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DD131 Introducing the Social Sciences Part 1 Name: Ionela Ro?ca in the flesh(predicate) Identifier: C3739454 Assignment heel: TMA01 Word Count: 759 Drawing on what you curb conditioned about urban center path from the making social lives videodisk and learning companion 1, picture how real(a) things help to build winners and losers on a track which you cope From the module physical canvass on City highway it is possible to see how material things contribute towards creating winners and losers. For the purpose of this hide, material things on the high road forget be analysed to line up winners and losers typically these will be grouped together in terms of gender, class, age and ethnicity. The driveway chosen for the comparison is from the nigh town, called Greengate channel which is the main pedestrianized street in Stafford town centre. It is a vibrant street with a vast array of shops, takeaways and restaurants equivalent to that of City Road. The focus o f the report will concentrate on three main aspects shops and restaurants, gage measures and street furniture. Using examples similarities and differences will be highlighted between City Road and Greengate avenue. Over the years, Greengate Street has undergone many developments which have alter the perception and the uses of the street by the local community. The most megascopic difference between Greengate Street and City Road is that pedestrians do not have to cope with traffic of any quality except emergency vehicles. Converting the already wide street into a levelled pedestrianized zone along with visual modality of benches, bins and wheelchair access to shops has created a manikin for a clean and galosh surrounding appealing to a large clientele. However these redevelopments have inflated the cost of presumption on the street, confining littler independent shopsto the back streets. For the by 10 years the market place Square holds a farmers mart every 2nd Saturd ay of the calendar month which has grown mas! sively this is flow and now hosts 30 stalls...If you essential to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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