagues have been feuding for many years. The play revolves around Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet falling deeply in love and the take downts that befall these both forbidden lovers. The play covers an array of different types of love and love related issues from brotherly love to bodily lust, Shakespeare uses the characters to portray stereotyped ideas of love and how it affects people. Before even the setoff flick is out, the play has already touched upon the idea of brotherly love. Benvolio, the cousin of Romeo, finds Romeo in a enounce of climb depression and says to Romeo What worryingness lengthens Romeos hours? With this line Shakespeare is showing Benvolios concern as a man might unto his brother. Romeo is sad bec ause he has fallen in love with a girl, Rosaline In sadness, cousin, I do love a woman. even so Romeos chosen spouse does not return the affection, as Romeo states She will not stay the siege of pleasant terms. Benvolio offers to Romeo the idea of looking for a different more attainable woman.He gives this advice in enunciate that his cousin may once again be happy thus showing his affection for Romeo. passim the play Shakespeare writes about light when referring to love, he talks of it in the prologue before the play is even moving A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life It does not stop here however, on Romeos origin reckon with Juliet he says O she doth teach the torches to burn bright Meaning that she brings light to his immorality troubled state of mind, where at that place was the haze of rejection her light shines by brightening his mood.Again in scene two upon meeting with Juliet his love Romeo compares her presence to light But soft, what light through yon der window breaks? To Romeo meeting Juliet is like the cheerfulness rising, just as the sun lights up the world she lights up his mood and, as the sun clears the daybreak mist, so Juliet clears the fog of his mind leaving it clear. I think Shakespeare uses these references to light to show that in dark dates often love apprize show the way. Perhaps showing that in the face of a problematic social environment love flush toilet be a beacon to those who embrace it.When Romeo first visits friar Lawrence in Act two prognosis three they speak of Romeos newfound love for Juliet and counterchange of heart to Rosaline With Rosaline, my ghostly father? no I have forgot that designation, and that wee-wees woe By this he is telling the friar that he has not only stopped doting on Rosaline and, has in concomitant undergone a total change in spirits forgetting the woes he had over Rosaline. However the Friar speaks of the doubts he had for the sincerity of Romeos love for Rosaline in the first place Thy love did read by rote, that could not spell. This implies that Romeo, whilst look outwardly convincing lacked the meaning behind his words. Shakespeare is again using a characters opinion to influence that of the audience, in this case Romeos love for Rosaline may well have been true but due to the friars opinionated quarrel the audience is cast into doubt on the matter. The friar also chides Romeo about his use of elaborate metaphoric language when talking of love, telling him to be plain, good son, For in order for Friar Lawrence to absolve Romeo he must first be able to under bristle him.Yet it is not just the friar who is shadowy of Romeos decorative words, Juliet had already commented on the way he talks in Act two Scene two O swear not by the moon, thinconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circled orb, Lest that thy love prove as well variable. Romeos allegorical promises do not hold well with Juliet because in his words no definition base be fou nd merely elaborate metaphors. However Juliets complaints go unheeded for later on Act two Scene six Romeo is again using exotic language in order to describe his love for herUnfold the imagined happiness that both Receive in either by this dear encounter. Juliet however responds by saying Conceit, more rich in matter than in words, Brags of his substance, not of ornament They are but beggars that can count their worth, But my true love is grown to such(prenominal) excess I cannot add together up sum of half my wealth. What Juliet is saying here is that unlike Romeo she cannot sum up her love for him in words. Shakespeare uses strong negative imagery such as beggars and conceit to display Juliets exasperation with Romeos continuing employment of needless ornate speech.But despite Juliets doubts and Romeos misleading words there is an overwhelming love amid the pair that cannot go unnoticed. Even upon their first meeting Romeos feelings for Juliet are obvious Did my heart love money box now? He directs this phrase at Juliet before the two have even met. Yet when they do at last meet Juliet shares with Romeo not one but two kisses, the second induced by Juliet Then have my lips the sin that they have took These shows of affection in the time in which the play was create verbally would be unheard of upon a first meeting.This shows just how the pair truly epitomise the phrase recognise at first sight for they did not let the fact that they were total strangers hinder the strength of their feelings even if the feeling was simply lust. However as of yet we cannot tell whether Romeo is sincere in his love this time rather than just lustfully infatuated as he was with Rosaline, the cousin of Juliet. However he proves himself later in the act by saying Call me but love, and Ill be new baptise Henceforth I never will be Romeo By this he is offering to change his name if it would make Juliet love him and be with him.During Shakespearian times it was no small f eat to denounce ones name, there was a lot more weight placed upon names back then, especially if it was a name of high social standing as was Romeos. This proposal shows the true and serious nature of Romeos newfound love. However it is not simply Romeo who makes such a bold offer for earlier in the scene Juliet says be but sworn my love, And Ill no longer be a Capulet To the audience Shakespeare was writing for this selfless act on both their parts would have convinced the audience that their love was true.Another part that Shakespeare played upon to influence his audience into believing that Romeo and Juliets love was true was his use of Religious language upon their first meeting. If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. Shakespeare deliberately uses this language to symbolise a occur of things. Firstly that Juliet like a shrine is untouched or vi rginal this theme is recurrent through the first two acts of the play.Secondly it However not all Shakespeares examples of love are so romantic for instance Juliets mother The Lady Capulet says to Juliet considering the offer of spousal from Paris So shall you share all that he doth possess, By having him, making yourself no less. This shows a very materialistic side to Lady Capulet it also implies that the dry land she is wed to Lord Capulet might not necessarily be because they are in love. It portrays a often more dutiful love between Juliets parents perhaps Lady Capulet loves Lord Capulet simply because they are married rather than being married because they are in love.This type of relationship was common in Tudor times because often romanticism was overlooked in the face of bettering oneself financially. Paris show of affection for Juliet is not without a sense of duty he, as was proper in those days, approaches Lord Capulet for his daughters hand in matrimony But now, my lord, what say you to my suit? At this point Capulet believes his daughter to be too young for marriage yet he encourages young Paris to woo her in order that she may fall in love with him down the line And too soon marred are those so early made. cogency be referring to the marriage of himself and lady Capulet that has now become loveless and hollow. He as a loving father does not wish this upon his own only child so through Paris application Shakespeare shows another form of love, the love of a father for his daughter. Yet not all Shakespeares characters believed in such an honourable love. In his opening scene there are two servant men talking between themselves, there speech although on the topic of fighting generally is rife with sexual innuendo and pun.For example Ay, the heads of maids, or their maidenheads, take it in what sense thou wilt This line seemingly innocuous to the reader of our time has a very rude meaning in Shakespearian language where maidenhead means vi rginity, in this sense the two are talking of having sex with virgins, more than a elflike less noble than the good Paris. They speak also of pushing women to the wall because of their weaker build this all shows puny true emotion and a very physically sexual type of love if indeed it can be referred to as that at all.Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet was a revolutionary piece when it was written because it showed just how love can move people in an age where marriage for social or financial gain was the norm. oer nearly five hundred years Shakespeares language and story line has captivated the hearts and minds of generations of lovers with its bizarre mixture of reality and fantasy. Romeo and Juliet is one piece of Shakespeares work that will remain a true timeless classic.

Effective Communication Essay Example for Free

sound communion Essay hard-hitting communication is the bring of transferring information or thoughts to someone or a group of people by way of speaking, writing or be language. According to Livestron.com (2014), Effective communication extends the concept to require that patrimonial content is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended. The goals of legal communication entangle creating a common perception, changing behaviors and acquiring information (para. 1). It is important that the person receiving the information be able-bodied to clearly and concisely understand the information from the sender. The most effective and ineffective techniques for sharing information, techniques that can be applied or modified in a health cargon gain environment and ship canal in which engine room may affect these processes give be discussed in this paper.Effective Communication TechniquesEffective communication begins with encoding, or being able to clearly a nd concisely relay the message so that the telephone receiver will be able to decode the message. otherwise important part of effective communication is do sure the receiver properly understands the message that was being sent. When considering the context of the communication it improves the effectiveness. Context includes age, religion, sexual taste and intellectual abilities of the receiver. Body language, or non-verbal communication includes eye contact, facial expressions, posture and position of the hands and arms. When body language is consistent with verbal content it improves understanding, and when body language is inconsistent with verbal content it creates discombobulation about the message. Emotions can interfere with effective communication. For example messages maybe negatively affected if the sender is angry. speckle operative in community mental health industry, an individual will be faced with never-ending changes in the way they communicate with each other , whether it be with the psychiatrist, counselor, diligent, drug representative or another health care supplyr. I found the most used forms of communicating with other people were face-to-face communication, phone, netmail and faxes. I feel the most effective way of communication is face-to-face because communication signals can provide insight to what is critical in gaining an understanding of others perspectives. ineffectualWays of CommunicationIneffective communication can be any disruption or failure in the communication process. phraseology is an obvious communication barrier because if a person does not understand the language the communication fails. Another barrier is when a person has an idea but lacks the confidence to speak up the communication process fails. According to Chron.com (2014) Removing barriers will increase your odds of communicating effectively. Both senders and receivers should pay attention to others in the process, qualification eye contact, listenin g intently and avoiding distractions. By being empathetic, you are imagining what it is like to be in the other persons situation, which helps the communication process (para. 5).How These Techniques Can Be Applied or ModifiedCommunication is the key to succeeding and will allow coworkers in a health care environment to work well unitedly. A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, who work together to achieve a shared purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its actionment. Teamwork is the process of people working together to accomplish these goals (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, Kramer, 2007, p. 91). Team members need to start out slowly in order to accomplish good communication skills. All team members should learn how to work with their team and be able to check over any conflicts that might occur.How Technology Affects the Communication ProcessTechnology has impacted the health care celestial sphere in a positive and rewarding way. For instance, the electronic medical record allows the user to exchange health care information electronically and can help provide a higher quality and safer care for the patients while creating enhancements for the health care organization. The electronic medical record provides up-to-date, accurate information about patient at the point of care which allows quick access to patient records for a more coordination of care. There are so many things that technology has provided the health care industry MRIs, CAT Scans, ultrasounds and laparoscopic surgeries. Technology will always bring change and a positive outlook to the health care industry.In conclusion, effective communication helps to better understand a person or situation. It enables us to resolve differences and build reliance and respect. This paper covered the most effective and ineffective ways for sharing information and ideas, techniques that can be applied or modified in a health care work environment and how technology impacts the co mmunication process.ReferencesChron.com. (2014). Retrieved from http//smallbusiness.chron.com/effective-ineffective-communication-56100.html Lombardi, D.J., Schermerhorn, J.R., Kramer, B. (2007). Managing Teams Leading and Developing Work Teams that are Efficient, Focused, and Flexible. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley Sons, Inc. Livestrong.com. (2014). Retrieved from http//www.livestrong.com/article/69309-effective-communication/

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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release Essay Example for Free

Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release EssayOn August 5, 2010, The Chilean grunter mine collapse with 33 workers confined in a 2,257 feet hole, which was the size of a mini studio apartment (msnbc.com news services, 2010). Their families, chums, and co-workers were worried frantic solely(a)y close their safety, and not being able to reach the mineworkers odd everyone at unease. The Rescuers and the Chilean Copper presidents came together to find a resolution as to the cause of this situation and how to rescue their employees. Families and co-workers of these miners curb questions that wanted immediate answers, and it is the companies responsibly to provide answers. The company should have a plan of emergency attain for these types of incident and be implemented in training programs when chartered or promoted. There should be reputable vocalism on hand to communicate with families, co-workers, and the media. The first action to take place is to immediately contro l the situation, and prevent any rumors from uprising through the workplace or the media.Have somebody Reputable from the company to hold a face to face verbal get together explaining what emergency incident just occurred and what the companies plan of action is going to be. It is important to present only facts to this see so that there ar no assumptions as to what is re all(prenominal)y taking place. Be honest, open, clear and concise in these meeting so the audience can listen and decode the message the spokesperson is conveying. The spokesperson should be able to answer all questions presented to the room, as long as the spokesperson has evidence to tolerate it up. Otherwise, being honest and saying, we are looking into that, is the best option for this type of situation. If the company has a morn and evening shift, then having the meeting write when both shifts are about to cross would be an utile way to control any rumors, explain the situation, and answer any questions . This will save time so the company can delegate the situation currently on hand.The second action is to have some other reputable spokesperson to notify the minors families of the incident. The first step to communicating to the miners loved ones is by surround and then a face-to-face verbal communication should take place. It is important to be sympathetic and compassionate when relaying this type of information to the families. Calling each miners emergency contact would be the start but should not provide excessively much information over the phone, but just ask the family or friend to come down to the job site immediately. Providing information over the phone can create media guardianship rapidly and cause panic attack to the person. Hold a meeting as soon as the miners family and friends have arrived and provide information that the company has facts on. Do not delude the race in thinking, the situation is worse or better than what the facts actually say, but be honest and clear about the situation.It is a good idea to have a mediator around if the company decides to have a verbally conversation that is one on one with a family member, and this will prevent any rumors as well. Inform the employees and families that it is in the best interest for the company and the families of the miners to avoid answering questions to the media. When speaking to the media without knowing all the facts or going based on what you heard without fully researching the situation can lead to panic and discomfort for the families and loved ones. For instance, in the situation the media publicly announced on August 26, 2010 that it would take the the Nazarenes four months to rescue the miners. However, According to msnbc.com news services (2010), Health Minister Jaime Manalich said, they would not be rescued before the Fiestas Patrais, and Fiestas Patrais is Chiles Independence Day celebration, held on September 18. That is only forty-four days, and a big difference fro m 120 days.Preventing the media from misleading reports can be achieved by avoiding the media. The company should offer advise to the families and co-workers to assistant deal with this situation, and provide any assistance to make this incident go smoother for them. later on the company has all the facts and knows what they are facing then have a reputable spokesperson manage the media, family, friends, and co-workers with all the facts at hand. This will help all parties realise what they are in for and to start transaction with the situation at hand. Keeping the all parties informed throughout the rescue process though meetings or the media is important. Having somebody from the company to go to the miners loved ones face to face or calling them to ensure that they are well, is a great way to provide answer to the individual parties.This situation affects everyone, families, friends, co-workers, and global. It is never easy to sieve to control and sustain a crisis like this but avoiding rumors, which are usually just opinions from others around, can help everybody. The miners loved ones just have one care in the world, that is getting them out safe and healthy, and that is all that should matter, but sometimes the media likes to turn embellish the truth. The important thing in this type of situation is too continual to provide information to all parties so they are properly informed. It is better to hear from the people who are actually in the rescue process rather than an outside source. This will provide all parties some ease to their pain even if it is not good information at least they understand the situation.Referencemsnbc.com news services. (2010). Drill breaks through to trapped Chilean miners. Retrieved from http//www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39558833/ns/world_news-americas/t/drill-breaks-through-trapped-chilean-miners/

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Chemistry in Daily Life Essay Example for Free

chemistry in Daily Life Essay1.You feel hungry because of the satiety center in your superstar falls short of particular hormones to function and then sends the signal of hunger. 2.You fall in love, get attracted and stick a feeling of be ampleing because of certain monoamines present in your brain which get stimulated by means of nerve sensors. 3.If you have wondered, why is the sky blue, it is due to a phenomenon called the Rayleigh scattering, which depends on scattering of light by and through particles which are much smaller than the wavelength. Hence when light passes through gases, there is scattering and the sky appears blue.4.Coffee keeps you raise because of the presence of a chemical called adenosine, in your brain. It binds to certain receptors and slows the nerve cell activity when sleep is signaled. 5.Anaerobic fermenting is also a great concept which is present in the chemistry of everyday life. It is present in yogurt, breads, cakes and many other baking p roducts. It is the multiplication of certain useful bacteria which increase the size of the provender and make it to a greater extent filling and soft. 6.Soap is formed by molecules with a head which likes water (hydrophilic) and a long chain which hates it (hydrophobic).7.Lactose is the main complex sugar found in the milk. Its a pretty big merge formed by two smaller components glucose and galactose. Such a big compound cannot get through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, so we need something to break it into smaller pieces. This something is an enzime named lactase. The more milk and milk products we consume, the more lactase we need. 8.The iodised salt is a necessary intake. It prevents a disease called goitre. 9.In the garden we use sprays to run through insects from attacking our plants. 10.Vermiwash is a liquid fertilizer. It isused as a leaf spray.

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Description of Composition Essay Example for Free

Description of Composition EssayI adjudge many wonderful moment in my life, in my home country with my family and my friends. we lived in a charming areaand Were pleased with our neighbors. during Have the holidays left all the campaign. However, I remember a good experience that i still can not forget. During this spring give way I made a visit to my full cousin Matthew who live in Dallas, tough spending years without seeing I was very pleased to be able to spend this time with him. Dallas is a great city and wonderful buildings are very huge in the city center.During my stay Mathieu showed me around the zoo of the city of dallas a place where we encounter several(prenominal) species of animals that are found throughout the world, among other gorillas, snakes, parrots. That day was the first time in my life I saw a gorilla who was nearly two meters long, this animal was really impressive both for its surface and its weight. At the end of the visit to the zoo I wanted to e at some things. We went to Matthew and me in a fancy restaurant in the city. This restaurant is located near the city center in a large building with a beautiful cadre. ur map for this restaurant we could see dishes from different origins Africa, Europe and America.We took for each one European dishes and we talked about our childhood. When we finished eating we took several photographs in the restaurant throughout the city of Dallas to pass on in memory of this moment of reunion between my cousin and me. I really enjoyed the spring reach this year because i had a lot of fun. i there fore look foward to the summer break and i hope i t allow for be even more beautiful than i will to live.

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Quesadilla Case Essay Example for Free

Quesadilla show window EssayThe quesadilla was first discovered in Mexico in the late 1500s. The lemon tortilla was originally discovered and created by the Native Americans (123 Long). In the 1500s and early 1600s the Spanish added to the quesadilla by putting pork, beef, chicken, and other ingredients into the edible give tortilla.In most regions, especially the central region of Mexico, a quesadilla is a circle of uncooked corn masa folded in half and filled with cheeseflower, then warmed up until the cheese has melted. However, variations include the use of pale yellow flour tortillas, especially in the northeast part of Mexico, which are more want cheese tacos form in the United States (Mexican Food). Wheat dough is used in place of corn masa in pastes, a preparation typical of the Mexican city of Pachuca, Hidalgo. El Salvador in addition has its version of the quesadilla. inappropriate its Mexican counterpart, the Salvadoran quesadilla is a dense bread dessert tha t is usually eaten with coffee.The ingredients include flour, milk, eggs, butter, sour cream, sugar, and Parmesan cheese (62 Pilcher). The ingredients are mixed to create a batter and then baked in a modify pan in the oven for about 30 minutes. This type of quesadilla is also common in Guatemala and southern Mexico states like Chiapas and Oaxaca. (48 Long). The sincronizada is a tortilla dish frequently confused with quesadillas by tourists because it is what is typically called a quesadilla in most Mexican restaurants outside of Mexico. Sincronizadas are do with a flour tortilla covered with cheese and then covered with another(prenominal) flour tortilla. And usually other ingredients like roasted beef, ham, or chorizo are used, just like in regular quesadillas.The early natives of Mexico did not have ovens, instead they heated food over and open fire, employ cast iron skillets and ceramic ware. Another method was steaming (38 Pilcher). They would suspend meat wrapped in cactus or banana leaves, over boiling water in a deep pit. Frying was also a popular method. They used a metate y mano, which is a large tool made of lava quaver or stone that they would use as a grinding stone or the molcaiete, which was smaller, to grind and destroy ingredients (100 Long). The molcaiete, or mortar and pestle, is a small bowl shaped container that can be made of stone, pottery, sturdy wood or marble, and the pestle is baseball bat shaped.The quesadilla as a food has changed and evolved over numerous years as people experimented with different variations of it. Depending on someones culture, the way the quesadilla is made can vary (Mexican Food). The true quesadilla is made with masa dough. Masa is prepared from maize blanco that is dried with limewater, after it is ground into a bewitching cornmeal. This was passed down from the Mayans, Aztecs and a few other cultures of the prehistoric Americas.The purist prepares the quesadilla as a turnover and differentiate it from the sincronizada, which is made with two flour tortillas with the cheese in between. Traditionally Chihuahua cheese is used, which is a white, mild, Mexican cheese, similar to a Monterey Jack (Mexican Food). In the 15th century, when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the New World, the thin, flatbread was already a perfected staple of the Mesoamerican people. The Spanish gave the name quesadilla to the delicious dish. The name quesadilla translates to little cheesy affaire which was a name given by the Spanish.As one can tell, the quesadilla has evolved and changed within the 400 years since it has been created. Many different cultures contributed to this and made the quesadilla what it is today. From baking over a hot fire to frying there are many ways to make a quesadilla, and this has evolved and varied in todays modern kitchens and restaurants. As the years go by, the quesadilla is still popular and made in kitchens everyday

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The Glands Menagerie Essay Example for Free

The Glands Menagerie EssayA ropeway Named Desire was written by Tennessee Williams in 1947, eliciting the most critical commentary of whatever of his works, as wellspring as being highly divisive upon its release, one reviewer defined it as the product of an well-nigh desperately morbid turn of mind1 George Jean Nathan criticised the unpleasant2 nature of the play, calling it The Glands Menagerie3.Williams focus on realism, and the subsequent disregard of clear-cut protagonists and antagonists in trolley, also drew glowing reviews, from the pre-eminent theatre critic Brook Atkinson, for example, who called Williams a truly poetic playwright whose knowledge of people is honest and thorough4. This discrimination in opinion does not comprise at subjective criticism of the play, exclusively even the specific genre which trolley car falls into. more assume it to be a disaster of somewhat type, and in that location is indeed much to commend this view. However, the double nature of many aspects of the play and Williams inclusion of alternate dramatic devices has led many to believe that Streetcar should not be classified as a disaster, but as a melodrama. In any tragedy, the tragic protagonist is of vital importance everything is centred on the protagonist, their flaw and subsequent downfall.However, in Streetcar, there is outsize distrust as to who this tragic protagonist actually is. This equivocacy may be observed in the difference in artistic opinion amid the plays original director, Elia Kazan, and the plays second director, Harold Clurman. Elia Kazan was a nearly friend of Tennessee Williams, who told him to ensure that Blanche (had) the understanding and compassion of the audience without creating a black-dyed villain in Stanley5.Indeed, from his directors private notebook, print in 1976, it is clear that Kazans sympathies lie with Stanley, who he sees as defending his household against the corrupting influence of Blanche for instance, St anleys manifestly crude violation of Blanches belongings in an attempt to find legal papers and his later corporeal violation of her person would have been justified in Kazans eyes, as the social incorrectness of Blanches intrusion into his home(prenominal) kingdom and subsequent undermining of his authority and values (Well if youll forgive me hes commonHe acts like an animal Stanley Kowalski survivor of the Stone Age , Dont hang back with the brutes ) outweighs the respective incorrectness of his retaliatory actions (Come to think of it maybe you wouldnt be bad to interfere with ). As such, Kazans direction dictated that Stanley be the victim of Blanches actions. It was even reported that some members of the audience cheered the rape of Blanche in Kazans production, with critic Signi Falk noting the waves of titillated laughter (which) swept over the audience 6.In direct opposition to Kazan, Clurman reallocated the role of victim to Blanche, positing that Streetcar portray s the crushing of sensitivity (Blanche) by brute potency (Stanley), therefore portraying the rape as such instead. These contradictory interpretations illustrate the crucial problem in labelling Streetcar as a tragedy, at least in a strictly peripatetic spirit there is no singular, defined hero or heroine, both can be interchangeably depicted as victim or antagonist. in that location is even discussion as to whether Stanley and Blanche represent either. Williams himself seems to support this I dont want to focus guilt or blame on any one character but to have it a tragedy of misunderstanding and insensitivity to others 7. This has only confirmed the ambiguous nature of the play, fuelling and perpetuating the uncertainty surrounding it and taking it even further away from the Aristotelian tragic ideal.Additionally, Aristotle dictated that tragedy should graph the demise of a great person, as he argued that their cataclysmic downfall due to hamartia would waken higher pathos in th e audience Williams focuses instead upon the demise of people in the dregs of society, ensuring that there is no way that Streetcar could possibly be considered to be a strictly classical tragedy. However, it is palliate potential to identify aspects of classical tragedy in Streetcar, which further heightens the vagueness surrounding the genre which Streetcar finds itself in.There is, for example, evidence of anagnorisis leading to peripateia, a tragic device which Aristotle considered to be the mark of a superior tragedy In Scene Three, after Stanley beats Stella and realises the error of his ways, he breaks into sobs and telephones Eunice, who has taken Stella in, in an attempt to guggle to (his) baby, to no avail. This is arguably Stanleys lowest point, as Stanley has alienated Stella, leading to one of the iconic moments in American drama Stanleys heaven-splitting cry of STELLL-AHHHHH an outburst of animal desperation.This moment, then (if Streetcar is considered to be a bat tle between Blanche and Stanley for Stellas affections), is a victory for Blanche. However, in Scene Ten, the roles are reversed Blanches telephone call for help is unsuccessful, and she is arguably at her lowest point of the play here, as Stanley shatters all her illusions and pretensions (Not once did you pull any wool over this boys eyes ), uncovering her multitude of lies, which makes Blanche face the reality of the threat Stanley poses to her (i. e. anagnorisis).So, while it is plain that Streetcar is by no means a classical tragedy, it does include facets of tragedy as defined by Aristotles Poetics. There is perhaps a more credible case for Streetcar being a tragedy in a slightly broader sense that is to say, encompassing the characteristics of modern domestic tragedy. Arthur Miller summed up the heart of domestic tragedy in his work Tragedy and the Common Man It is period, I think, that we who are without kings, took up this bright thread of our history (tragedy) and follo wed it to the only place it can possibly lead in our time the heart and spirit of the average man 8.The conclusion of Brook Atkinsons review of the opening night reflected this position Out of poetic imagination and ordinary compassion (Williams) has spun a poignant and luminous story9. Miller argued against the Aristotelian ideals concerning tragedy where Aristotle believed tragic heroes had to be of high social standing (for reasons above stated), Miller proposed that tragic heroes could be formed out of the working classes.Domestic tragedies of this nature became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries as a result of writers such as Miller, portraying the breakdown of a social construct, emphasising the distortion and ending of domestic order. Streetcar could, then, be construed as a domestic tragedy, as it portrays the demise of the social constitution from the old agrarian South (as represented by Blanche) and the rise of the post-war urban industrial society (as represente d by Stanley).Furthermore, Streetcar concerns the fates of Blanche and Stanley in the main, Stanley being irrefutably lower class although Blanche is not as straightforward to reason according to class, at the beginning of the play, Blanches demise has already occurred she has already fallen from her previously high status, having at sea her estate and fortune. Therefore, although Streetcar charts her descent into insanity, it does not show her fall from a high position in society, again rejecting the Aristotelian norm.It therefore seems as though Streetcar could easily be defined as a domestic tragedy, a judgement Dan Isaac agrees with Streetcar is a modern tragedy, and Blanche DuBois tragic flaw is hubris superbia of intellect and pride of sexual prowess10 If one tragic hero can be singled out, then it is possible to find their personal hamartia, and Streetcar becomes a domestic tragedy with aspects of classical tragedy. However, one prominent blow of Streetcar has yet to be introduced into the debate, and that is the huge emphasis on melodrama and expressionism.

The Amazing Catch Essay Example for Free

The Amazing trip EssayI am writing this paper on the exposure clip of the amazing cop made by the ball daughter. This paper is going to be my erudition of the video as I go through the three stages of scholarship. I will besides be explaining my thoughts through bug out(p) the three stages of perception while ceremonial the video. In addition, I will in the end be deciding whether or not I believe the video to be true or fake.Selection. Selection is defined in the book as the following The process of attending to a stimulus. (Floyd, pg. 109) I have watched this video oer and over before writing this paper, but the front time I watched it nothing in reality stood out to me besides the very end where the girl flummoxes the ball because that stimulus was unusual so my brain selected that. However, when I repeatedly watched the video I started to notice another(prenominal) things because I was using repetition. Some things that started to stand out to me were that the catcher changes his glove from one hand to another throughout the short video.Also the logo on the catchers vest changes sides during the video. And the last thing that stuck out was that aft(prenominal) the girl catches the ball, you cant genuinely tell she has a ponytail and she keeps her face towards the ground and not up where you can see it. The third feature of selection is intensity, which sort of ties the first two characteristics together. The reason I find the catch first was because it was my first time seeing the video so I didnt know what to expect, and because the intensity or unusualness of the catch caught me off guard and my brain became alert, but as I began to look closer after watching it a few times I observe more minute differences that I would never had noticed the first time watching the video.Organization. The book says organization is The process of categorizing information that has been selected for attention. (Floyd, pg. 109) When we are in the arc second stage of perception, there are four types of schema thatwe use when we classify what we perceive about other people. Those four schemas are somatogenetic constructs, federal agency constructs, interaction constructs, and psychological constructs. I however didnt really use all four of those constructs when watching the amazing catch. I used three of the four schema, the physical, role and interaction constructs were the ones I used while classifying the information I perceived. When it comes to the physical constructs, it emphasizes peoples physical attributes. I noticed the girl wasnt very tall, she was probably mid twenties, and that she had a slim personate shape, which are all factors that make the catch hard to believe. The role constructs emphasize peoples affectionate or professional position.I noticed at the end of the video was that she was a ball girl, and closely ball girl or male childs tangle witht ever go for a ball if it is in play or could potentially stay in play which I thought was a shade bit odd. The last construct that I used is the interaction construct. The interaction construct emphasizes peoples behaviors and I noticed that the girl kept her head down until she was in the chair with the camera on her. I find that weird because if you had skilful made a catch as amazing as that in a major league baseball game the last thing you would be doing is calmly jogging back to your seat. You would be showing off and admiring all of the cheers you were getting from the crowd. Stage one also aided in completing stage two because without being able to select the different stimuli in the beginning I wouldnt be able to organize them and I wouldnt have noticed all of the constructs that I saw during stage two.Interpretation. Interpretation is The process of assigning meaning to information that has been selected for attention and organized. (Floyd, pg. 111) There are three factors when it comes to interpretation. The three factors ar e experience, knowledge, and closeness. These are not especially useful in this situation because I have no personal experience with this girl, I have no occasion knowledge of this girl, and I have no closeness or relationship with this ball girl. I do however have prior knowledge of major league baseball. In major league baseball I have a hard time believing that a ball girl/boy would just jump into the game and catch a ball that was still in play, that is not their line and it is very unlikely.I dont have a relationship with the girl, and I dont have any prior experience with herso I have no idea if she would just jump right into the middle of a game, but also having no prior closeness to this girl it is a lot easier to doubt her and feel like she is lying. Stage one and stage two of the perception process helped aid in my completion of stage three because without having stimuli to select and then organize I would have nothing to create an interpretation of.In conclusion, I do n ot think this video is real. I think this video is fake because of the switching of the glove and logo on the catchers uniform. I also found it very weird that you never got to see a close up of the girls face after the catch until she was all the way back at her seat. The last thing that makes me think this video isnt real is that it just isnt a believable thing for anyone to be able to do. I dont think any human unless they were extremely tall would be able to jump to much(prenominal) a great height. It would be very impressive if this video truly is real, I just dont perceive it to be.Works CitedFloyd, Kory. The Process of Perception. Interpersonal Communication. New York McGraw-Hill, 2011. 108-13. Print.

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Achieving Competitive Advantage Essay Example for Free

Achieving Competitive Advantage EssayWhat roles do traditional process instruction duties of planning, organizing, and controlling roleplay in bulge worry, if any? closure The traditional managerial duties of planning, organizing, and controlling either apply to hold worry. roam managers mustiness be expertly salutary versed, proficient at administrative functions, willing and equal to assume leadership roles, and above-all, goal oriented. The witnession manager is the person most responsible for keeping caterpillar tread of the big picture Diff 2 role 1. 1 What Is a cypher? cleverness conceptual AACSB tabloid. brooding4) Why is stand forethought challenging? Answer Projects present challenges for a compute of reasons by their personality they be often dramatic departures from the routine process-oriented work that employees atomic number 18 accustomed to. Projects face budget, time, and resource constraints and these resources must often be marshaled f rom across the organization. Diff 2 ingredient 1. 1 What Is a Project? science Conceptual AACSB Tag contemplative 5) Why are projects important? Answer Todays businesses face a set of pressures that patch up projects crucial in dower an organization achieve its strategic goals.These pressures include shortened produce sustenance rounds, narrow product dip windows, increasingly complex and technical products, the emergence of global markets, and an economic consequence marked by upset inflation. Diff 1 Section 1. 2 Why be Projects Important? Skill Definition AACSB Tag Reflective 6) What changes in the business environment have necessitated a greater single-valued function of project management skills? Answer Todays businesses face a set of pressures that make projects crucial in helping an organization achieve its strategic goals.These pressures include shortened product life cycles, narrow product launch windows, increasingly complex and technical products, the emergence of global markets, and an economic period marked by low inflation. Diff 2 Section 1. 2 Why Are Projects Important? Skill Factual AACSB Tag Reflective 7) Why is project management con situationred an excellent raising ground for future senior executives in some(prenominal) organizations? Answer One of the unique aspects of projects is their unique blend of technical and behavioral challenges.The technical side of project management requires managers to become skilled in project selection, budgeting and resource management, planning and scheduling, and tracking their projects. The behavioral side of project management requires project managers to bring together individuals from across the organization, mold them into a team, manage conflict, allow for leadership, and engage in negotiation and appropriate political behavior. Diff 2 Section 1. 2 Why Are Projects Important? Skill Conceptual AACSB Tag Reflective 8) Describe the activities that occur at each exemplify of a project.Answ er Stages in a projects development are referred to as the project life cycle, which consists of conceptualization, planning, execution, and termination. In the conceptualization stage the scope of the work is find out, necessary resources are identified, and important organizational stakeholders signed on. In the planning stage all detailed specifications, schematics, schedules, and other plans are developed. Individual pieces of the project are upset down, individual assignments are made, and the process for completion is delineated. During the execution phase the system is developed or the product is created and fabricated.Termination occurs when the complete project is transferred to the customer, the projects resources are reassigned, and the project is formally closed out. Diff 1 Section 1. 3 Project Life Cycles Skill Definition AACSB Tag Reflective 9) Where in the project life cycle are the fervor level of resources and client interest at their highest? Why is this the ca se? Answer The intensity level of resources peaks during the execution phase of the project life cycle. The actual work is performed during this phase, so the commitment of financial, human, and technical resources peaks at this time.The level of enthusiasm or clientele expressed by the projects intended customer peaks in both the conceptualization and termination phases. The client is ab initio very interested because they provide input on the goal and specifications of the project. Project work moves out of the conceptual phase to a more interior vogue and the clients interest wanes until the project nears delivery. At this point the clients interest peaks again as they prepare to receive the completed project and all the associated benefits. Diff 2 Section 1. 3 Project Life Cycles Skill ConceptualAACSB Tag Reflective 10) Rank the determinants of project success from most important to least important and justify your rankings. Answer Answers with regard to ranking may vary sin ce, for example, circumstances may dictate that time is an overriding concern at the expense of quality and cost. The determinants of project success are conformance to budget, schedule, public presentation specifications, and client sufferance. condemnation Projects are constrained by a specified timeframe during which they must be completed they are non supposed to continue indefinitely.Cost Projects must meet budgeted allowances in order to use resources as expeditiously as possible. Performance Projects are developed in order to adhere to some initially determined technical specifications. Performance measurement means determining whether the finished product operates according to specifications. lymph node acceptance Projects are developed with customers in mind their purpose is to satisfy customers needs. If the completed project meets all internal criteria but does not satisfy the customer, then the project has not been a complete success.Diff 3 Section 1. 4 Determin ants of Project victory Skill Conceptual AACSB Tag Reflective 11) Discuss the internal and foreign measures of project success. Answer The determinants of project success are the internal measures of time, cost, and performance and the external measure of client acceptance. Time Projects are constrained by a specified timeframe during which they must be completed they are not supposed to continue indefinitely. Cost Projects must meet budgeted allowances in order to use resources as efficiently as possible.Performance Projects are developed in order to adhere to some initially determined technical specifications. Performance measurement means determining whether the finished product operates according to specifications. Client acceptance Projects are developed with customers in mind their purpose is to satisfy customers needs. If the completed project meets all internal criteria but does not satisfy the customer, then the project has not been a complete success. Diff 1 Section 1. 4 Determinants of Project Success Skill Factual AACSB Tag Reflective 12) Describe the elements of the Atkinson seat of project success.Answer The Atkinson model incorporates the input of all stakeholders in assessing project success. Stakeholders are all groups that are affected by a project, for example, employees, customers, end users, the community, suppliers, etc. The Atkinson model begins with the traditional iron triangle of time, cost, and performance and adds considerations of the benefits accrued by organizational end external stakeholders. Diff 2 Section 1. 4 Determinants of Project Success Skill Factual AACSB Tag Reflective 13) One model of project success offered in the chapter looks beyond the current project into the future.Comment on the elements of this model and their stupor along the timeline from project completion to well beyond this point in time. Answer This framework was proposed by Shenhar, Levy, and Dvir and contains in chronological order, the elements of project efficiency, impact on the customer, business success, and preparing for the future. The immediate measure of success is efficiency, that is, have the project budget and schedule been achieved? more important, have the customer needs, technical specifications been met? Next, has the project achieved the commercial success that was hoped for?Finally, has the project opened new markets or new product lines, helped develop new technologies, or developed new skills for the organization? Diff 2 Section 1. 4 Determinants of Project Success Skill Factual AACSB Tag Reflective 14) What are project management maturity models used for? Answer Project management maturity models are used to allow organizations to bench mark the best practices of successful project management firms. Project maturity models recognize that different organizations are currently at different levels of sophistication in their best practices for managing projects. Diff 2 Section 1.5 Developing Project Mana gement Maturity Skill Conceptual AACSB Tag Reflective 15) Describe the spider-web methodology for displaying project management maturity and present any five components of project management practice that can be displayed victimization this technique. Answer A spider-web diagram (or radar chart) derives its name from its visual similarity to a spider-web, consisting of some number of spokes connected by concentric rings. The spokes personify the components of project management practice that the organization chooses to measure. The rings represent levels of achievement for each of the components.Diff 2 Section 1. 5 Developing Project Management Maturity Skill Conceptual AACSB Tag Reflective 16) Describe the project management characteristics of firms that reside at the lowest levels of the ESI, SEI, nub for Business Practice, and Kerzner maturity models and characteristics of firms that reside at the highest levels of these models. Answer The lowest level of each model is active by companies that have no clear sense of project management. There is no common project management language within these companies and management processes, if any exist, are ad hoc.Firms occupying the highest level of project management maturity are project savvy having progressed beyond simply applying project management to processes. These firms actively look ways to continuously improve project management techniques and procedures. Diff 3 Section 1. 5 Developing Project Management Maturity Skill Conceptual AACSB Tag Reflective 17) What are the three levels of the generic project management maturity model and what are the characteristics of a company at each level? post examples of organizations at each of these levels and support your choices.Answer The lowest maturity level of the generic model is dumb for companies that have an ad hoc approach to project management. There is no common language for project management and little support for project workers and the projects. A t the moderate maturity level, the organization has defined practices, some training programs for project management and organizational support dedicated to these efforts. At the high maturity level, the process of project management is institutionalized and there are continuous improvement efforts underway from one project to the next. face organizations will vary. Diff 3